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Back 2 Runnin, Birthday Boy, Makin TV & a Bummer, man.

Bummer, man…I’m not in South Florida anymore.

(If you did miss my recap of the Key West Half Marathon, see it HERE)

But it’s good to be home too. Especially to celebrate the boy’s 6th berfday!

We're just a group of mouth-breathers.

We’re just a group of mouth-breathers.

With the hat and shirt, there’s no mistaking who’s day it is.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play - bundt.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play – bundt.

To burn off the birthday cake, I got back into my running groove after taking a couple days off after the race. The highlights were my weekend runs with friends.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

The next day we tried to run trails, but they were too muddy. Another round of pavement pounding it is!

I see a bunny wabbit...I think.

A bunny wabbit run with Serene. Funny cause we actually saw a coyote on our run.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. If you don’t know, when I’m not running, I’m making TV shows. And this week I got to go to a fun little training thingy to help keep my skills razor sharp.

Movies aren't as glamorous behind the scenes.

Movies aren’t as glamorous behind the scenes.

So there ya go. And now I go. More miles in the morning!!!

How bout you? Do you see any animals on your runs? Celebrate a birthday recently (aka join a new age group)? What kind of videos would you guess that I make?

PS – Again, if you missed it, you can see here my Key West Half Marathon Recap & my Key West Photo Purge.


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Blog Birthday, Fly Fight, Drew Carey & Tacos

Hey kids, guess what? I just noticed that a few posts ago I wrote my 300th blog entry here. Now I’m at like 306 or something. So that’s good I guess. I just wonder where I’d be at if I didn’t ever take my “break”.

What had happened was that when I started training for my first marathon in 2007, I got bombarded with the same question every day, “How’s your training going?” I decided it’d just be easier to write a blog about it so people could follow along. And so I did…for a few years. But then I had a minor freak out about personal thoughts on the net and deleted the entire thing. All of it gone.

Fast forward a couple years and I got back in the game. It’s been fun. I hope to keep it going. So happy birthday Blog…here’s a cake.

My friend's "Walmart Cake" I love this. So much.

My friend’s “Walmart Cake” I love this. So much.

I was just telling Amy over at Fitness Meets Frosting about that cake, and now she knows I wasn’t making it up!

Anyway, this morning I was on my run and came along the path where I saw the nude photo shoot a few weeks back.

There were no budding artists this time, but there was a horsefly. This thing followed me for a good quarter mile and kept nipping at my head. I got pretty frustrated and started yelling at it.

“Seriously dude?!?”

“Come on man, knock it off!”

And finally, “That’s it, you want to come at me bro?!?” I stopped running and turned to fight it.

After a few seconds of flapping my arms about in a manly way, I finally scared it off. I also scared something else. I didn’t realize that behind me was some dude jogging. He had turned the corner to see me swatting at the air and yelling at an invisible foe. He looked at me sideways as he ran past.

Oh well, what ya gonna do?

In other news, Jason over at Must Love Jogs keeps mentioning that he doubts my claims of having met Drew Carey before. Well here’s your proof. (It’s before he lost all the weight.)

Just two Ohio boys hanging out at a soccer match in Texas.

Just a couple Ohio boys hanging out at a soccer match in Texas. Good thing I had my fake Drew Carey glasses handy.

I actually saw him another time at the Disney Marathon (yes, he’s a runner too!). But he was injured and couldn’t run, so instead he was cheering for everyone and high fiving. Pretty cool guy.

And finally, I’ve eaten at like 5 different taco joints this week. Here’s a pic of my favorite.

Oh yes. eggs, avocados, spicy things and more!

Oh yes. eggs, avocados, spicy things and more!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

How bout you? Anyone else want to question any of my former claims? Ever fight with an insect on a run? Ever get a “Walmart Cake”?


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My Pukey Instructional Track Video & When did become a thing?

Are you dudes on Vine?  I love that app.  You basically have 6 seconds to make a video.  It’s a fun little way to be creative.  I was making videos on there pretty regularly…until my app stopped working…for months it was down.  But now it’s back!  And so on my run yesterday I made a quick one to let people know how a track workout should go:

Haha, yeah, you should be hurting.  But the good news is that if you do it regularly, you’ll see results.  I’ve noticed an increase in speed on my other training days.  That, and doing interval workouts is the best way to burn fat.  That’s good too, right?

After my run, the boy ‘graduated’ from pre-kindergten.

Luckily that bridge was in the classroom to cover the lazy river.

Luckily that bridge was in the classroom to cover the lazy river.

When did this become a thing?  From what I hear, kids now-a-days have several graduations – Pre-K, K, etc. etc.

Yes, they had diplomas, performances, presentations, and even celebratory cake.

Yes, they had diplomas, performances, presentations, and even celebratory cake.

{Grumpy old man voice} In my day, we only had one graduation – High School.  Then another if you finished college.  Kids these days!  {Back to normal voice}  That said, it was pretty cute seeing these kids in their caps and gowns and such.  It was actually a fun event.  And I suppose it’s good to give kids a fun reward for school every so often.

"Now that you've graduated, it's time to get a job.  Go apply at that law office."

“Now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to get a job. Go apply at that law office.”

Most important to him though, the graduation came with presents from family members.  Hopefully he’ll remember these incentives as he gets older. Haha!

How bout you?  How do you feel on track/speed workouts?  Ever been to a kid’s graduation?  Anyone have an internship available for a 5 year old?



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