Runnning in Yellow, Beer Mile, & Belch Prayers

What up, playas? Beachy keen, I hope. I’ve been bad about the blog recently. Just so flippin busy all the time. But here’s what’s been goin down…

I’ve been running, natch.

I drew a line for you, oh what a thing to do, and it was all yellow.

I drew a line for you, oh what a thing to do, and it was all yellow. Yes, it’s nike+, add me: piratebobcat

I’m still in pre-training mode for Chicago Marathon, so that just means trying to keep the mileage at a decent number to try and stay fit and healthy.

And you know that thing runners do when they finish a run and look at their gps and realize they’re a little short of the next mile and so they run circles around the block until it clicks over? Yeah, well the other day I was a qtrΒ  mile short and so I ran laps around a giant fountain. The people eating nearby thought I was nuts.

Me and my fountain training partner.

Me and my fountain training partner. Yes, it’s instagram, add me: piratebobcat

And if you’re familiar with me, then you know how I love me some tacos. Well get this – a new Torchy’s opened up near one of my go to running spots. So the little group I was with had to go there post-run…natch!

Yes, it's snapchat, add me: piratebobcat

I make bunny ears look good. Yes, it’s snapchat, add me: piratebobcat

And here’s some exciting news: I’ve signed up for a couple races!!! And the best part, both of them are free! One is a 10k that I’ll post about another time. But the other is this week – the annual TNSR Beer Mile!

The happy group pre-race.

The happy group last year pre-race.

I think this is the 3rd or 4th year for this unofficial race. But it’s raised a few eyebrows as it’s gone on. And this year it will raise a few more because TNSR will be providing MichUltra, race bibs, etc. Getting closer to official!

11206813_916020128462787_7650387218467819814_oIf you’ve never done a beer mile – here’s what happens.

1-Drink a beer

2-Sprint a quarter mile

3-Repeat until you reach 4 beers/1 mile total.

I’ve done the TNSR beer mile twice. It’s a VERY tough thing to try to do. Last year I felt like death during the race – it was awful.

I think my face sums it up.

Sloshing to the finish. I think my face/posture sums it up.

The first time I did it, I came in 2nd place overall. I felt much better during that race. The difference – I was able to burp out all the carbonation along the way. I really really hope this year’s experience is more like that one. Please, pray for burps for me!!

A trophy, yay!

A trophy, yay!

Come back soon for the race recap!!!

Until then, I’m proud to be giving out a few more blogger shout outs to the latest dope individuals who contributed to my Chicago Marathon Charity Fundraiser. Thanks so much to: Running Wild, Run to Race, & Darlin’ RaeΒ  I promise I’ll get on your thank you pics/videos soon!

I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. I really am. Thanks so much! If anyone else wants to donate, you can do so HERE.

How bout you? Ever run a beer mile? Ever run circles to make the next mile click over? Will you pray for burps?


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41 thoughts on “Runnning in Yellow, Beer Mile, & Belch Prayers

  1. LOL, I love the fountain pic. And I SOOOO do this btw….
    Also, just posted a recipe for tostadas…check it out, I think it would be right up your alley with your taco passion!!! Have a great week!

  2. I’ve never run a beer mile. It does sound really hard. I’ll be wishing you many belches. I still train more by time so I don’t care about distance, but I’d still be running in circles if it meant meeting a time. Kobi actually laid down on the trail yesterday and waited for me as she wanted no part in running the same trail twice (for 2 minutes).

  3. I totally run in circles so I can hit even numbers. A little OCD.

    Ugh, the beer mile. I think I prefer my beer AFTER run, not during. πŸ™‚

    • Haha, what really drives me nuts is knowing that my gps is always a little short – so I’m running circles when I shouldn’t need to.
      And you’re smart to drink your beers post-run!!!!

  4. Oh, I’m one of those runners that goes up and down my street just to finish off the last km.
    Honestly, I’d probably be no good after two beers – heck even one then running! I’d need to do some beer training/drinking even just to enter that race! Have fun and my fingers are crossed for your burps, ha ha.

    • Hahaha, I’m the same – I bet our neighbors think we’re crazy.
      The beer mile is no joke – it would be smart to train for it. And thank you for the crossed fingers!!!!!

  5. I do what I call spaghetti runs…where you run up and down a street, or around in circles just to get additional mileage. I’ve never run around a fountain, but have run around several parking lots.

