Bloomin’ 4-Mile Race Recap – I Almost Puked, But Then Ate Tater Tacos

The Bloomin’ 4-Mile was a tough race. Mainly because it was so so hot. Hot and humid. Sun a-blazin! I really struggled (as did we all), but was able to push through for a new PR*!

*This was my first 4 mile race, so automatic PR anyway.

*This was my first 4 mile race, so automatic PR anyway.

The race was at White Rock Lake in Dallas. I always love running there. I had a couple friends also going down from the burbs, so we carpooled together.

Hamming it up in a field of wildflowers.

Hamming it up for the race photographer in a field of wildflowers.

This was part of the Dallas Running Club’s race series. It’s a pretty sweet deal – $30 for a year membership to the club and you get to run 8 races for free!!!

Before the race with my run buds.

Before the race with my run buds…and a photobombing tree.

The course was a 2 mile out and back. I run around this lake often, so I knew what was coming – a nice little hill for us to climb once on the way out, and once on the way back. The second one especially hurt.

The red (slow) part was the hill.

The red (slow) part near the turn around was the hill.

It was really hot, you guys. I really wanted to stop and take a puke walk break, but I pushed on. Thankfully I did, cause it meant I was done sooner. I was pleasantly surprised at my results, considering how I felt during the race.

Never so happy to see a finish line.

Never so happy to see a finish line.

Official Results:

29:01, 7:15 per mile, 5th in Age Group, 41/440 Overall

And while I missed out on a medal, some of my friends managed to place. Big ups to them!!!

After the race, trying to muster the energy to smile.

Someone in this pic got a medal, someone else missed getting one by 4 seconds. That’s gotta hurt.

Another advantage of running around WRL are the nearby craft taco joints. They are a must after a run! Run, eat tacos, watch friends play on their phones, repeat.

So all in all, a painful, but successful day!

How bout you? Ever run a 4 mile race? Any hot races lately? Ever had mashed taters in your tacos?


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29 thoughts on “Bloomin’ 4-Mile Race Recap – I Almost Puked, But Then Ate Tater Tacos

  1. Great job! Racing in the heat is TOUGH! I got a summer race coming up in a week and half.

    • Thank you! I usually shut down racing in the summer, but couldn’t turn down that deal. Good luck in your race!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on the new PR! That heat sounds pretty bad. It’s warm here, but not that kind of warm. I’ve never had mashed taters in tacos because I don’t get tacos up here. I’ll just imagine how good they were.

    • Thanks!!! I can’t wait to run a 4 miler in cooler temps to get a new pr! You need to stop bringing up that you don’t have tacos up there, it makes me sad 😦

  3. You’re so speedy, my friend! Awesome job. Gah hot & humid is the woooorst. I cannot. You killed it.

    • Thanks so much, buddy! The weather has been nasty down here. Rain one day, then 90+ and steaming the next. Thanks again!!!

  4. Nice running! My race on Sunday got hot real fast, oof that was rough. Glad you got your tacos! 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I usually don’t race in the summer, but this week I have 3 races in two weeks now. It’s hard… Glad you survived your race!

  5. Congrats on pushing through the pukey feelings! I usually get pukey towards the end of a race because I get so jacked up on adrenaline coming into the finish. I’m glad you were able to recover enough for tacos.

    • Thank you!!! Oh wow, I’m the opposite of you – I get more jacked up at the start of a race. Must be nice to get that adrenaline kick at the end! Oh yes, taco recovery is a must!

  6. Yeahhhh NEW PR! Congrats!!! That’s a badass time. And some badass looking tacos.

  7. All of our races here in DC are hot, but you know how that goes…Dallas is probably hotter though. Those tacos look amazing!

    • Oh dear lawd, Dallas is oven hot at times. And this year with all the rain, it’s been miserably humid. Hard to breath sometimes. Those tacos tasted even better than they looked!

  8. charissarunning

    Wow, great pace!! Congrats! You are getting so good at running and racing in the heat and humidity. Teach me your ways! I’ve decided not to race in the heat and humidity if I can help it because my times suffer so badly…

    • Thank you!!! I’m trying to acclimatize to the heat, it’s still hard to race in this tho. There is no trick – I think it’s just as much pain as I could handle. I’m already longing for fall!!!

  9. By taters you’re about about potatoes? I’m pulling the ‘confused-what-the-why-the?’ Face right now! 4 miles is an odd number for a race distance….

    • Hells yes I meant potatoes! Smashed potatoes to be exact (or mashed if you will). It was so good!!!! It was an odd number, I found myself wishing it was over at the 5k mark.

  10. Speedy–great job! I have never run a 4 mile race…kind of an odd distance, but whatever! 🙂 I really love all the taco posts, I LOVE tacos and I have had taters in tacos, they are great and add a little more texture to them!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, it was an odd distance, I didn’t know how to pace it very well. I’m glad you love tacos as much as me! You’ve had smashed potatoes in tacos? It’s da bomb!

  11. Kindeo

    Lol love the title!

  12. KILLED IT!!!! You had a fantastic race!! I did a 4 miler once (Turkey Trot style) and probably would have loved it way more if I hadn’t almost broken my neck on cobble stones. Of course all great runs end with tacos. 🙂

    • Thanks Salty Salt!!! I did my bestest. I’m glad you didn’t break your neck!!! Cobble stones are so dangerous – only thing worse to race on is the bumpy streets of New Orleans – but at least there you have hurricanes to drink! Tacos4Life!

  13. Speedy McSpeedster!!!

  14. Wow! Good for you.
    I try to avoid HOT races but it happens. Usually, I played in HOT HOT soccer tournaments – those I can manage but running straight in the heat is rough!

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  16. Thank you!!! I’m with you, I try to avoid hot races too. And even though it was rough in soccer, it was manageable. Hard to manage the heat in a race!

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