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My Video is a Finalist!!!! Please Vote for it!

Just a quick note – I got some good news today.  A video I made Sunday afternoon is a finalist in a contest!!!  Now the voting is open to the public to decide the winner.  If you wouldn’t mind, please vote for mine – “C”

You can vote for “C” here”

It’s not perfect, but it was the best I could do in just a couple hours.  It stars myself, my boy and girl.  My wife helped out behind the scenes.

Thanks again for voting!  I appreciate ya!  Now off for a quick run!


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Please Vote & Weekday Workout Recap


Here’s my explanation of the above link:  I love Brooks exercise products.  I have so much gear that sometimes looks like Brooks threw up on me.  Mainly, I’m about the shoes.  When I switched to Pure Flows a couple years ago, I haven’t had a running injury since.  I’m not saying the shoes are the main reason, they aren’t, but for me they seem to be the right fit (pun intended).  In fact, one day I was given a pair of free shoes of another brand, I wore them for one run and my calf hurt for weeks after.  So I’m sticking with them until something changes.

At a recent Relay Race - We're both rockin the Pure Flow 2 by Brooks.

At a recent Relay Race – We’re both rockin the Pure Flow 2 by Brooks.

That said, Brooks is having a contest.  They want to see your #RunHappy moment.  I submitted a picture of our toddler running a race at Disney World this past year (he won the race).  Can’t help but smile when looking at that photo.  He’s running so free and happy!  Here’s the photo:

I can't believe he has better form than I do.  He also has better race photos.

I can’t believe he has better form than I do. He also has better race photos and better  hair.

I HATE those contests that try to get  you to try and get all your facebook friends and twitter followers to vote for you in order to win.  You have close to zero chance of winning them.  That said, that is only part of this contest – They are taking into consideration the votes, but then their judges are deciding the winners.  So your vote could help some.  You vote by either Facebook liking or Tweeting this pic from their page.  You have until midnight tonight.


The prize I’m interested in is the GoPro camera.  They are great.  And since I’m a TV producer, I could use one.  And since I’m a runner, I could bring it along during races or mud runs too!  So click that link above if you see this by midnight Aug 29, 2013.  Thanks in advance.

Anyway, another weekday set of workouts is finally done!  It went like this:  Tues, 3 mile run + weights.  Wed, 4 mile run with hill repeats.  Thurs 3 mile run + weights.  Tomorrow is rest day, then the weekend back to back of 3 and 12 miles.  I’m probably going to yoga as well.  Then a MUCH needed Labor Day holiday!  It’ll be nice to have a day off to try and get caught up on life stuff.  Family BBQ is on Sunday, but other than that haven’t made plans yet.

What are y’all doing?

P.S. If anyone from Brooks sees this and can help get me some kind of sponsorship, I would appreciate you for life!

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