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The Last Place Finisher

So last night we had a really successful social run.  Prolly around 100 peeps.  Plus lots of sponsors, foods, beers….even free massages!  I felt pretty good during the run – cruised along around 7:45 per mile for 3.5 miles.  But more importantly, got to hang out some really cool folks on a cool evening.

We tri hard to fit everyone in our pics.

We tri hard to fit everyone in our pics.

Prolly the last run I’ll do before Sunday’s 5 mile race.  Too Cold to Hold won’t be too cold I hope, but just cold enough to get a good pace going.  After the heat and humidity during the Disney Marathon, I’m really looking forward to running a race in cooler Texas temps.  Never thought I’d say that.

I’ll fill y’all in on the race come Monday.  But for now I just had one other runner thought running through my mind.  After the Disney Marathon I stretched, had a snack, took some pics, changed clothes, rested, chit chatted, and eventually we made our way into Epcot to get some runners’ lunch, or runch.  But on the way in, we noticed there were people still finishing the race.  We knew we had a friend walking it and decided to wait for him.  We didn’t know where he was, but the race was already well past the 7 hour time limit and there were still folks doing their darndest to finish.  That was something to see.

I’ve never watched the very last runners of a race before.  To watch them giving everything they had just to finish was inspiring.  Most were walking.  Many not in the best of conditioning.  Prolly all were in considerable pain.  Some had ice bags strapped to their ailing knees, hips, shoulders, etc.  But they kept on.  Some were merely strolling, but some were trying to run.  So we cheered them on.  It’s easy to cheer for the people who finish first, but more often than naught, the ones in the back are who really need the cheers.  We called them by name if we could read their bibs.  We showed them the medal they are about to get.  We tried to help inspire their finish, but in reality, they inspired us.

We did eventually see our friend, and he was thrilled for our support.  After all, not many people were left to cheer nearly 8 hours after the race began.  We stayed till the last runner passed us.  The Disney crew shortly behind her picking up the barrier cones that lined the race course.  I don’t remember her name, but I’m glad we saw her on the way to finishing.

One of the funniest, but also cruelest signs I saw someone holding along a race course was, “The Kenyans finished half an hour ago.”  True, the first to cross the line of the Disney Marathon finished 5 or so hours before the last participant.  But they both did it.  So did all those others in between.  Good on us all.  Good on everyone who gives it a go.

Peace and running grease.


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New Race, Past Race

So I went ahead and regis-turd for the Too Cold to Hold race at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  I would’ve taken a screen shot of the online registration page, but it wasn’t very exciting to look at, and I assume you believe I registerd as I have no reason to lie about this.

They have a 5k, 5 Mile, and 10 Mile.  I decided to go for the 5 Mile.  Why?  Couple o’ reasons.  Firsty is that I’ve never run a 5 mile race and want to give it a go.  Sloppy seconds is that after all the long steady training runs I did leading up to the Disney Marathon, I really just want to run short and fast finally!  (And I know that 5 miles isn’t as short as the 5 kilometers, but to me it seems short after going 26.2, so back off!)  Thirsty thirds is that I’m still letting my body recover and so I figured I’d keep it to single digits mileage for now.

Speaking of which, can I just say that I see too many people not taking enough time to let their body recover after a big race.  There are some folks out there who can run a marathon every day, but most people can’t.  These races take a toll on the average person’s body, and it needs to heal itself.  Even if you don’t have an injury, there are still breakdowns in the body after races and long runs that go all the way to the cellular level.  But I see so many people jump right back into it right away.  Take a freakin break already.  There will still be races after your body is recovered and your legs are springy again!

Now that said, I feel pretty good after my race.  No significant injuries to speak of.  Still have good energy.  But I’m in this for the long haul, so figure it’s better to listen to my body.  It will tell me when it’s time to go long again.  I’ve still been running, lifting, yoga-ing, but also enjoying the relative break.  Of course, I still need to get ready for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in two months, but I’ll be fine.  (Again, sorry for lack of this race’s registration screen shot, but see my reasons for not doing so in sentence two.)  I’ve partnered with a very exciting new training group, but that’s a story for another soon to come blog post.  But know that through this group, I’ll be more than ready for the Dal RnR 1/2.

Finally, I’m still working on collecting all my thoughts and pics and vids from the Disney Marathon, but I’ll get to it’s recap eventually.  I’ve got other stuff going on in my life, so you yahoos will have to wait.  In the mean time, here’s a recap video Run Disney made about the marathon.  Check it out when you got 4 minutes.

It quickly shows a lot of what went down.  Man, Disney does it right!  They don’t do anything small, that’s fo shizzle.  Peace and running grease!

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