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Rudolph Run 5k ~ New PR, Two Medals & I VLOGGED!

Over the weekend I ran the 19th annual Rudolph Run 5k in Allen, Texas. And good news, I set a PR*** and got 2nd in my age group!

Two Medals ~ Twice as nice!

Two Medals ~ Twice as nice!

You’ll notice in the picture that I got two medals. That’s cause last year’s race was cancelled due to an ice storm. So they gave us those medals too! So I guess techincally, I will go down in history as the 2nd place finisher in both races!

Now, I’ve never run this race before, but I sometimes go for training runs there, so I was familiar with the area.

The course.

The course.

The course goes past some historic landmarks. We were even at the spot of the first ever train robbery in Texas. Kinda cool! And while not really hilly, it did have a couple long steady inclines. The last one being the last half mile of the race. But I pushed through.

Final results:

21:29, 2nd in Age Group, 33rd Overall (out of 948)

***Buuuuuuut, my GPS watch said I actually ran 3.19 miles and that I finished my 5k in 20:58. I have a feeling that is pretty accurate because at the previous week’s North Texas Turkey Trot 5k I ran 20:04 on a short course (2.95 miles), and would’ve finished right around 21  or 21:15. (click on the link for that race recap). Either way, it was fun and a 21:29 is still a PR anyway!

Vlogging during the race.

Vlogging during the race.

Oh, and I ran this whole race with a GoPro camera. I put together a short VLOG of the event. Watch it if you have two minutes to spare! Bad puns and all!

So all in all, a successful race and a good time!!!

How bout you? Any holiday themed races? Which of my jokes in the video were the worst? Ever win two medals in one race?


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Great Run Opportunity (and Other Stuff)

OK, so on Saturday June 8, we are leading a social run in Allen, TX at 8am.  We are starting/stopping at Pure Movement Dance and Fitness Studio.  One of my cool friends is the co-owner…I know people.  But that’s not necessarily why we’re running from there.  They are also hosting a big health/fitness event that same day.  See the flier below…or is it flyer?

Click on it to make it bigger.  Or not, whatever.

Click on it to make it bigger. Or not, whatever.

I love hanging out with my like minded health conscience friends.  Especially when we’re encouraging others to get fit.  And so as part of this morning, after our run, they are offering us a yoga session by an amazing instructor for only $5.  Pretty cool deal. And if you follow my blog, then you know how important I think yoga is for athletes – especially runners.  Check out my post on it here: Yoga for Runners

If you’re in the area, join us.  If you’re not in the area, get to the area.  Minimum run will be 2 miles, max run is up to you as we are running laps around Celebration Park…the more laps you do, the more mileage.  It’s 1.5 miles around and exactly 1 mile from Pure Movement.  Here’s the course: Saturday’s route

I hope you can join us.

Other than that, I need to make a correction to my last post.  I said I had done 4 videos with Flula.  But I lied.  I had forgotted the very first video I made with him.  It was on a show we used to do called “The Dilly-O”.

Silly show, yes, but it must’ve been working because the series did win Two Emmys!

Fun night that was.

Fun night that was.

And one more thing I forgot to write about this week.  My soccer team made it to the championship game of our league.  The semifinal went to double overtime, then a double shootout.  I made my penalty shot to help them win.  But in the final, we also went to double overtime and double shootout, and I also made my penalty, but this time we lost.  Oh well, still had fun.

No smiles for second place.

No smiles for second place.

OK, I think that’s it for now.  Keep it fit people!


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Lovejoy Country Run 5K #blog

Going into this race I had one goal: To run under 22 minutes.  I hadn’t done that in a few years, and since I was taking a break from longer distances, wanted to work on my speed.  After doing track workouts for the past month plus, I hoped I could.  Spoiler alert: I did!  21:53.

Love, peace, and running grease.

Love, peace, and running grease.

It pleased me to reach my goal.  But I have a couple post race notes.

One – When I previously thought of a 5K, I always thought of it as a 3 mile race.  I never gave the last .1 miles much thought.  But then I looked at my average pace of 7:03 per mile.  In my mind I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t add up to a 21 minute TRT.  But then it clicked…that last .1 miles is  not a gimme.  It added almost a minute to my overall time.  Drats!  I don’t forget that in my races now.  13.1, 26.2, 6.2, etc. I’m not taking that last decibel for granted!

Two – I had looked up the previous year’s results for this race and I would’ve easily won my age group.  This year I finished 7th.  I was 41st overall.  That means in the top 40, 6 were from my age group.  That’s a tough age group.  That tells me two things.

One – You never know who is going to show up to any given race.  So results are never to be assumed.

Two – My theory is that my age group is one of the most competitive.  I think that in their 30’s people start to get into running to combat a slowing metabolism.  They start hitting their stride a little later on.  Keep in mind I don’t have any stats to prove this, it’s just what I’ve noticed.  So notice that.

All for now.  Love for all.  I’m out!





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