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Dopey Training Schedule

So Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 in 4 days at Disney World) training doesn’t officially begin in Hal Higdon’s program until Sept, but week one the long run is 13 miles, so obviously we need to be able to run that far by that day.  Doy!  I’ve been smartly and surely raising my mileage.  Last week I ran 11 on Saturday and another 4 on the trails on Sunday.  I’ve been doing 400’s each Tues at the track.  Running on my own on Wed. And of course social running on Thursdays.

This week's group pre-run. We looked different after running in 100+ degree temps.

This week’s group pre-run. We looked different after running in 100+ degree temps.

Of course, I’ve been lifting weights several times a week and I try to NEVER miss my weekly yoga practice.  But anyways, since we’re about a month out, I took Hal’s plan and took his pattern and backtracked it thru today.  It at least gives me a structured plan to follow.  I had been just waking up and randomly running a random distance.  Only problem is that back tracking his plan had some pretty low mileage for some of the runs, but I figure since I’ve already been running further, I can continue to do so without messing anything up really.

The only other adaptations I want to make are adding Yasso 800’s and some Hill Repeats.  It looks like Wednsdays are the days for speed work, so that’s where I’m looking to add them.  Any suggestions for this?  Anyway, here’s the basic plan:

Doesn't seem so bad on paper...right?

Doesn’t seem so bad on paper…right?

BTW, you can click on the image to enlarge it.  Anywhoodle, that’s all I got.  Here we go!


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