Runners – Be SAFE! I’m Not Kitten Around!

Chicago Marathon training is going swimmingly runningly! In the midst of a 55 mile week, with a 20 miler long run this weekend. Things have been going almost purrfectly…almost…..

You guys, you gotta be careful out there…Or should I say “Be catful”? The other day at the TNSR Social Run, things got a little hair-bally…


I couldn’t remember if you’re supposed to play dead, or flail your limbs like a fool when a giant cat is stalking you.

As runners, we all know that you always have to be smart – know your surroundings, watch your back, run with others, carry pepper spray, etc….But this day I completely forgot to bring along my catnip. And it didn’t help much to fake a catnap…

Nope, playing dead doesn't work either.

Nope, playing dead doesn’t work either.

If you feel really threatened on a run, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for a hiding place. I thought the lake would be good, but unfortunately some of these gi-cats were amphibious…

Luckily a couple run buds pulled me from ole crazy eyes there.

Luckily a couple run buds pulled me from ole crazy eyes there.

When all else fails, it’s best to have at least one person around that you can run faster than so they can be the fall guy…it’s all about self preservation at this point.

Even the cute ones are deadly.

Oh snap! I’m in the back of the pack! That’s trouble cause just like with humans, the cute ones are the most dangerous.

One thing I always do when I feel threatened is to face the threatener. Be less of a passive target that way…

Come on, Kitty! Put up your paws! Let throw down!

Come on, Kitty! Put up your paws! Let throw down like Bobby Flay!

More often than not doe, being calm and level headed can go a long way in deflating a dicey situation. That’s what helped us patch things up with our kitty kitty meow meow head friends…


I still don’t trust ole yellow eyes back there.

In the end, errbody was safe and feline fine!

And I hope all of y’all are being safe out there…and if you’re not, then start right MEOW!

How bout yous? Any safe running tips? Did I miss any cat puns? Have you heard of any radiation laced mice that these cats might be eating?

PS. Once again I gotta thank @sojomy for the pictures – he’s always there to capture the moment! Big shout out! That’s him taming the tabby…



And if y’all are ever in North Texas on a Thursday evening, you gotta come to TNSR…fo real doe! To see the rest of the pics, check out the TNSR Facebook Page and give it a Like.

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32 thoughts on “Runners – Be SAFE! I’m Not Kitten Around!

  1. Read my last post Scott. Yeah man, talkin’ to you. Lol. See you in Chicago! Glad your training is going well.

  2. Let me paws while I think of a punny cat saying. 🙂 The main question is….were they de-clawed?? And how can we wrangle up some of those pesky jelly fish that are preventing us from safely swimming in the waterways in these parts??? I mean, seriously, we have training to do. Mayhem with these animals I tell you, mayhem!
    And here’s a tip if you get chased by these furry monsters…just get some string and they’ll be distracted enough to let you run away just like they did in the Holy Grail. RUN AWAY!!!

    • LOLOLOL! Good ones! You have jelly fish up there? I was just reading about how dangerous they can be. None here, but they keep finding gators in the lakes..eeek! OH – mayhem – I was doing a track workout this morning and there was a SKUNK that kept chasing us!!! Yikes! LOL, I shoulda used your string trick! RUN AWAY!!!

  3. BAHAHAHAHA!!! I love love love this post. Thanks for making me laugh. Best wishes in Chicago!

  4. I can’t even (white girl) handle all the kitty puns!! KITTIES!!!!! I just screamed with joy.

  5. Run with slower people. That way the giant cat gets them and you get away.

  6. You are hilarious! Hope you’ve had a fabulous summer!! Love your posts! Good to be back!! Freaking love these pics! Haha! XOXO

  7. ha ha! So cool. 🙂 Looks like a good week! Long run tomorrow? Hope it goes well!

  8. Sup Scott!
    Don’t let em eat your tacos either!!

  9. Let’s me paws and think for a sec. This is by far your best post yet. EPIC. PICS.

  10. This is my first time on your blog and I just love this post. Glad you guys were all safe in the end 🙂

  11. Haha, best photo shop yet!

  12. Your best post to date! So so great.

  13. Ha ha! Cool cats! I think playing dead works best if being stalked by one.

  14. This is my favorite post ever. You win.

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