Running Around Floods, The Devil’s Food & Attacked by Snapping Turtle!!!

No matter where you live, you’ve probably seen on the news all the crazy weather we’ve been getting in Texas. Torrential downpours, flooding, tornadoes, etc. It’s been a wild spring. But we did have one day this week where Mr. Sun peeked in on us.

The strange ball of light so confused me on my run.

The strange ball of light so confused me on my run.

Other than that it’s been a whet whone. Luckily we were able to race over the Memorial Day Weekend. And then it did storm the rest of the weekend. However my run bud and I were able to get in a nice relaxing 9 miler around White Rock Lake. I’ve never seen the water that high. Check out this shot from the normally dry spillway…

Usually all you see is concrete. It sounded like Viagra Falls!

Usually all you see is concrete. It sounded like Viagra Falls!

One of the side effects of the high waters around town is that the critters are getting very cornfuzed. I’ve seen so many poor little ducks, gooses, turtles, froggies & snakes on the roads and trails.

And, funny story, was driving back from yoga and saw a big turtle in the middle of the road – some of us stopped our cars to help it. We quickly found out that it was a cranky SNAPPING turtle. It took some doing, but we finally got it back to the grass.

PS. I have now watched several YouTube videos on the safe way to pick up a snapping turtle. Note – It’s not easy because besides the biting mouth, they also have claws…and they can JUMP!

From the internet. This is what he looked like.

From the internet. This is what he looked like.

Anyway, after the 9 miler, we needed breakfast tacos, natch.

The devil made me do it.

The devil made me do it.

So there it is…still getting my runs in, just having to dodge raindrops, high waters & critters.

How bout you? Staying dry out there? Ever had a run in with a snapping turtle? Having a good week???


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28 thoughts on “Running Around Floods, The Devil’s Food & Attacked by Snapping Turtle!!!

  1. I have had a run in with a very large snapping turtle and those things are scary – and stinky. I’m impressed you managed to get it off the road. And your breakfast tacos look amazing.

    • Oh you have too, eh? They are scary! It took quite some doing to move it as it was snapping at us, but I think he’d be even crankier if we’d let him get run over! The tacos were legit!

  2. Snapping Turtles are BEASTS. Angry little bastards. We save ’em all of the damn time around here when we’re on our bikes. Once we found one that I swear was from the Cretaceous Period. Thing was ANCIENT and had all sorts of critters hanging off of it. It was ENORMOUS. It took 2 very freaked out guys to pick it’s old ass up and scoot him to the other side of the road. They even made him bite on a thick stick so he wouldn’t bite their limbs off. He was a hissing, angry MESS.

    We saved him though. So there’s that. πŸ™‚

    • YESS, like prehistoric little monsters! I save box turtles, and that’s easy, this guy took some doing! Hahahaha, I’m glad you finally helped that huge one. That’s a good idea to have him bite a stick. Ours was biting at everything and hissing at cars that went by. Why are old things always so mad?

  3. We ran into one on a hike once, the thing almost bit my husbands damn hand off and he was just trying to move it off the path so it didn’t get run over. Those things are no joke…I don’t even like going near turtles now after that experience! HA! And I want ALL THE TACOS!! (We had them for dinner last night, it was glorious!)

    • Wow, good for your husband. Those things are scary and angry! Yes! Tacos all day long!!! Glad you had some good ones! I love em (obviously)!

  4. It was very nice of you to help the snapping turtle. I’ve had a few run-ins with them, and done some very unsafe turtle transport. I’m lucky I didn’t lose a finger!

  5. Hard to believe how much rain has fallen in Texas this past week! Glad you’re not flooded though πŸ™‚ Great job running, but next time, maybe take a fishing pole and catch dinner! Ha! Fish tacos πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! It’s been insane around here. This week has been all sun since Saturday morning though. Hahaha, good point – fish tacos are on the menu now!

  6. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    That rain is insane!! I don’t remember having rain like that when we lived in Texas! Hope it gets better soon! Snapping turtles can jump? Wow, never knew that! Thanks for that bit of useless jeopardy knowledge πŸ˜‰

    • It’s never rained like this as long as I’ve lived here. I’m not complaining as we could go right back to a drought for all we know! I didn’t know they could jump either – freaked the crap out of me when I went to pick him up. Good luck on Jeopardy!

  7. Snapping turtles scare the crap out of me. They can get huge!

  8. They can jump?! I had no idea!

  9. charissarunning

    Snapping turtles can be so mean! I don’t think I’d have the guts to try to pick him up and help him. You and your gang were so nice to do that. Stay safe out there!

    • They are mean! He had us all freaked out. We got him on a sheet, but he fell off and one guy took a tool to flip him off the road. He didn’t like that, but at least he was safe!

  10. I have never encountered a snappy turtle and who knew they could jump! They sound cranky. I hope you’re weather gets better. Weather is just getting weird all over the place. We’ve been hotter than most places which is totally unusual. Maybe snapping turtles will start living up here! I hope not!

    • I didn’t know either! I tapped his shell trying to get him to retract his head, but he didn’t. Then when I grabbed his sides, he leaped and I may or may not have shrieked. Yes, the weather has been nuts. I really hope none of these guys migrate your way!

  11. Quite the adventure.

  12. oh MAN with the rain –be safe! nice run. and GUAC. fave. i prob need to stop on it for a while aft this week bc OVERLOAD.

    • The rain is insane! Oh man, I could eat guac all day every day! Don’t stop – they say it’s the good kind of fat!!

  13. Crazy they can jump!! I love turtles, but I think I’d be a tad intimidated by one with claws who jumped πŸ™‚
    Stay safe with that wacky weather.
    It’s incredibly dry here…we’ve had barely any rain and unfortunately there are wildfires in the northern part of our province. Hopefully we get some wet days soon.

    • A lady got to him first and I heard her scream. “What happened?” “It jumped!” I didn’t believe her until I tried to pick it up and it leaped at me! Yes, box turtles are fine, but these prehistoric bastards are mean!
      I wish we could send you some of our wet weather! Stay safe up there!!!!

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