Too Hot To Handle 5k – The Race I Didn’t Race!

So I ran in a rare Sunday 5k. Things got weird. It ended with this…

Scotty the Riveting.

Scotty the Riveting.

But let’s start at the beginning. I carpooled with my unusual suspects. One of which had scored us a prime parking locale. We just had a short walk, lovely as it was.

Sneaky photog phriend got this shot.

Sneaky photog phriend got this shot.

We made it to the race, and it was pretty big – several thousand runners for both the 5k & 15k. As luck would have it, we ran into a TON of friends! As unluck would have it, I didn’t have a bib or timing chip – D’oh!!!

Pre race with some running amigos.

Pre race with some running amigos…and also our secret service agent.

No worries, I was pretty sore from running 12 hot miles the day before. And if you can guess from the name of the race (Too Hot To Handle), So hot and nasty…and not in a good way…

Two Girls, One Cup.      Hydrating before the race.

Hydrating before the race. Two Girls, One Cup.

So I decided to run with my tiny friend, as she said she was not “racing” it either. She turned out to be a liar.


We’re all like, “Running is funzo!” Dude in blue is all like, “Say whaaa?”

Mile one – we had to weave around like a gazillion others, and so it was nice and slow and easy just like we planned.

Mile two – my tiny friend picked it up. I said, “Ok then, is this what we’re doing?” and caught up to her.

Mile three – she picked it up even moar. I said, “What happened to the Easy-E plan?”

But since she did that, I decided to make sure she kept picking up the pace, as I knew she’d have a chance at an age group award. I told her to come with me, and we kicked it in the last half mile or so.

I'd like to say the negative split was planned.

Shaving a minute off each mile is a good pace plan, yes?

There’s a new thing now where 5k’s are starting to give out finisher’s medals. Okie dokie den, fine bys me.

My smile is so bright.

My smile is so bright.

And you see those shades there ^^^ ? One of the vendors was giving them out. Also bandanas too. Which eventually lead to the picture at the top of this post. Cute, huh?

A motley crew. Or is it a van halen?

A motley crew…Or is it guns and roses?

Oh, and if you were still wondering, my tiny friend did place…As did several other friends!! Wooot!

Their prize was a tumbler. Um, ok, I guess.

When I heard their prize was a plastic tumbler, I had hoped it would be a gymnast with a boob job.

Next time I’ll remember that you need a bib/timing chip to race. But all good in the neighborhood – it was fun anyway! I like fun, anyway.

How bout you? Any hot summer races? Ever race just for fun (and not to race)? Aren’t I kewt in that first picture? 


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26 thoughts on “Too Hot To Handle 5k – The Race I Didn’t Race!

  1. Love the rosie the riveter photo! Looks like you all had some fun.

  2. Those tumblers are great prizes! Bummer about forgetting your bib, but it looks like you had a great time regardless. My first half was definitely too hot to handle–90 degrees with like 90% humidity and no shade. Ooof.

    • It’s ok, I wasn’t too torn up about it. It was nice to not be all freaking out at a race for once. Ooooh, that first half sounds miserable!!! At least you know that the weather played a big role in how you felt that day!

  3. It’s the most epic picture yet!! Sometimes, when I need a good laugh I go over to your IG and look at it. It cheers me up a bit. Congrats to your tiny friend, and good job forcing her to place! That’s what friends are for.

    • Thanks so much Rach!!! Awwww, that’s the best compliment! Thank you!!! I try to be selective with my IG posts!!! And thanks! I’ll let her know!!

  4. That picture made me laugh so hard when I saw it on IG!
    How great to get sunglasses and a bandana?!

    • Thank you so much! I’m really surprised how many people got a kick out of it.
      Oh, I have gotten so many free shades recently – I love it!

  5. Karen @ runningfifty

    This whole post made me laugh! Yes-we are planning to race in NC in August so we are expecting it might be warm. Great job!

    • Oh wow, thank you so much, that means a lot!!!! Good luck in NC – which part of the state? I ran the OBX Flying Pirate Half a couple years ago – LOVED IT!

      • Karen @ runningfifty

        We are running in the OBX, too-Nag’s Head. It’s just a 5K. The Flying Pirate Half looks great!

      • I LOVED it there! Have a Blast!

  6. LOL! You crack me up! So fun that you did the race anyway (and got a medal! HA!) and got to run with your tiny friend! I can commiserate with her. I’m the tiny friend – though she does look shorter than me!

    • Thank you soooo much! Ha, well we need to get you too together to have a tiny-off! But yeah, she’s pretty small but her heart is big! Oh and her legs move quick!

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    FIrst of all, that is the best pic ever. seriously, I want to print it out and put it on my fridge…wait, that would be weird. Lol. And second, did you bandit that race AND get a medal?? Bad boy!!

    • Thank so much!!! Hahaha, if you want I can print it, autograph it and send it to you! Unless that’s weird, which it probably is 😉 And whaaaat? Me? Whaaaa?

  8. Jane Likes to Run

    those were quite the negative splits! I have successfully only run 1 race for fun. ever. Even though I’ve lined up with that goal half a dozen times. The finish time is just so permanent, right?

    • Haha, thank you! YES, THANK YOU! Those times will lie on the interenet forever!!! And I can’t help but go all out when I line up for a race!

  9. You suit that bandana! 😉😁

  10. Gymnast with a boob job rofl!!!

  11. I did a half marathon a few weeks ago for fun… and it was! Much nicer than suffering like so many of the other people because of the heat and humidity. Plus it’s awesome to finish at a sub-7 minute pace just because you feel great.

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