    • Haha, spaghetti runs – I’ll have to remember that. Oh, I’ve run around several parking lots too…so frustrating. I wish I could be one of those people who just stop at the end of a run.

  6. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I have never run a beer mile. I’m pretty sure I would puke, I wouldn’t do well with the carbonation! Best of luck to you πŸ™‚

    • Carbonation is the worst part of the beer mile. Luckily I didn’t puke – but others did for sure! Thank you!

  7. Yes, I have ran around my block a few times to make the extra distance. πŸ™‚

    You make the beer mile sound so appealing. #reallynotreally πŸ˜‰

    Nope. Never ran one.

    • I’m with you on the block circling!

      Sorry to scare you off of the beer mile – just being honest – it is a lot of fun, but it does hurt (kind of like most races). πŸ™‚

      • Oh you didn’t scare me off. I don’t scare that easily. I just like the thought better of sitting on a sunny patio drinking a beer after I have run. πŸ™‚

      • Haha, I like the way you think!

  8. Our Father, who burped in heaven….
    Good Luck Friend. πŸ™‚

  9. Reblogged this on Running Wild and commented:
    This blogger from Texas is raising money for charity to run the Chicago Marathon. I donated to his cause why? Because us running bloggers help each other out. With any luck we’ll be able to run a mile or two together in Chicago this Fall. Check out his blog, as more than often he has some pretty cool stuff to talk about and he’s a funny guy, to boot! Keep raising money Scott!

    • Thanks so much for the shout-out, homey!!! I’m trying to get caught up from the Mothers Day weekend, but I owe you a donation and a re-blog! You totally rule – can’t wait to meet up in Chi-town – I’ll try not to slow you down!

      • Try not to slow me down? I think you’ll be pulling me along. Us bloggers need to try to meet up on the way into the corrals on race morning, for sure. I can’t wait to run Chicago again. You are going to absolutely love it.

      • Cannot wait! We’ll have to exchange numbers beforehand to plan a meet up!

    • Thanks again bud!!!!!! You are, as they say, the man! Like I said, just now getting caught up, but I owe you!!!

  10. I really do want to run a beer mile, but I feel like I’d probably hurl, and I’m not a fan of public hurling.

  11. I want to do a beer mile! That sounds so fun!! Loving all of your yellow!

  12. charissarunning

    I could never do a beer mile (beer and I don’t get along so well)! I’m more a fan of wine but somehow I don’t think the idea of chugging wine seems feasible either… oh well, I think I’ll just stick to post race celebrations!!! Those are much safer.
    I would definitely run circles around a fountain – everyone else was just jealous of your lightning speed! I’ve run up and down a block a few times in order to complete the last bit of a mile πŸ™‚

    • The guy in charge said we could drink whatever we want – but no, the idea of chugging 48 oz of wine does not sound like a good idea! πŸ˜‰ Yes, post race celebrations are a better idea, I’m sure!
      Ha, well the fountain was actually pretty cool – it was doing a Bellagio style water show set to music. I’m beginning to think we’re not alone in the block circling phenomenon.

  13. Kindeo

    I can just see you running around the fountain… priceless… hehe

    • Haha, what’s funny is it was right next to a bunch of restaurants with people sitting on the patio. Oh well, luckily I don’t embarrass easily!

  14. Lol I always run in circles if I set out for a specific distance on that run. One time during a runch, I was 0.15 miles short so I ran in circles in the parking lot- definitely looked cray cray

    • Haha, I hope your co-workers could see you in the parking lot. One time I was going on a runch and was doing my weird looking dynamic warm up moves in the parking lot. I didn’t realize co-workers were watching me, until they asked me later what the heck I was doing. Haha!

  15. Never done a beer mile, sounds interesting. I have done circles, usually in a parking lot somewhere or out in front of my house…back and forth…back and forth…..
    oh, and I’m praying!

    • Haha, well maybe you can do a beer mile as you run circles in the parking lot? Would make it more interesting I bet! Thanks for your prayers, it worked!

  16. Haha, I’m praying for your burps!

  17. I always like to be a little over on my mileage (classic overachiever!). If I plan 6 miles you can bet I’m actually going to run 10K! If you can a run sub 4.57 beer mile you can take the record –

    • Ha, good for you! Funny story – I was recently running circles in a parking lot – man asked why – I told him I was almost to 13 miles – he then said I might as well run 13.1 and make it a half – grrrrr, well now I had to!
      I’m totally gunning for that beer mile record!

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