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Final Dopey Post (maybe): Shout-Outs!

This should be the last Dopey Challenge post (unless I come up with something else later).  If you missed any of my other Dopey Recaps, you can see them here: Expo, Kids Race, 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2, Post Run, & Meet-Ups.

Much like my first marathon (Disney 2008), my sister is the one who urged me to register for this challenge.  So first shout outs go to her.

First marathon experience was painful.

2008 – First marathon experience was painful.

Not only for that, but also running with me (and finishing herself), driving us around,  letting us stay at her place, and getting us into the theme parks.  Here’s a tip for anyone wanting to run a Disney race – try to get a sibling that works there, it has its benefits, ha!

Us runnin through Cinderella's Castle.

Us runnin through Cinderella’s Castle.

Another shout out goes to her roommate.  She had to put up with a few things, like us crowding up their place.  But more importantly she put up with a few days of watching Disney Jr non-stop on the TV as her and her beau watched the boy when we were up early for the races.  She also was able to bring him to the final race in time for us to cross the finish line.  Then she took him into Epcot while we went to meet our ma when she finished.

Glad they were able to make some roomie.

Glad they were able to make some roomie.

Speaking of which, more shout outs to the mom for not only paying for a couple meals and groceries, but also some theme park photos.  She also gets props for finishing the Dopey herself.  I’ve had many comments from people on how impressed they are with that last fact.  She had never run a full marathon before, and was able to do that after three days of consecutive races.  Not only that, but she finished it faster and stronger than a lot of people who didn’t run the previous three days.

Her arms were being ripped out of their sockets.

Her arms were being ripped out of their sockets.

Also, I need to shout out to all the bloggers who supported me through all the training and races.  The amount of positive messages you sent was unbelievable!  I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I won’t mention specific people, but know that I appreciate it!

That also goes for all my friends and family who supported me either with words, messages, or even running with me!  Like my “coach” Rexy and the fine folks at Thursday Night Social Run and Project Run 214.  As well as my yoga instructor and chiropractor who helped keep me injury free during all those training miles.

My constant companion, the training sched.

My constant companion, the training sched.

Finally, I have to thank the immediate family for putting up with my months of training.  I tried to do it without inconveniencing anyone – like running in the wee hours before they were awake – but I know there were a few times when I did.  So thanks for TCB and allowing me to put in the hours!

So now it’s time to move on to new challenges.  I look forward to continued support as well as supporting everyone else as they take on their endeavors!  Let’s do this!

What challenges are you looking forward to?  What kind of support do you get?

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Too Cold to Hold 5 Miler (part 1)

So on Sunday I ran the Too Cold to Hold 5 mile race.  They also had a 5k and 10 mile, but I stuck with the 5 miler as I had never run that distance in a race before – guaranteed PR, haha!  I wanted to run fast and race it as it was a relatively short distance and for the past several months all my races have been between 10 and 26.2 miles.  It felt good to go fast, even though I wasn’t in my best speed shape.

Too Cold to Hold, Too Blurry to See

Too Cold to Hold, Too Blurry to See

I didn’t know how fast I could go since I hadn’t done any speedwork in months, but I had one goal – to run under 40 minutes.  I figured that was plenty doable, and I figured right.  I ended up going 37:25, around a 7:25 per mile pace I think.  It was good enough for a top 40 overall finish and placing 5th in my division.

The weather was good – though warmer than I expected.  And there was not the usual blustery winds coming off White Rock Lake.  There was a nasty hill about a mile into it, but I’m glad it was there and not at the finish.  Only major problem was the big cluster of people at the start.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of corrals, but this race didn’t have ’em.  All three races had the same start time, so the first mile definitely included a lot of bobbing and weaving around walkers and people going slower.  Always frustrating, but I didn’t get their early enough to forge my way to the front of the start crowd.  So part of that’s on me.  My bad dawg.

Anyway, we had a group of friends and Thursday Night Social Runners out there.  Several of us either PR’d, won age group awards, or had a distance record.

We should've ordered brighter shirts for TNSR.

We should’ve ordered brighter shirts for TNSR.

Afterwards the real party started (as opposed to the fake party).  They had lots of free food and drinks (incl. beervecas).  But as always, our group remained serious and committed to professionalism, as seen in this photo.

I decided I needed the duck-lipped-hand-on-hip-one-bent-legged pose that every female seems to have on facebook.

I decided I needed the duck-lipped-hand-on-hip-one-bent-legged pose that every female seems to have on facebook.

We moved the morning to brunch, where things got super fun.  But I won’t bore you with pics of scalloped risotto and drasians (drunk Asians).  Some things are better experienced than witnessed in social media pics.

Anyhoodle, as soon as they send out the race photos, I’ll try to share a few if I look good (aka duck lips).  Hence, that’s why this post is only part 1.

Peace out Internet!

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The Great Taco Run 10 Miler

Sept. 30, 2012.  Downtown Dallas.  My first 10 mile race.  Cold and a little rainy.  Decent course.  Post race tacos and cervezas.  My goal:  to run my first race negative split….then drink the free cervezas.  Mission accomplished!

It was hard at the beginning of the race to keep in control and not go out too fast.  Trying to run my first negative split, so I wanted to stick to the plan.  I wanted to see what it feels like to finish strong instead of struggling to cross the finish line.  Plus I’d been reading how pretty much every world record is done with a negative split.  Worth a shot.  Worth some experimenting.    I was able to do it, as you can see by my split times in the photograph picture below…

Watch the splits go down like an elevator.

It certainly helped that the last couple miles were all down hill!  Of course the couple miles before that were all spent getting us to the top of said hill.  But can I just say, or can I just write, that the coolest part of doing a negative split was that after the first couple miles of coasting, when I started to pick up tha pace, not a soul passed me!  I spent the last 7-8 miles just passing people left and right.  That was cool.  I was just flying down the Katy Trail until it spit us out right by the American Airlines Center, from there it was a push to the finish around the corner*.

*There were also 5 and 10K races, of which we merged somewhere near the end, but the course and streets were spread out enough, it didn’t matter much.

Finishing Strong Like Bull.

I was pleased with my time of 1:21:55.  At worst I wanted to run 8:30 miles – ended up running 8:12 miles!  I didn’t know what to expect from a 10 mile race, but that was the goal I set before hand.

Anykidoodle, after the race I got to enjoy the free beervezas, but not a single taco!  I waited to long and the lines were too long, and they eventually ran out.  That’s OK tho.  Had a badbutt brunch afterwards with the fams.

So to sum up:  Ran the Taco Race and got the runs!

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