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4th of July Liberty 5k #blog

This will be short and sweet cause I be busy as a beaver bee.  So here it goes…

4th of July 2012 me and a few friends decided to run in a race since a) it was a holiday and b) why not.  There was a 5k and 10k, but it was HAWT, so I opted for the shorter distance.  The location was nice – right on a big ole Texas lake.  The course was OK, it just went through some neighboring neighborhoods.  I was trying to get in better shape at the time, so I called my speedy friend Mary to come pace me.  She agreed, but when we got there she said she wasn’t “feeling it”.  So right after the race started, she said she was going to turn around and try to find our friend Joseph who was also running.  Jo saw her coming and didn’t want to run with her cause he knew she’d make him speed up, so he hid behind other runners.  It didn’t work, she eventually found him.

Here I am with Joseph and Mary.  (sounds so biblical)

Here I am with Joseph and Mary. (sounds so biblical)

I did OK.  Despite the massive heat I ran 7:16 miles, good for 6th in my age group.  Pretty good for being somewhat not in shape.  But here’s the kicker – Mary got second in her age group.  And remember that she spent a good deal of the race running in the wrong direction!  I told you she was speedy!

Anyway, the post race party had free beer and a free view of the lake, so that was lovely.  You’re lovely too.

Peace out home slices!

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