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Injury Prevention – It’s all in the Anus

OK, 1st off, you will not see any photos in this post.  I hope the title gives you a clue as tow why.

2nd off, I’m not being vulgar.  I’m repeating a term my yoga instructor said the other day.  Here’s the skinny…

We were doing some pose or another and she said we need to tighten our anuses.  OK, first she said the yoga phrase for it…then the English translation.

I googled it and it does exist.

She also said she’s a medical professional in her day job and the most common injury she sees is the back. She then said if we practiced tightening our anuses, we wouldn’t get hurt.  I’m not talking clenching the core or booty cheeks…She meant anus.

Now I’ve been practicing yoga for like 8 years now.  I’ve heard a lot of unexpected stuff from instructors.  But this one caught me off guard.  I’m not complaining.  I’m open to whatever.  But the comedian in me was all in.  This lead me to imagining a bunch of questions…

Will my anus be sore tomorrow?  Will it eventually get ripped?  Will I finally be comfortable enough to show it off at the beach?  And so on…

Anyway, I have some more sessions coming up with this particular instructor, so we’ll see what she brings next.  Until then, keep your booty hole tight!

Any yogis out there have advice on this?  Any other unique yoga terms you’ve heard?  Any advice for mastering this technique? Any other comedian questions?



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