Beer Mile Race Recap – Someone Puked

The latest TNSR Beer Mile came and went. And I’m happy to report it went much better than my previous attempt.

Everyone is all smiles before the race...that would change.

Everyone is all smiles before the race…that would change.

I wouldn’t set a PR this day, but I still had a decent time, and I didn’t blow chunks – that’s always a win in the Beer Mile. Not everyone there could say the same thing. A few people in the pictures in this blog vomited. I won’t say who, but maybe you can take guesses.

At least one person in this pic puked.

At least one smiley clean shaven person in this pic puked.

If you’ve never done the Beer Mile, what happens is you pound a beer, sprint a quarter mile – then repeat until you drink 4 beers and run one mile total.

We were so official this year - bibs, timers, and we were provided with Mich Ultra beers.

We were so official this year – bibs, timers, and we were provided with Mich Ultra beers.

What makes it tough is all the carbonation bubbling up in your belly. Well, that and 48 ounces of liquid sloshing around as you try to sprint 400’s. If you can’t get some burps out, then you’re in trouble. I’m happy to report that I burped each lap!!!

Someone in this pic may or may not have puked.

Someone in this pic may or may not have puked.

And even though I didn’t PR, I did come in 4th place overall – just missing out on the podium.

The official results.

The official results.

Looking back, I think a couple things helped me out this year – Like I said, I worked really hard to make sure I burped. But also, I chose to drink warm beers instead of cold – tasted nasty, but had less carbonation. <taps head> “Not just a hat rack.”

Thanks for another great event, TNSR!

Thanks for another great event, TNSR!

And after the race they had food grillin, music blastin & fun havin. I even made a 6 second video about it…

All in all a good time was had by all – even the folks who hurled.

Kanye was upset at his race results.

Kanye was upset at his race results…or maybe because he puked.

Luckily these Beer Mile races don’t happen too often – they really do hurt. But I did have a great time and look forward to the next one!

How bout you? Would you ever want to do a Beer Mile? Have you ever? Any guesses as to the pukers?


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30 thoughts on “Beer Mile Race Recap – Someone Puked

  1. Beer makes me want to vomit WITHOUT running…I haven’t drank beer since my 20’s other than an occasional beer at the ballpark. LOL!!! Kudos to you!!

  2. TartanJogger

    Aww. Poor Kanye 😦 But I would LOVE this! I mean, running for a beer is not unknown for me anyways….. 😉

  3. I would totally do a beer run!
    You always make me giggle; I love your posts.

  4. No beer runs for me, I can’t stomach beer, never could. Just the thought of doing that makes me cringe. I could do a wine run–that I’d sign up for ASAP! 🙂

  5. Not sure who was sick but good job on placing 4th. Something to be proud of given you are drinking beer for this.
    I would rather do our ice cream run that I do with my run club instead of beer. Beer to me is drank on a sunny patio. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! And yes, you are correct, beer is better to be sipped on the patio than pounded in a race, for sure!!

  6. HAHAHA not just a hat rack…OMG I would never attempt this. First- 1 beer gets me buzzed, so 4 would definitely include puking WITHOUT the run. Looks like so much fun though. I’d be a cheerleader and hair holder??

    • Hahaha, thanks for getting that! And well, I guess that’s what makes this such a tough race! You should train for one! And you can hold my hair anytime!

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    LOL, glad you weren’t the puker. Congrats on 4th place? Looks like you have a little work to do, but I’m confident you can make it up there in the top 3. Looks like you need some more practice 🙂 LOL.

  8. Way to not puke! I would definitely try, but I would also most likely hurl.

  9. I laughed out loud through your entire post. I laughed even when I read what you titled it. Hilarious. I love your strategies to get through it without puking!

    • Oh wow, thanks so much! I try to go for the giggles! That means a lot! My strategies need a little work as I was still one place from the podium!

  10. Cool Vine! Doesn’t Mic.Ultra = water?!! Lol! I would love to try this, although 4 beers in 1 mile… I can’t see it ending well for me, but I’d still like to try. Maybe I’ll train for it hahhahaha

    • Why thanks! Yes, MicUlt does = water. But I thought that would work in my favor – except it was free for everyone, so we all had the same advantage, I guess. 😉 You should try and you should train, and you should vine it if you hurl!

  11. Not puking! Serious goals. 😀

  12. missadventuresinrunning

    I am very impressed! I am 99% sure I would be one of the pukers. I cannot even imagine that carbonation. At least you all had a good time!

    • Ha, you never know if you’ll puke unless you try! The carbonation is a nightmare! And yes, I had a great time!

  13. I like that you had a strategy! I would love to give this a shot, although I’m fairly certain I would be amongst the vomit-ers! Congrats on the 4th place!

  14. I couldn’t do a Beer Mile and have never done one. It would be fun to do a snowshoe Beer Mile though. I would just be the organizer though and watch.

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