I Have a NEW BLOG!

Hello Blog Buddies. I know I’ve been mostly gone for the past two years. I’ve missed all y’all. And I know I’ve lost a lot of you since I haven’t been regular (posting, not pooping).

But there is good news – I’ll now be writing on a NEW BLOG!!!! If you wouldn’t mind following Run|Drunk|Love I’d really appreciate it. That’s where you’ll be able to find me from now on, I shan’t be posting on PirateBobcat anymore so much.

Here’s the deal people: ever since the 2015 Chicago Marathon, I haven’t really posted here. There’s good reason, but I’ll explain that in another post. For now, just know that my life has been absotively nutso the past two years. And because of that, this blog was put on the back shelf burner.


Again, in my next (and probably last) post here, I’ll explain where I’ve been. For now, please connect with me over at the new blog. It’s going to be fun and full of running, tequila, concerts, travel, blended family, food, and more!

I can’t wait to get the new blog connected with y’all and such, as I can’t wait to be back connected in your blogging lives.

See you soon, kids.


Scott “PirateBobcat”

Question of the day: Do you even remember me?



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Protected: I Didn’t Know…

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Fundraising Update

Help my man Paul out here. He’s a runner. He’s fundraising for charity. Go ahead and donate – it’s the right thing to do.

Running Wild

It’s a new week.  Thankfully!

I spent most of last week at work.  About 65 hours on my feet, and I am paying for it dearly.  I haven’t had the energy, time or legs to even think about getting out for a run.  This all changes today, however.  I finally have a day off to think, to relax, and maybe even head out on a short run.

I wanted to share where I am at with my fundraiser for the James Blake Foundation.  Kind of a campaign update, if you will.  After two months now, and through the kind donations received so far, I am at 31% of my goal.  I am trying to raise a minimum of $3,000 for this charitable organization.  So, that being said, I have raised $930 to date.

I have been brainstorming, and trying to come up with more ideas for raising the funds lately…

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Final Key West Picture Purge – Run & Relax

Thanks for everyone’s great response to my recap of the Key West Half Marathon. It really was a great time! But like most good things, this racecation had to come to an end. Not before we got all touristy though…

Reppin Torchy's Tacos

Reppin Torchy’s Tacos in the Conch Republic.

In key West you walk. A lot. According to my pedometer app, we were averaging around 9 miles a day. How that’s possible on such a small island is beyond me. Anyway, because of that, I only went on one other run while there.

A quick 3 miler.

A quick 3 miler.

Then of course, I had to shower. Why not do it publicly.

Sadly, nobody paid.

Sadly, nobody paid.

Then we had to eat (and drink).

Sure, I'll sit on the patio.

Sure, I’ll sit on the patio.

Blue Heaven. Buffett played a show from that water tower and Hemingway used to referee boxing matches here.

Blue Heaven. Buffett played a show from that water tower and Hemingway used to referee boxing matches here.

And hang out on the beach and play with animals.

My shirt fit in there.

My shirt fit in there.

Yes we pelican.

Yes we pelican.

Iguana know what he's doing in that tree.

Iguana know what he’s doing in that tree.

And of course, hang out with the chickens.

Wonder why he crossed the road.

Wonder why he crossed the road.

Like a boss!

Like a boss!

And shop for a new outfit.

I think I can pull it off.

I think I can pull it off.

Eat some more.

You must take a pic at every meal.

You must take a pic at every meal.

And of course, get turnt up in da club…

What's the age restriction in Sloppy Joe's?

What’s the age restriction in Sloppy Joe’s?

Capt. Tony's was a regular spot.

Capt. Tony’s was a regular spot.

In the men's restroom - protected Buffett lyrics he wrote on the wall as to not forget them.

In the men’s restroom – protected Buffett lyrics he wrote on the wall as to not forget them.

Get a little churchin.

That's a pretty stain.

That’s a pretty stain.

Eat by the sea again.

Yay, the electricity came back on!

Yay, the electricity came back on!

Watch more sunsets.

I'm super kewl.

I’m sewper kewl.

They're on a boat!

They’re on a boat!


So are they.

And drive back to Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

Bienvenidos a Miami.

Stop by Key Biscayne.

