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Hump Day & Newbie Runner Alert

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike.  Guess what day it is? Huuump Dayyy!  (And f you’re fast you can make it a speed hump day)

The past few months, hump day has also been a track workout day.  Today was no different.  The last couple weeks I was doing 800’s, but today I wasn’t feelin it, so I did 400’s and 200’s.  It’s cool, I’m not really training for anything specific right now…just out there to maintain some fitness during the summer heat.

Yes, 400 will be better than 800 today.

Yes, 400 will be better than 800 today.

Even though I wasn’t feelin this workout, I’m glad I got er done.  Ya always feel better after a workout, no matter how crummy you felt going into it.  I’ve never heard anyone say, “I really wish I hadn’t worked out today.”  That’s a dumb thing to waste a wish on.

Anyway, I got some other news.  My brother has decided to join us and become a runner.  My sis has been urging him the past few years to join his siblings in the running community, and now he’s in.

My immediate fams.

Pa, Bro, Me, Sis, Ma, Mumford, and his Sons.  Don’t ask about the alien eyes we have – it was some weird red-eye corrector in the camera.

He signed up for a half marathon this fall!  He didn’t give himself much time to train for it, but he should be all right.  After all, the goal of first race at any distance should be about finishing, and nothing more.

How bout you?  Recruited any new runners?  Having a good hump day? Ever wasted a wish? 


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Back on (the) Track

Yesterday I got in another track workout.  Does anyone else get a little nervous before doing these?  Kind of like before a race?  I think it’s because I know it’s going to hurt.

Anyway, I did some 400’s with a 200 jog in between each one.  I’ve been running each between 80-90 seconds.  Granted, I’m not going 100% on these repeats, but still that’s a far cry from high school when I ran them averaging around 55 seconds per.  Ahh well, that’s the sweet bird of youth for you.

Anyone want to go to Prom with me?

Anyone want to go to the Prom with me?

Maybe if I stay consistent with my track workouts, I’ll start creepin my times back down towards my high school self.  Anywhoodle, it was super windy again.  Sustained 20mph winds with gusts a lot stronger.  So half the track I was running straight into a wind wall.

The flag is holding on for dear life.

The flag is holding on for dear life.

After I finished my 400’s, I decided to reward myself.  Here’s how:  I ran two more laps, jogging the 200 into the wind, and then sprinting the 200 with the wind at my back.  Some might call this cheating, but it was my reward, and it felt good to go short and fast!!!

Hello 400, we meet again.

Hello 400, we meet again.

How bout you?  Anyone else ever reward themselves after a tough workout with a little ‘cheating’ run?  Do you ever compare your olden days times with current ones?  Anyone else a lil nervous before track work?


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