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What I Learned From Meeting Meb

If you saw my Dallas Half Marathon Recap, then you know I got to meet running royalty – Olympic Silver Medalist and Boston & New York Marathon Champion, Meb Keflezighi!

Me n Meb

Me n Meb

I actually got to run into him three times. First was in the race corral, second was on the course when he was high-fiving the runners, and third was at a special meet n greet I was fortunate to be invited to.

My friends took a selfie while we waited to meet him.

My friends took a selfie while we waited to meet him.

Not to be outdone, I took a selfie with Meb in the background.

Not to be outdone, I took a selfie with Meb in the background.

After the meet n greet, he did a Q n A. This is where I learned a lot of stuff, but I gotta say, all three run-ins taught me stuff.

My elf friend took another selfie during the Q n A.

My elf friend took another selfie during the Q n A.

So for everyone that couldn’t be in Dallas this weekend, here is what I learned from Meb:

1. He’s a great ambassador for our sport. He was so giving of his time to be on the course high-fiving runners, then hand out medals at the finish, then do a meet n greet with fans.

2. He’s very nice and sincere. When I got his autograph, I thanked him for the high fives. Later during his Q n A, he remembered that and actually mentioned my by name in his talk!!! Meb remembered me!

3. He really believes in his sponsors. He called them partners. I had no idea UCAN was originally created to help a child with a rare illness stay alive.

4. His motto is “race to win”. He wrote that on every autograph. You may not win each race (or any race), but you should give it your all no matter what.

5. He’s very quiet and humble, but also funny. They had a moderator leading the Q n A. His job was to get Meb to open up, and he did! He has some great stories!

6. He’s training the next wave of super runners. He has little daughters at home who ask to go on runs with him, and he takes them on them. Look out Boston 2036!

7. He runs smart. He was the 15th fastest person in the field at Boston, but finished 1st. He did so by following a good race strategy. We should all do the same.

8. He has bad days too. He said there’s days when he doesn’t want to run, but does it any way. Make it a habit and have an accountability partner, was his advice.

9. He’s had injuries too. But unlike most of us who get things like IT Band pain or plantar fasciitis, his were more severe. And they came from pushing too hard. Like so hard that he tore his leg muscles.

10. He loves being American. He said during Boston that he couldn’t help but chant along with the crowd at times, “USA, USA, USA!”

11. Boston was personal for him. He said the year before, he left the finish area 5 minutes before the bombing. He wanted to win for America and the victims. He even had the names of the victims who died in the attacks written on his race bib. That’s awesome.

12. He works really hard, like totally super outrageously hard. This is what stuck out most to me. He said during the last few miles of Boston, he was pushing himself so hard that he started vomiting. He didn’t want his competitors to know this, so he covered his mouth with his hand and kept running hard. Wow.

Meb dropping some knowledge on us.

Meb dropping some knowledge on us.

I will take these lessons with me. I mean, if he can win the Boston Marathon while puking at the same time, I can surely suck it up and skip a walk break on one of my little runs.

One thing I’ve thought for a while now, Meb was the ultimate storybook story hero for the Boston Marathon 2014. Nobody else should have won that race. And nobody else did. As I kept yelling at the TV during the Marathon broadcast back in April, “Go Meb Go!”

How bout you? Someone inspiring that you’ve met? What’s the hardest you’ve pushed yourself in a run? Do my friends and I take too many selfies?


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Run Mileage Increase & Pirates!

I know I’ve been a bit come and go around these blog parts, but there’s good reason. 1. WordPress is giving me fits and 2. There’s some big stuff in the works. Stay tuned!

3. I’ve also been crazy busy at home and work (and in between). Speaking of work…if you don’t know, I’m a TV Producer/editor/writer/photog/etc…now you know. And I recently put together a fun lil’ pirate video.

If you want to watch it, you can do so HERE. But be forewarned, I wrote it, and that means it’s going to  include LOTS of bad puns (that I find funny).

On the set with my actor friends.

