Running With Pirates, Yogis & Mouth Breathers!

Whazzzuuuup? I hope all my American friends had a great 4th of July holiday weekend – and my foreign friends had a great normal weekend! I, myself, and me participated in an unofficial race. Not so much a race, but more a social run…but we did get kewl homemade medals afterwards!!!

I like my nike mustache, or is it a musswoosh?

I like my nike mustache, or is it a muswoosh?

The course was  10kilometers, but for our Chicago Marathon training, we needed 10miles, so we tacked on another 4 afterwards. I’m glad we did, cause we found a big ole pirate ship!

I had to invoke the right of parley.

I had to invoke the right of parley.

Almost Just as good, I also ran into some other run buds in the last stretch. Soo coo to go for a run in a different part of town and still literally run into friends on the roads.

Don't mind my sweat, ladies.

A. Pickle on my right and an ole Ohio high school bud turned Texan on my left.

Speaking of Chi-town, the training is slowly picking up. It feels kind of good again to be running mediumish runs during the work week. The 4am wake up calls blow, but #whaddyagonnadoboutit? Gotta get em done!

Yes, I was so rungry that I tried to eat a tree.

Yes, I was so rungry that I tried to eat a tree.

And of course, I always like hitting up some of the local social runs to incorporate into the training.


We ran and then sat in big red chairs, duh.

Even though I’m all the tired from it all, I’m still keeping up with the cross training – either at the gym or in the department store.

I wear that I squatted a little lower right after this pic was taken.

I wear that I squatted a little lower right after this pic was taken.

OK, there’s more but I’ll save it for the next post. I really am planning on being more diligent about blogging – especially as the training increases. But if you want to keep up quicker, just give my Instagram a follow! Like a dude who eats a lot of bananas, on there I’m pretty regular.

Howzit? Training going well? Can you guess what the pirate ship was for? Do I ever close my mouth in an IG photo?


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16 thoughts on “Running With Pirates, Yogis & Mouth Breathers!

  1. Hands down. You have the most fun running on the Entire Blogosphere. Either that or you’re hiring happy, adorable extras for every staged post-run pic. That and you’re mouth is always open. But so is mine. All the better to see my white teeth! 😉

    • Bwahahaha! Of course I hire extras to try and make me look good. Unless they look better than me, then they’re fired! Ok then, I guess we’ll both be continuing the open mouth selfies. #hatersgonnahate

  2. charissarunning

    That pirate ship is awesome! Is it for a movie? Or did someone just really want their house to look like a ship because they’re convinced they’re a pirate?

    • Haha, it was on the side of the road. I think they sell snow cones out of it or something. They also had some movie cars there, but he wanted $20 for a photo with them, luckily he didn’t see us sneak this one with the ship!!! Shhhhhhh

  3. Jess@Flying Feet In Faith

    LOL to the #whattareyougonnadoaboutit. True story my friend. 4 am sucks but running a marathon strong rocks so we suck it up buttercup! Maybe Hook left his ship behind on his last visit…

    • Hahaha, #thankssomuch And hecks yeah!!! We’re doing the work now so we’ll be strong come race day!!! And you’re probably right, I bet the tick tock croc chased hook away!

  4. Good luck training for the ChiMar! I have a marathon on my list for 2016 and the amount of time and distance you have to dedicate yourself to is mind boggling. Good luck!

    • Thanks so much!! Good luck on your marathon!!! Yes, nobody sees all the time and work that goes into getting ready running 26.2, that’s for sure!

  5. I always say I’m going to run more miles after a race and NEVER do. I suck at that!! You always look like you’re having so much fun! Love it!

    • Yeah, it’s hard to do if you really go for it in the race. But if you do it before hand then it will hurt the race. Oh well, I guess we only have ourselves to blame 😉 Thank you! Try to have fun, or at least make it look like we are!

  6. I am jealous at how much fun you always have running!! Can’t wait to see how your marathon training progresses. Those zero dark thirty wake up calls do suck, I’ll be having some of those soon too with my MCM training kicking into gear!

    • Thank you! Running can be hard, so I try to have fun with it. “Zero dark thirty” hahahaha! But it’s true. I know you’ll do great with your MCM training!!!!

  7. Love the yoga stre-e-e-e-tch. =)

  8. I don’t think you ever close your mouth for IG photos, but that’s your thing. You could make your own hashtag about it. Perhaps you have and I just haven’t paid attention.

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