Running Santa, Hipster Tacos & Purple Time!

Chicago Marathon training is in full swingers beasty mode. Been a good week of running. Let’s go backwards, shall we?

Sunday – I had a race, but I’ll save that recap for the next post. So let’s go to Saturday. This was the long run of the week.12 sweaty sweaty miles.

It's a weird route because it was around a lake.

Texas roads don’t look normally like that – It’s a weird route because it was around a lake.

The plan for this run was to do a 9 mile loop of the lake, followed by a 5k race to make an evenish 12. Well part I of the plan went ok, part II did not. I had failed to pre-register for the race, and by the time I got there they had run out of bibs. So no dice, Detroit!

After 9 miles

So mad that I had to partially strangle my running booze.

No worries – Went ahead and ran the final 3 miles along the race course so I could cheer for friends. And yay! Some of them won age group awards!

Tory y Juash.

Tory y Juash. A tale of two pairs of shorts.

Serene was happy!

Serene got her medal, but her real reward is that I let her run with me sometimes.

Afterwards we met up with a bunch of other runner friends to get wasted on tacos! Woot woooot!

It's ok to wear blue shades there, it's a hipster taco joint. Fo realz - everyone in there is either in runner gear or  skinny jeans.

It’s ok to wear blue shades there, it’s a hipster taco joint. Fo realz – everyone in there is either in short running shorts or purple skinny jeans.

Moving on…or uh, further backwards….The weekday runs were also on point. The highlight being the Thursday Night Social Run.


Click image to enlarge and see all the totally not photoshopped action going on here. Really – Some of my friends just have weird proportions and don’t cast shadows.

This run took us past yet another group of longhorn statues. Not sure why we need so many of them here, but whatevs.

Looking at something udderly amazing. Honest, I wouldn't steer you wrong!

We were looking at something udderly amazing. Honest, I wouldn’t steer you wrong! Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

It was also like runner Christmas in July at my house cause a gift magically appeared this week…My ALZ Stars tech tank!


Thanks, Running Santa!

As you may know, I’m running Chi-town this fall on behalf of an Alzheimer’s charity. I’m so proud to represent the purple! If you would like to donate to the cause, you can find info HERE. And to those who have already donated, I know it’s slow going, but I promise to get your thank you prizes soon!!! #BoomShakaLaka!

On to more run-fun!

How bout yous guys? Do you believe in Running Santa? Ever have a hipster taco? Isn’t it unbullieveable how many longhorn statues are ’round here?

PS. Come back in a day or so for rest of the weekend’s recap!!!

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21 thoughts on “Running Santa, Hipster Tacos & Purple Time!

  1. Totally believe in Running Santa. In fact, it’s Christmas in July at track on Wednesday 😀

  2. I have never had a hipster taco. But I bet they’re just darling. If I had one, I would eat it whilst typing my blog on a vintage typewriter in skinny jeans and an ironic tee. I’d then wrap up the whole experience by smoking a pipe and drinking cold brew locally sourced artisanal coffee après taco. You know. Instead of desert. That shit is way too mainstream.

    • Hahahaha! You want to know what’s funny? At that hipster taco joint they actually have a really old typewriter sitting on a table for some reason! And yes, inside the taco place is a separate hipster coffee stand where it takes them like 20 minutes to brew one cup.

      • Of course they do. And of course they have a pour over coffee stand. Oh, Hipsters. What will they think of next? 😉

      • IDK, but I hope it’s riding very tiny motorcycles. It would be comical whether they wreck it not.

  3. Love how go with the flow you are – sold out race? No problem, just going to quick run 3 miles and cheer on some peeps. Awesome job this week. I want hipster tacos.

    • Thanks so much! To be honest, I wasn’t too bummed out that there were no more race bibs – I was hurting from 9 miles in 98% humidity! 😉

  4. I need a hipster taco. And blue sunglasses. And then maybe further instruction on how to be more hip.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, different colored shades have been my thing recently – I keep getting them for free at races!!! And yes, I’m totally hip – you’ll get there one day too 😉

  5. I am moving to Texas in a couple weeks and I am SUPER EXCITED to get wasted on tacos!

  6. Do hipster tacos wear hipster hats? If not, I don’t know if that counts.
    Cool recaps so far. Love how flexible you are about missing out on the race and getting your 5K in anyhow.
    I believe in running santa.

    • Haha, they should put little hats on the tacos, that would be sweet!!
      Thanks so much! Yeah, to be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to racing a 5k after 9 hot sweaty miles, so I was good 😉

  7. I don’t know if I’d want a hipster taco. It’d probably taste like mustache wax and holier-than-thou attitude. But great job with the running this week–purple looks good on you!

  8. I am the OH – original hipster. So obviously I’ve had hipster tacos. Do you follow You should. Michele just moved to a stupid little city named Dallas – ever heard of it?

    • I do knot know of her, but will check it out! I visit Dallas from time to time, it’s aight. Do you put sprouts in your hipster tacos, for some reason I’m picturing sprouts in there.

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