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Dopey Underway, New Race, Cool Summer

So RunDisney tweeted this week that their official training for the Dopey Challenge begins this week.  That must mean we’re 28 weeks away, as they follow a 28 week program.  I am going to follow Hal Higdon, and he has an 18 week program for the Goofy Challenge.  But in that program, week 1 features a long run of 10 miles, so you better already be in decent shape before you start!  I’m a couple months from starting, but already my miles are going up in preparation.  This past Sunday I ran 9.  Would’ve run more but passed by my house at mile 9 and decided to call it a day.

And can I just say that the freaky cooler temps we got this week are making a huge difference.  It’s July.  In Texas.  It should be miserable like it was last week with temps reaching 104.  This week the lows are in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s.  Holy crap that’s awesome.  I’ve been getting up early to go run in the 60 degree temps just to take advantage.  And can I also say that running in these temps makes it so much easier to run.  Makes me feel better about my conditioning as I was struggling during some of the high 90’s runs.  Had to take some walk breaks to cool down.  But with the cooler temps, no need to stop.  So glad that that’s the case!

So, I’ve been running track workouts with a friend and he’s signed up for a race on July 4th.  He kept asking me to register.  I ran it last year and wasn’t sure about doing it this year.  But the cooler weather has swayed me.  I need to run that day anyway, so why not race?  Who knows when we’ll get temps like these again?  Gotta keep taking advantage!

Anyway, I’ll fill you in with a race preview tomorrow.  Holla!


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