Run – Keepin it 200, Dogz Treatz & Super Moon Powers! #OwnChicago

Guys, you guys! Hey guys! I’m back. In so many ways, I’m back! Back to the poor lonely blog. Back to my ole runnin self. Back to life. Back to reality. Wait…I think I devolved into a Soul II Soul song there for a second…but I digest.

September is over and it saw my legs carry me 200 miles!!!

192 + 8 = 200 according to math and Nike+

192 + 8 = 200 according to math and Nike+

Chicago Marathon training is winding down and I’m feeling grrrrrreat! Oh wait, I just got why Tony the Tiger says that – so he can grrrrrrrrowl when he does. Huh, learn something new every day…but I divest.

Run. Sun. Shoes. Tacos. Life.

Run. Sun. Shoes. Tacos. Life.

The Texas weather is still hawt as all get out during the sun times, but during the before sun times it is actually kewl out! The humidity/dew point finally broke. It’s no longer oppressively oppressing. I can actually sweat and have it evaporate and cool my bod. Ya know, like it’s sposed to.

It’s made a world of difference in my runs. I have pep in my step. I’ve missed pep this summer.

That bull was so horny.

Mess with the bull statue, get the statue horns.

I had zero confidence two weeks ago. Now I have all the confidence. So many hot sweaty muggy slow long runs finally replaced with cooler damp fun faster jaunts. I didn’t even mind the final track workout.

The numbers and letters say it all.

The numbers and letters say it all..or write it all, as it were.

I’m feelin fine. My month long cough seems to be gone. My aches don’t ache so much. And I’m really enjoying the sunrise runs.

Which way do you want to go?

Which way do you want to go?

Keep it coming, Skyler.

Keep it coming, Skyler.

You don’t see many people out and about as early as I’m running, but you occasionally see some regulars in the parks. I’ve gotten to know a few folks, and a few dog folks too.

We've been good. We can haz treatz?

We’ve been good. We can haz treatz?

And this has to be a good sign – I even got to run under the #SuperBloodMoon too!


#nofilter #ILoveMyMoon

Anywhoodle guys, I got some more blog catching up to do. But I’ll save it for next time, which should be maybe…tomorrow? Yay, I’m back!

How bout you? Feelin any Fall? Who’s ready toΒ #OwnChicago??? Does the blood moon give any special powers?


PS – To all my blogger friends – I’m sorry I’m so behind. I’m reading your comments and I’m going to reply to all of them! I can’t wait to catch up with your happenings too!!! Working on it, kids!

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7 thoughts on “Run – Keepin it 200, Dogz Treatz & Super Moon Powers! #OwnChicago

  1. charissarunning

    200 miles – awesome work!! I’m amazed at how much running you’ve been able to do given the Texas heat and humidity you have to deal with. You’re going to crush the Chicago Marathon!! Enjoy the taper time now (I know I am!) πŸ™‚ I’m so glad it’s finally getting cooler too cuz it means better marathon conditions!! I think Steamtown is the same day as Chicago so we’ll be marathon buddies across states.

  2. You’re clearly busy racking up those miles πŸ™‚
    I’m just glad you posted, since I always really enjoy your recaps πŸ™‚

  3. My friend Sue is running Chicago too. Good luck and happy you are feeling good. Run your run!!

  4. 200 miles?! That’s awesome! Great pics!

  5. 200 miles in a month is ridiculous, I’ve never reached that number before! Amazing! You are going to kill it in Chicago!

  6. 200 miles?? dude….you *are* going to #OwnChicago!!!

  7. Holy crap, friend! 200 miles is crazy! I’m glad the weather is finally more agreeable. I’ve been enjoying lovely fall temps for a couple of weeks now, and it’s awesome πŸ™‚

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