Marathon “Train”ing, Chasing Waterfalls & Helping Chicks

Playa playa, what it is? Been another crazy week! So busy! I still have…not one…not five…but TWO race recaps I need to blog. Hopefully next week!

For now, let’s just look at some pictures of some of my Chicago Marathon training from some of this week, shan’t we?

Doggone it's hawt in hurrah!

Doggone it’s hawt in hurrah!

That's not a real waterfall, that's just my actual sweat dripping down the stairs.

That’s not a real waterfall, that’s just my actual sweat dripping down the stairs.

I choo-choo-choose to have some fun in my marathon train-ing.

I choo-choo-choose to have some fun in my marathon “train”ing.

To my chagrin, she wasn't pumping water, she was churning butter.

To my chagrin, she wasn’t pumping water, she was churning butter.

Oh hey, look, I even have some moving pictures from the morning of those last two pics…

Here we are just over halfway through the month and I’ve already run almost 90 miles! Woot woot! So the training is so good so far.

***Bonus Alert***I have one extra pic.***End Alert***

It comes to us from the FIRST RACE I attended last weekend. I love this pic…

So much going on here.

So much going on here.

Here’s what had happened: You see us all laughing in the background? Well that’s cuz that gal had just passed chicked that guy and we yelled at her to keep it up all the way to the finish line (about 50 yards away). Then our buddy Josh (in orange) yelled at the guy to not let her beat him. The guy paused for a second, weighed his options, then started yelling out profanities before taking off on a dead sprint! It cracked us up.

***Spoiler Alert*** He didn’t catch her.***End Alert***

More miles and hopefully more dope pictures this weekend! I’ll share on Monday (& hopefully have those other two race recaps too!).

How bout you? Climb any statues lately? Ever curse during a race? Did I miss any other caption puns?

Play on playas!

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20 thoughts on “Marathon “Train”ing, Chasing Waterfalls & Helping Chicks

  1. I like how both runners in the bonus picture are literally flying! I pretty much curse the entire time I run 😀 hahaha

    • Also, your IG photos are really great this week!! Super awesome! Keep up the good work. Although, if someone were to randomly come across you IG, they’d be like “man, this is one sweaty dude!”

      • Thank you so much!!! And lolol! I suppose they would think that. You should see me in person – I’m fine until I start exercising (in Texas heat) and then I’m like a freaking faucet! It’s gross.

    • Yes! They were literally both sprinting to the end! Hahahaha, remind me to carry a swear jar if we ever get to run together! Cha-ching!

  2. Hahahaha hilarious that he never caught her. I have, indeed, cursed many a time during a race. Most epic was probably when I hit the struggle bus HARD in Arizona this past February. Not only did I curse, but I straight up sat down on the side of the road, cursed, and cried like a little bitch baby. Yes, at 32 years old I threw a tantrum because I went out too hard. I don’t know if I will ever live that one down! Your pictures are awesome!

    • Ha, yeah, he gave up towards the end – she held him off tho! LOLOLOLOL! You’re a HOT MESS! Please tell me there are pics of you sitting down during the race??? That’s hilarious! That reminds me that I did curse during a 15k back in Feb. It had a half mile steep hill that killed me. I thought we were done, but then with a mile to go we turned the corner and I saw a big overpass we had to run over. I literally started dropping f-bombs. Ha, I hope there were no kids around!

      • Hahahah I wonder if the race photographer got any of my hissy fit. I was so sour that I deleted the email with the pictures immediately. Can we say crannnkkyyyyy?!

      • LOLOL! Let me know if you find it in your e-trash bin.

  3. Does anyone not curse during the last 50 yards of a race? Everyone I know swears like a sailor!

  4. I love that last photo!! We have no statues where I live to climb. Too bad. I would love to eat a taco while climbing a statue.

    • Thank you!!! Man, you live in a crazy place – no tacos or statues??? Whenever you come visit, we’ll get to-go tacos and head straight to a sculpture garden!

  5. Love the puns! And, the last photo sure captures a lot, love the story behind it! Happy Running!

  6. That picture is awesome! I usually start cursing around mile 10. 🙂

    • Haha, good point! Yeah, I guess I do curse most races just about the time I hit the wall. Yup, that sounds right. 🙂

  7. Love girls who chick!

  8. Bahaha, great pic and story!

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