I Ran in a TORNADO!!!*

First up, some good news. I’ve been feeling pretty good on my runs lately. Official Chicago Marathon starts in a few weeks, but the pre-training is in full effect. This week’s highlight being a run with WRRC.

With a couple run buds - we needed carb replenishment.

Sometimes Asians let me run with them, which is good cause they like to replenish carbs afterwards.

Now for some tragic news – I skipped 2 runs last week! Eeek! I couldn’t help it doe. It’s been raining like a mofo around North Texas. I mean big nasty storms, like several times a week, like every week, like for months. Just look at the graph from our water supply source lake…

That's a wet couple months.

That’s a wet couple months.

Don’t get me wrong – all the rain has been great as we’ve been in a massive drought for YEARS! Just look how our lake was only 50% full just a couple months ago. Now it’s over 100%! So unbelievable!

Buuut, the storms have cancelled/postponed a couple races I was signed up for, like one this past weekend…

Bummer yo.

Bummer yo.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid to run in the rain, because as we all know…

This is what I kept telling myself all week.

This is what I kept telling myself all week.

But when you’re in the middle of a run and tornado sirens start going off, and then lighting starts cracking over your head, and then the heavens open up, and then the flash flood water is up to your ankles, and then you start laughing at your irresponsible situation…you really start to question your sanity.

“With all of our running and all of our cunning,
If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” – Jimmy Buffett

So I’ll keep doin what I can – enjoyin the cool rain, appreciatin the resulting greenery, and sqeezin in runs like Charmin.

How bout you? Ever get caught in a bad storm mid-run? Have any races cancelled? Who’s sexy this week?


*OK, maybe it was just a tornado siren.

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35 thoughts on “I Ran in a TORNADO!!!*

  1. Ran my 19 miler this past Saturday in rain, thunder, and even a little lightening. CRAZY! But got it done!

  2. Last night I played the game of “How many laps around the house can you do” just so I could stay close to home in fear of the thunderstorm that was looming all day.
    PS. I would have been crying if I heard a tornado siren while out on a run. Not cool, mother nature..not cool.

    • Hahaha, you belong in a tree cause you’re a nut! I can just see you running laps of your living room.
      I probably should have been crying, but I was laughing instead at the ridiculous situation I had put myself in. #notsmart

  3. charissarunning

    It just rained during my half this past weekend! Luckily it was just rain though – no crazy storming 😀 Sorry about all the crazy rain there but very glad you’re through with the drought! That’s a very good thing 🙂

    • Oh I know it’s a very good thing. I feel bad complaining when I’ve longed for rain for so long now. Maybe this is the only rain we’ll get for the next three years??? Is that the cycle we’re on?

  4. LOL I’m sexy every week…kidding!! I’m kinda thinking my run this afternoon might be in the rain…and it did drizzle a little on my 18 miler this past Saturday.

    • Oh, you don’t have to tell me! 😉
      A little drizzle isn’t bad – in fact it’d probably feel good. But we’ve been having full on sheets of rain pouring down every flippin day!

  5. You’re a hot mess. I laughed out loud when I opened my email and saw you in my inbox. Hot. Mess. Be careful, Fool. And as for me? I am always sexy. {Cue cheesy music.}

  6. I got caught by a thunderstorm once and laughed at the insanity of continuing my run in it. Then I proceeded to whimper and dodge invisible bolts while making it over to the shelter.

    • Hahahaha! Well I’m glad you didn’t get hit by any invisible bolts! Trust me, I was running that scenario in my head too!

  7. Yikes, that’s scary! I haven’t run in the rain in quite some time, but now that summer is back I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  8. Ha – never run in a tornado or had a siren going off during my run. my nerves would have been on edge! this weather has been crazy! BUT at least it made for a good memorable story!!
    Hmmmm sexy….me??…. post baby….don’t know if I would call it sexy just yet! LOL

    • To be fair, I waited until the meteorologist said the worst was over…he was wrong! Haha, you’re right though, a good story for sure!
      And come on, isn’t a mother’s glow sexy? 🙂

  9. I got soaked form mile 2 to the finish during my marathon this weekend! Judging from my finish line photos this did not translate to sexiness! Thunderstorms scare me – we had a big one yesterday as I was leaving work and I ran-hobbled to the bus stop as fast as I could.

    • Yes, I remember reading that! Hahaha, not many people are sexy at the end of 26.2. I’m sorry about the scary storm, I hope the bus stop had a shelter!

  10. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I’ve run in pouring rain but not severe weather. I think the tornado sirens would freak me out. We lived in Texas and Arkansas and that was the one thing that scared the crap out of me!

    • Yes, I don’t recommend running in severe weather. Not smart! I forgot you lived down here once. Yes, the tornados are scary, but they don’t generally hit big cities it doesn’t seem like.

  11. No thank you to tornadoes!! We have sirens but they’re for tsunamis or a power plant melt down so I would definitely panic if I heard them go off. We could so use that rain out here though.

    • LOL, well be sure to avoid the power plant melt down – wouldn’t want you turning into a zombie! I wish we could send you some of the rain!

  12. I haven’t run in a tornado, but while on a long run during a marathon training cycle my running partner and I got caught in a terrible storm with torrential rain, lightning and thunder…thankfully our friends knew what our route was and came out to find us and get us to safety! If I heard a tornado siren (I don’t even think we have those here in MA) I would panic!

    • Yowza! That’s scary! Lucky you had friends to come and get you! You don’t have tornado sirens in MA? I grew up in Ohio and we had them there! I remember as a kid having to huddle in the basement with a transistor radio listening to the reports!

  13. I got caught in a rain/thunder/lightning storm. Thankfully, one of my friends was driving by and picked me up. Actually, I tried to convince him I could keep going and the weather was “fine” but he wouldn’t have it. Thankfully, as the lightning started getting REALLY close.

    • Wow, you’re lucky that friend was there! Hahaha, well us runners aren’t always the smartest folks when we want to get our run in – be damned the weather, sickness, injury, etc!

  14. I’ve run in the rain in the past…but not so much lately. Been very hot and muggy here the past week or so. But I’m sure I’ll get a few thunderstorm runs in during my marathon training.

    • I think I would rather run in the rain than in the humidity we normally get. Good luck in your training and stay dry out there!

  15. We haven’t had rain in ages! We need it. It will probably rain all of June. A while ago I was up in the mountains when a nasty thunder and lightning storm started. No trees, just shrubs. I was scared. We made it out okay, but were soaked and scared.

    • How do you not have rain when you had all that snow??? Isn’t that just like really cold rain? That’s scary! I always think back to what my dad told me as a kid – if you feel your body start to tingle in a lightning storm, then immediately lay flat on the ground. I kept thinking that during that run!!!

  16. We could use some of that rain here in California!! I never run in bad weather because, well…. 🙂

    • Oh I know you guys need rain badly. We were catching up to you drought wise until this spring. Maybe go out and start shooting canons into the sky??? 😉

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