Plano Balloon 5k Recap – Trophies, Balloonies & Selfies!!!

So here’s da ting – I got to race this weekend!!!! It was the Plano Balloon Festival 5k. It went pretty well ~ I think I sent a PR on the way to a 3rd place division finish!
Balloon race, balloon medal, balloon trophy!

Balloon race, balloon medal, balloon trophy!

I signed up for this race a long time ago, and I’m glad I did – had tons of friends out there this day!
We run. We have fun.

We run. We fun.

I was also glad to run into some of my super speedy friends who I haven’t been able to run with in a while. These two have been inspiring me for a while now – starting a few years ago when we’d regularly meet at the track to try and kill each other with 400’s…

Me and a couple BQ'ers.

Me and a couple BQ’ers. Maybe I could join them if I got shorter shorts.

It was a VERY humid day. So humid, in fact, that it started raining shortly after the race. Because of the weather they weren’t able to launch the hot air balloons as planned. Bummer, yo! It’s ok doe, I was there to race…and race I did!

And big ups shout out to my boy Tory for taking the following video of some of us during the race. T-dawg is always so supportive of his fellow runners…

I was purdy pleased with my race. I had a great time for me despite the humidity, hills and already running 40+ miles that week.

Official Results: 5k- 21:11 – 3rd in Age Group – 31st Overall (Out of 1945)

Don't steal my soul, race photographer guy...or my award!!!

Don’t steal my soul, race photographer guy…or my award!!!

I LURVE the awards they gave us – individualized hot air balloon metal wall art hanging thingies…

Division placers! I have fast friends.

Division placers…I have fast friends.

After the race, we explored the balloonless festival a bit. And of course, made a spectacle of ourselves…

Not sure what's happening here.

Not sure what’s happening here.

Oh yeah, I remember ~ someone brought a selfie stick.

Oh yeah, I remember ~ someone brought a selfie stick.

I enjoyed the race. I’ve been doing so many hundreds of miles getting ready for the Chicago Marathon that I couldn’t remember what it felt like to go short and fast! I was so glad to see I had gotten faster than when I started marathon training. Funny how that works ~ to get better at running, practice running.

I don't think our group got enough pictures.

I don’t think our group got enough pictures.

In the end, it was a good time with good peeps. And it was just the little confidence boost I needed after such a miserably hot Texas summer of long slow sweaty miles. Yay, my legs still work!

All smiles after the miles.

All smiles after the miles.

And guess what…..the festival also had a half marathon the day after the 5k. And yes, I ran that too. Stay tuned for that recap!!!!

How bout you? Any races recently? Ever go to a balloon festival with no balloons? Did our group take enough pictures (trust me, there’s more I didn’t post here)?


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9 thoughts on “Plano Balloon 5k Recap – Trophies, Balloonies & Selfies!!!

  1. Sounds like such a cool race and a fun time. Did the balloons happen after the 13.1?
    And great time! It IS funny that running more makes you a better runner 😛 I’m always worried about crossing the line into running too much.
    I think your group needed you to post at least three more pictures to judge if there are enough pictures.
    My training is also benefiting from a hot Florida summer.

  2. ah I LOVE hot air balloons! That would be so sad if a balloon festival didn’t have balloons! I would cry. Good thing I wasn’t there. That wall hanging thing is pretty awesome though. Congrats to you and all your speedy friends! Sounds like a fun one 😀

  3. Great job!!! I would love to go to a balloon fest. Looks like a blast!

  4. a race at a balloon fest?! how cool is that! i want to do one! great job, you killer.

  5. Well done! I love those medals and awards. My family has a thing for hot air balloons so they always make me smile 🙂

  6. Wow! Cool medals. Congrats on your award. Good luck to you for Chicago. I wish I could be there to cheer you and Helly on. Do NYC Marathon next year.

  7. That looks like a cool race with great medals!

  8. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Those medals are awesome! congrats on a speedy race!! Chicago here you come! You are going to kill it!

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