On the set with my actor friends. Luckily the pirate is a happy and not angry.

In running news, I’m happy to say that I’m successfully increasing my weekly mileage as I go. A while back I increased to 6 days a week. And now I run a minimum of 4 miles on those days. So far this month I’m up to 82 miles and we still have a couple weeks to go! I should be over 100 by the end of this weekend!

I have been increasing because I’ve been hanging around a bunch of BQers. They told me I need to run more.

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

I also read a thing recently about a guy who is contacting as many BQers as he can find online and asking their advice. It ranges all over the map, but the one constant they all agree on is that you need to be running at least 40 miles per week.

I want to run Boston one day, so I’m taking the first step by trying to follow their advice. We’ll see what happens.

How bout you? Did I miss any good pirate puns? You have any Boston hopes? You gettin your miles in? Did you catch the sneaky filthy joke in this post?


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Boston Marathon Tribute Run

I’m sure by now, most people know how amazing the Boston Marathon went today.  From the gutsy performances, to course records, to MEB! winning it all for USA and the City of Boston, it was amazing.  Made even more amazing when I learned he had the names of the bombing victims written on his race bib.  No wonder he found the motivation to hold on at the end.  So inspiring.

I also followed along online the progress of my friends running the race.  Very cool for them – they don’t know it, but I was cheering for them from Texas.  I hope to join them in that race one day.  I’m not sure how, but I will try to find a way.

In the meantime, the best I can do are tribute/virtual runs.  This year I participated in the Boston Marathon World Run.  That way I could at least feel I had a small part in it.  And hey, they sent me some virtual awards for completing my pledged distance.


Additionally, I decided to run my own little virtual Boston ‘mini-marathon’.  I couldn’t be in Boston to run 26.2 miles, so instead I ran 2.62 at home.

Told ya I did.

Told ya I did.

Anyway, not much more to say.  One year after the the bad guys tried to scare us, the whole world came back bigger and stronger than before…and we keep on running.

How ’bout you?  Anybody run on Boston Marathon day?  Anybody else inspired by the race?  Tell me something!


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Week Workouts, Boston Fundraiser, & Bestie Visit

I’ve been crazy busy this week, but workout-wise it’s been kind of a weak week.  I’m blaming part of that on the weather.  What up spring?  Storms one day, crazy winds the next, temps in the 80’s one day, then temps in the 30’s another day.  What up?

All I’ve managed to get in this week is one yoga class, one weight sesh, one doggy walk, one run.  And on my run I must’ve stepped wrong because 3.25 miles in my lower calf said, “no mas.”  I was able to make it to four, but sheesh.  Luckily my blogging buddy – had sent me some Rocktape for my birthday!  Thanks Amy!

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

I have the exact same running form as the gal on the box.

So now I have it taped up and I’m off to a social run tonight to give it a go.  I’m also going cause one of my elite runner buddies – Logan Sherman – is going to be there as he’s doing a fundraiser for Boston Police who work the marathon course.

He's fast.

You know you’re fast when fitness magazines write articles about you.

If you’re interested in donating, or want more info – here’s the LINK.

Other than that, I had a pretty good visit from one of my besties who was in from North Crackalaka.  Of course, I took her to get some TACOS!

Steps:  1. Open face.  2. Insert taco.  3. Repeat.

Steps: 1. Open face. 2. Insert taco. 3. Repeat.

She also got to visit the fam and play with the rugrats.

Then we went to a Texas patio bar.

Christie is joining you in a virtual drink.

Christie wants to join you in a virtual drink.

Which led to this sort of klassy behavior.

Judging from the photos, my mouth is agape alot.

Judging from the photos, my mouth is agape alot.

All in all it was a good visit.  Hopefully she’ll be able to come back again soon!

Final patio selfie.

Final patio selfie…because her hair was on fire.

So there you go.

How bout you?  Crazy weather?  Doing anything (running, fundraising, etc.) for Boston?  Who wants to meet up at the patio bar later?