Look, an old lighthouse.

Look, an old lighthouse.

I was down there before.

I was down there before.

Before finally flying home.

We flew over New Orleans, where I tried to leave a little luck for all my friends running the Rock n Roll NOLA 1/2 & 26.2 a couple days later.

French Quarter from above.

French Quarter from above.

So there ya go kids. A crazy good time. Now back to life, back to reality. Luckily I brought some of the south Florida weather back with me to Texas. Time to run!

How bout you?

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The Ebola Race (Cancelled) & High Impact Yoga

I’ve been a bit out of it ever since I got a case of the Ebola sniffles last week. I’m just now starting to not be light headed all day. Despite this, I was still supposed to run a 15k race the other day – that happened to be near where all the Dallas Ebola stuff is going down…But it had got cancelled. So I ran 14 miles instead.

It looks like a balloon mid-popping.

It looks like a horrible balloon…a horriballoon.

The race didn’t get cancelled because of the Ebola stuff, it got cancelled due to a storm. This storm came through 36 hours before the race, left behind many downed trees and power outages. Too bad too, cause the storm also brought with it some cool temps. The 14 miles I did run, felt easy peasy booty squeezy.

The next day I got up early to meet friends for trail running and yoga. The trails were nice.

So we'll just follow that path then?

So we’ll just follow that path then?

The yoga, however was not what a sick person who just ran 6-7 miles and hadn’t eaten needed. It started with a whole series of ‘mountain to swan dive’ repeats. If you don’t know what that is – basically: stand up, bend over, repeat. Yowza, I was dizzy.

In case you wondered who was in the class.

In case you wondered who was in the class.

The practice went on to be pretty intense. There was lots of shaking, sweating, and grunting going on – it sounded like being in a dorm. Seriously though, it was a great workout.

And of course, I had to help nurse myself back to health with some tacos.

Migas & Independent (veggie)

They look good, but tasted better.

Onward to more!

How bout you? Ever have a race cancelled on you? Any tough yoga classes lately? Are you celebrating Taco Tuesday?


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Yoga Anus Strengthing Part II

This past Sunday I continued my recent pattern of going for a morning trail run followed by yoga.  The trail run was hot, but fun.  I was especially stoked because my GPS watch actually latched on to the satellites!!!  It usually has some issues under a thick tree canopy.  It’s good to know exactly how far I’m actually running!

After the run I met up with some friends for yoga at Lululemon.  They took a couple pics of us yogaing.

More bonus points if you can find me.

More bonus points if you can find me. (click to enlarge)

We had the same instructor as last week.  And if you saw my post about it, then you know she occasionally encouraged us to tighten our anuses.  Her words, not mine.  She said it helps with injury prevention.

This week she said it again.  She said it’s how real Yogis are able to fly.  Again, her words, not mine.

Learnin to fly.

Learnin to fly.  Can you find me?

I’m not sure exactly how clenching your anus helps you fly uninjured, but she’s the expert I guess.  Anyway, after two sessions of anus-tightening yoga, I’m really feelin the burn!  Oh wait, that may be the hot wings I ate last night.

How’s everyone doin?  Can you yoga fly yet?  Have you been practicing your clenching technique?  Do we need to create a run/yoga duathlon? 

PS.  Bummer – I forgot to write down the yoga name for it, but I’ll try to get it.

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Runnin Past Celebrity Mansions & Pool Party

This weekend I met up with the White Rock Running Co-op for a “Run My Hood” run.  One of the members hosted a long run from their house…which happened to be right by a lot of the fancy pants mansions here in Dallas.

Bonus points if you can spot me.

Bonus points if you can spot me.

I didn’t have my photography device with me on the run, but trust me, these mansions were huuuuuuuuge!    Massive.  Of some of the famous people’s homes I saw were Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, and G. W. Bush.  Not sure who all else we passed, but when you see a house with it’s own football stadium (complete with scoreboard) in it’s side yard, then you know they’ve made some dough.

Anyway, I got in 7-8 miles on this steamy Texas morning.  And afterwards we cooled off with a little pool party!

Stop looking at me swan.

Stop looking at me swan.

