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Early Run, Longhorns, & Guinness

I did end up getting pretty early this morning for my 7 mile Dopey Challenge Training run.  I heard some rain sprinkling on the roof, and it was tempting to get back in the warm bed, but I knew I had to hustle because I had an early shoot today…but I’ll get to that.

Didn’t see many people on the roads this morning.  It wasn’t cold due to the 90+ percent humidity and 70 degree temps, but I did get caught in a few sprinkles.  I can handle sprinkles.  I was tired, but cruised along.

I wanted to give myself a treat on the run by stopping at a water fountain at a park I like to run through.  Some treat, eh?  Well, I didn’t even get it because the city has decided to turn it off.  They do this for the winter so no pipes burst, but come on, it ain’t close to feeling like winter around here!

After the run, I hustled to my shoot – which was a Longhorn Cattle Drive.  Yes, I live in Texas.  It was fun, and I think it will turn out to be a decent little video.  And oh yeah, this happened:

Howdy pardner.  You like my ride?

I won’t lie, it was an udderly fantastic experience…no bull.

That bad boy weighs 2200 lbs.  All on a grass diet.  See, just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you still don’t have to watch what you eat!

Anyway, two more workouts tomorrow (4 mile run, then weights) before we get to celebrate Halloweenie!  I’ll be stomaching the endless night of doorbell ringing by putting some good stuff in my stomach, held by my new precious…

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Now nobody can steal my Guinness!

Last night the Guinness reps were in town with their newly redesigned pint glasses.  They also had a dude on hand to etch our names on them.  I got PirateBobcat put on it, obviously.  I’ve been to the brewery in Dublin, Ire three times.  Love the stuff.  And I do believe it’s good for my running.  But that’s another story.

What would y’all get etched in your own pint glass?  Keep in mind that the limit is 2 lines, 8 characters on each line.  Is there an animal you’d like to take a ride on?

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