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Morning Runner = Zombie

I am not a morning person at all.  Never have been.  I still don’t like it when people talk to me when I first wake up, and I usually don’t respond to them.  Jerky, I know.  But it takes me a while before my mind and body feel right. I feel like a zombie some mornings.  Which reminded me of a funny scene from one of my fave movies.  It’s the first shot in the trailer for Shaun of the Dead, where you think he’s a zombie, but he’s really just waking up:

That said, I’ve been getting up early to run for a few years now.  It’s pretty much a necessity in Texas.  It’s so fargin hot out during the day, and it’s still hot during the morning, but not quite as hot.  I’m still disgustingly sweaty after my run and have to let my clothes dry out for a day before they can go in the hamper.  BTW, one of the ways to know if you’re a runner is if you have two hampers – one for regular clothes, one for workout gear.

But running in the morning has other advantages that I do enjoy.  Most notably, you get the workout out of the way, and have the rest of the day to do whatever.  It is funny though that for me, the morning workouts always seem like they happened on another day.  Sometimes I’ll forget about them until I go up a flight of stars later on and wonder why it was more difficult than normal, “Oh yeah, my legs are tired from the run earlier.”

I do also enjoy the quiet in the mornings.  Less people up and about, so less traffic and noise.  Though now that school’s back in session, it’s less so.

Another advantage is getting to see the sunrise.  I don’t take my phone on runs, so you’ll probably never see a picture here, but I do see some pretty spectacular ones.  Especially in the park near my house that has a lake-pond.  It’s cool to see the sunrise reflecting in it.

And I do enjoy the times we get breakfast afterwards.

It’s also good to get the metabolism into gear first thing too!

Short story: One morning I was up early to run and must’ve checked in on social media cause a friend of mine who owns a bar/grill commented that she was just going to bed from working all night.  Which reminded me of a lyric from one of my fave singers, Mr. Jimmy Buffett:

“These days I get up about the time I used to go to bed.” – Coast of Carolina

It’s true.  I may not like it, but it’s happening.  And there are plenty of advantages to doing so.  But until I become a morning person, don’t talk to me right away.  I’ll just answer you with silence or grunts.

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