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Off To Chicago Marathon, You Stalkers!

Hey guys, it’s almost time. After over 700 miles of training, countless hours of yoga & weightlifting, it’s time to #OwnChicago!

This week saw just a few more training runs. They looked something like this:

The only explaination I can give for this is we have taper madness.

The only explanation I can give for this is we have taper madness.

It was nice to have shorter runs this taper week leading up to the race.

Yellow + Blue = Green. No, I didn't plan this, I dress in the dark, it was coincidence.

Yellow + Blue = Green. No, I didn’t plan this, I dress in the dark, it was coincidence.

I still can’t believe it’s here. It’s been so many months of running many many miles at ungawdly hours. I mean, just look at this daily alarm setting:

I died a little each night when I turned this alarm setting on.

I died a little each night when I turned this alarm setting on.

I’m happy to report though, that we ran EVERY SINGLE TRAINING RUN. We didn’t skip a single one. No, they weren’t all pretty, but at least we were out there.

I still can’t believe the final run came and ended…

Done before the sun, but it's all good, we glow anyhow.

Done before the sun, but it’s all good, we glow anyhow.

Now it’s here. Time to run 26.2 miles. Going to let me sink that in for a while.

In the mean time, feel free to stalk me:

I’ll be Instagramming hard in Chicago: @piratebobcat

I’ll bet Tweeting too: @piratebobcat

You can track me TWO ways during the race (My bib number is 2411):

  1. Download the Chicago Marathon App
  2. Get updates with MY RUNNER TRACKING

That is all. See you on the other side.


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100 Mile Run Month, Tacos & Weird New Search

First off, I have to give some thanks to my blogging buddy Helly. On the last day of July she did a post about how she made it to 100 miles of running for the month. Well, that prompted me to go and look at my Nike+ app…and realized that after my morning run I was at 96.25 miles. Whaaaaa? I couldn’t let it end like that. So I went on a second run to put it at exactly 100.0 miles. Just squeaked it in.


I know that is a lot of miles for some people, but I also know that it ain’t for others. I mean, look at my buddy Brian’s numbers for July. He ran 400 flippin miles! I also have an elite buddy here in town that runs around 120 miles a WEEK when in marathon training.  So there’s no reason to get cocky no matter how far you go…there’s always someone going further.

Anyway, I did have some friends point out that if the app had been tracking “tacos eaten” instead of “miles ran”, that I would’ve probably been in First Place! Ha!  And speaking of which – here’s the last ones I got to experience…

Got in my belly.

Got in my belly.

And in other news… I happened to be checking something in my blog settings the other day and noticed that somebody had found me using this search: “Why does my anus burn whenever I am wasted?”

Hmm, good question. I can think of a few answers, but I’m more interested in what y’all think?  Haha!

So, can you answer that dude’s question?  Do you know how far you run per month?  Who else knew vegetarian tacos could look so good?


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