Running a Camel-Thing, Hangin with Da Prez, & Thanking Bloggers!

First off, big ups to all my blogging friends who have contributed to my Chicago Marathon Charity Fundraising Campaign.

Check out these amazing bloggers: Run Colby Run, Helly On The Run, Outdoor Running Adventures, So Very Slightly Mad, & Charissa Running.

You guys truly rock my wheelhouse! I promise to get you your personalized thank you pictures/videos soon!  Maybe they’ll even look like this…

Last visit to Chi-town. Hung with the Lincolns and a baby.

On my last visit to Chi-town. Hangin with the Lincolns and a baby.

You guys have really helped me get closer to my goal digit!

So close!

So close!

I’m super pumped about the Chicago Marathon. It’s really helped inspire my runs this week. Starting with a 12 miler with WRRC.

After the run.

After the run. Chillin outside La Rei.

The next day I did some hill repeats on my run. Why not?

Looks like a bunny-camel.

Looks like a bunny-camel.

And of course, I have to follow it up with yoga to help keep me centered and strong.

Caption says it all.

I can’t spell gud, butt at least I finally kept my tongue in my mouth. Yeah, it’s Snapchat – add me: piratebobcat

What else is inspiring this week – oh yeah, watching the Boston Marathon! I especially loved stalking tracking all my friends who were there. Y’all did some amazing times! Including my man Logan, who rocked a 2:31! Yes, that’s a full 26.2 in 2:31!

Logan at the finish via webcam.

Logan at the finish via webcam. I will run this race one day. I will.

So there it is. Rockin and rollin! Keepin on and remaining calm. Bring it on, brah!

How bout you? Watch Boston…or were you there? What’s inspiring you? Any suggestions for the personalized pics for those bloggers?

PS. If you’d like to donate to my fundraising campaign, you can do so HERE. Or watch a short video I made telling you why HERE.

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26 thoughts on “Running a Camel-Thing, Hangin with Da Prez, & Thanking Bloggers!

  1. Wasn’t at Boston but had several friends who ran in. I’m a middle of the pack runner! My family and friends are my inspiration, always. ❤

  2. Holy crap, your friend ran a 2:31 marathon? That’s faster than my first half time! Amazing.

  3. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I definitely streamed the marathon. I’m from Boston and would love to be able to run this someday, but I’ve got a ways to go. Maybe when I get to the next age category in a year 🙂

  4. I will be donating soon!

    • Thank you in advance!

      • I got into Chicago, so maybe we can run some miles together in the Windy City! Will be counting on you for a matching donation to my charity for NYC. 😉

      • That would be awesome! I’m hoping to meet up with a few other blogger friends there too! Holla! And I’ll donate to yours too – but don’t expect too much – our toddlers are like a money vacuum! Haha!

  5. charissarunning

    Thanks for the shout-out. It was my pleasure! Can’t wait to hear about you rocking that Chicago Marathon for a great cause…oh and also how could I pass up a personalized picture?!

    • No, thank you! I’m going to run all over the Chicago Marathons face! And yes, personalized pictures are on the way!!!

  6. 2:31??? Damn!!!!

    I was out there in that stupid pouring, freezing rain but it was frickin’ AWESOME being there!!

  7. a little off topic here, but Chicago dogs = OMG SO GOOD!! yuuuuummmmm. I’ll donate just for that! haha as long as you promise to eat one while you’re there.

  8. You look like you were born to carry babies (outside womb). LOL.
    And you seem dehydrated, from the looks of that tongue. Hope you’re drinking nuff in the crazy running.

  9. I love “Run dun. Yoga ova” – this made me laugh!

  10. So incredible you’re already at $850!
    Wow- your friend is inspiring!

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