The Mustard Run, Running From School & Getting High On Weekdays!

Yo dudes. Yo. Luckily I have recovered from the Ginormous Cat Attack and Chicago Marathon training marches runs on. We just had our highest mileage week yet – 55 big ones! To get that high, you gotta do some decent sized weekday drugs runs. Here was Tuesday, for example…

Not even the morning lightning could stop me!

Not even the morning lightning could stop me!

All those early morning miles leaves you constantly tired and hungry and sore, but I know it will pay off in October.

Apparently I was one with nature last week.

Needed flowers to mask my smell.

I’m still happy to report that I haven’t missed a single mile yet. Sticking to the training plan like honey.

Though you may lose your mind sometimes.

Warning, I may have lost my mind somewhere along the way.

It’s been fun though, I’ve gotten to see a lot of interesting stuff along the roads. Amazing where your own two feet can take you.

My friend, Annette.

With my friend, Annette.

The only thing different the past week has been that school is back in sesh. The once quiet pre-morning streets are a little bit more active. That, and I can hear the cries of children (along with wine corks popping from the ‘rents).

I feel your pain, kid.

I feel your pain, kid.

And can you believe the little stinker is in 1st grade? Makes you feel old, doesn’t it? Well, probably not if you haven’t known him since birth. But if you have, then yeah…

He likes it when we draw on each-other's pictures (no, he's not on Snapchat, - just me).

He likes it when we draw on each-other’s pictures (no, he’s not on Snapchat, – just me).

Anywhoodle. The long run for the week was our first 20 miler of the training plan. I’m not going to describe it here because it.did.not.go.well. None of it was fun. Let’s just say that at one point I resorted to eating mustard packets from a 7-Eleven. Yeah, that bad.

Ugh, just thinking about this run hurts me.

Ugh, just thinking about this run hurts me.

But heay, we all have a bad run/day. That just means that the next one will be better, right? It’s got to!

And besides, you can always have a few craft brews with dad afterward to help feel better.

Yes, it's a selfie stick. No, it's not mine. The pub actually provides them for your own safety.

Yes, it’s a selfie stick. No, it’s not mine. The pub actually provides them for your own safety.

And besides, gotta carb load back up cause we have our 2nd 20 miler this Saturday! Here’s to redemption!

How bout you? How’s back to school going? Ever eaten mustard on a run? Is it wrong that I’m so proud of my “Annette” joke?


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12 thoughts on “The Mustard Run, Running From School & Getting High On Weekdays!

  1. Woof. Mustard packets? You must have been desperate! Hopefully this week’s 20 miler goes MUCH MUCH better.

  2. back to back 20-milers? Wicked!
    And geez! Even if the run was horrible, you did 20 miles!

  3. Karen @ runningfifty

    Your posts always make me laugh. Great job doing the 20 mile run and good luck with your next one. That’s awesome that you have run every mile of your training plan. Well done!

  4. I love mustard, but it sounds completely unappealing as running fuel.

    Bad runs still are deposits in your training bank. I’d say it can’t have gone that badly, but see: mustard. Really, wtf? 😉

  5. I almost died when I saw the selfie stick! That’s hilarious they provide them!!! Love the pics!
    School starts tomorrow for us – 1st big day of school, whoop, whoop!

  6. I wish I knew how to make my pictures all funny and cool like yours. And awesome job finishing your 20 miler. These summer runs are BRUTAL. Especially if you’re resorting to mustard. Dude – GU 🙂

  7. Beer always fixes a bad run. Great job getting ready for Chi-town! I’m excited for you!

  8. I recently read that mustard and pickle juice are the best ways to prevent or fight muscle cramps. I’ve never had one but someone I know eats peanut butter, pickles and mustard sandwiches…she swears they are amazing

  9. You are a running machine! The thought of eating a mustard pack makes me want to vomit, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps pack some gels on your next long run??

  10. You’ll be glad for cooler weather. I remember his first day of Kinder…it is SO fast.

  11. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    You probably heard the wine corks popping over here in VA, because you better believe they were!! 55 miles? That’s crazy. I think the highest I’ve ever gotten for training was 40!

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