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My Thoughts on Boston Marathon 2013

I have never run the Boston Marathon.  I may never be able to.  To qualify I’d have to run a 3:10:00 marathon.  That’s 7:15 per mile.  The best I’ve done at a 1/2 marathon is an 8:13 pace.  So I’d have to shave an minute off my current best pace and go twice as far.  I’d have to run at basically my 5k pace for 26.2.  That’s a tall order.  But never say never.  Someday maybe.  It’d be an awesome achievement.  And I have nothing but respect for others who can make it there.

Long before I ever had any inkling about running these distances, I still knew what the Boston Marathon was.  It’s a storied event, known worldwide.  And around this same time in my life, I actually saw the finish line.  I was in Boston on business and had some free time to explore.  I randomly got out of a subway stop and there it was, the finish line to the Boston Marathon.  The race was not going on, but I guess they leave it there painted on the street year round.  Like I said, I’d never even considered running a marathon, but I knew about Boston and seeing the finish line gave me a sense of respect, awe, and history.  I knew that people worldwide focus on that exact spot once a year.  I knew people worldwide strive to be at that spot once in their life.  And I was standing in it’s presence.  Like many tragedies, there’s  no way I could predict what would happen at that exact spot so many years later.

At Fenway Pahk watchin tha Red Sahx play the wicked Yankees.

At Fenway Pahk watchin tha Red Sahx play the wicked Yankees.

I used to go to Boston about once a month for work. And. I. Loved. It.  I love the food, the people, the accent, the history, the sights, everything.  I always added a free day or two to my trip so I could explore the city.  I still consider Boston one of my 2nd home cities.  Combine that with my love of running, you can imagine how the Boston Marathon bombing hit close to home for me.

I don’t have to get into how horrible the event was and is.  I’d rather focus on the good.  Like how people post on social media the Mr. Rogers quote about focusing on how there are always people helping the injured.  Like how Patton Oswalt posted about there will always be more good people than bad people.  Like the reports of finishers running to the hospital to donate blood.  Like how the message of peace on the sign held in the picture of the little boy who was killed, Martin Richard, will reach so many people.  Like how within seconds, first responders and civilians alike were running toward the travesty to help strangers in need.  Like how instead of scaring people, this event inspired so many across the country get out and run and remember.

I for one have never wanted to run more than I do right now.  I have never wanted to run the Boston Marathon than I do now.  I signed up for the Dopey Challenge at Disney last week – that’s 4 straight days of racing – 5k, 10k, 1/2, & full marathon.  I was kind of intimidated by it, but now I’m inspired to run it.  I’ll run it with Boston on my mind.  Like I said, I’ve never wanted to run more than I do now.  Stephen Colbert had a funny quote:

“Here’s what these cowards really don’t get: they attacked the Boston Marathon, an event celebrating people who run 26 miles on their day off until their nipples are raw — for fun.”

It’s true.  People don’t run marathons cause they’re easy.  People who run marathons aren’t weak.  Regardless of what you think about politics, I thought President Obama gave a great speech at the interfaith service in Boston a few days after the attack.  As a runner and American, I liked how he compared America to marathoners.  How we always push through, even when times are tough.  How we always know that around the next bend, there will always be others there to support us.  How we will always finish the race!

On a personal note, I had two friends running this race.  One was already long finished.  But the other was within half a mile of the finish when the bombs went off.  We didn’t hear that she was safe for hours, so that was a stressful time let me tell you.  But we were lucky, both our friends are safe.  So thankful for that.

But like I said, I’ve spent lots of time in Beantown.  I know the people.  I know how tough they are.  I’ve also spent some time in NYC.  I know how tough that city is.  When I was at ground zero last summer, I saw firsthand how they have picked themselves up and gotten stronger since 9/11.  I know Boston will do the same.

Whatever your personal race is, get out and do it.  Whether it’s running or something in life…no person, no excuse, no situation can stop you.  Go do it!

“No more hurting people.  Peace.” – Martin Richard

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