It was a great way to see a part of the city that I normally don’t hang out in (Come on Dirk, invite me over!).  And of course we got to run with some cool peeps and then celebrate after.  I love celebrating the small things.  We should all do that more often.

How bout you?  Ever run past mansions or famous homes?  Ever celebrate little things?  Which is better – shampoo or conditioner?  Who got that last reference?


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Why I Run

Just read this by the Holistic Wayfarer, it’s awesome.

A Holistic Journey

You might run for the thrill. You sail into the zone, keep on like you’re under a spell. I wish it came so naturally to me, wish these limbs would move with knowing.

I run because I was terrible at it. And I’m less terrible the more I do it. I run to silence the aspiration for what’s easy. To teach my body to endure, hold on just a little longer. I run to meet my weaker self head on. Conquer her on strong legs Treadmill2so I limp less under my load. I sprint for the fullness of being alive. I often forget how to live. I remember the power of simplicity. I jog to find my pace and cadence. I run to take ownership of myself and to stretch my reserve. I run to claim all my days.

I run because good enough isn’t good enough.

See me wrestle?

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Flying Pirate 1/2 Marathon Review 2013

I just realized that we just passed the anniversary of what is probably my favorite race experience to date. The Flying Pirate Half Marathon in Outer Banks, NC. It was a great time. I’d love to run it again sometime and dominate the course (now that I know how it is). It was a smaller race, a laid back feeling, and a lot of fun. Please give my review a look if you gots the time!


First off, let me just say that this may be my favorite race to date.  Had an incredible time. We lucked out on weather.  We had good times before and after the race, so that may be swaying my opinion.  My sis and I flew into Raleigh, NC.  One of my besties lives there.  We stayed with her and she showed us her town.  It was my 2nd time to visit her there and I love this area of our country more and more each time I visit.  Such great food places (not many chains).  Such great brewpubs.  Such great great people.  Such great sights.

With my sis and sis from another miss. With my sis and sis from another miss.

After I got into town, I had a few hours to kill so I went for a run.  I ran in Umstead Park.  Even though it’s called a park, it’s really a forest.  It’s huge.  Lots of…

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Whether to Weather the Weather and Run

Talk about a tail tale of two runs.  This past weekend, I was going to go for a 10 mile run.  It was harsh.  This morning I was going for a 4 mile run.  It was radical.

I know there are a ton of factors that go into a good/bad run.  But I’m giving the edge in these ones to the weather.

The other day it was windy, humid and near 90 degrees.  This morning it was windy, humid and 54 degrees! Thank you cold chilly front!

The other day I got my ten miles in, but it was sweaty and laborious.  This morning I got my four miles in and it was less sweaty and glorious.  I only wish it wasn’t a school day so that I could have kept running!

I know there’s nothing you can do about the weather – you gotta run anyways.  And they don’t often cancel races for the conditions (unless it’s extreme).

In fact, at the 2012 Disney Marathon, they had a warm hot front come through and so they had to put up these signs everywhere…

But runDisney, I wanted to PR!

Awww, but runDisney, I wanted to PR!

The heat and humidity of that race caused me to finish about 45 minutes slower than I wanted to.  I was bummed.  I felt like I had done all that training for not knot naught.

Despite my finger I didn't actually finish in first place.

Despite my finger I didn’t actually finish in first place.  Yes, I was a bit sweaty.

I was so bummed that while drowning in a post race celebratory beer (oxymoron?), I tweeted to Actor, Runner, Hobbit – Sean Astin asking for advice.  To my surprise, he tweeted back.

Puts it in perspective.

Puts it in perspective.

I realized he was right.  I got to run a marathon.  I got to do it outside.  It’s a good thing.  So now I always try to remember that when ever the conditions don’t cooperate – it’s still a good thing what I’m doing.  Just hope that the next time it will be better.

And for now I’m going to hope this little freaky fall-in-spring weather we got today will stick around…at least long enough for my run tomorrow.

How bout you?  How do you handle changing weather conditions (weird fact, I tend to get random bloody noses when the seasons change – attractive, huh?)?  Any celeb twitter interactions recently? 


ps. looking back, this post may have been partially inspired by Salt.  She’s freaking out about her upcoming race.  She’s got nothing to fear tho!

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