Tarantula Attack During Run & New Marathon Registration (SQUEAL)!

It’s been a pretty good week of runs/workouts. I’ve been adjusting to the warmer weather and the non-stop wall of wind. I also started up with hill repeats again – which means track work is soon to follow…So, good times?

Ha, in other good times, I was able to join TNSR for a run too. Only problem was the SWARMING TARANTULA ATTACK!

They were everywhere! My super hero pose didn't scare them off.

Our runs are so dangerous!

OK, maybe “attack” is an exaggeration. There was just one fuzzy little guy on the trail.

He's not so bad.

He’s not so bad.

I actually see those suckers fairly frequently on my runs. They won’t bother you, and they eat a lot of bugs and things that I don’t like, so we’re cool. All you have to do is hop over them and continue on your way!

After all, there’s a margarita at the finish…

Even the margarita has bunny ears this close to Easter.

Even the margarita has bunny ears this close to Easter.

Now for the marathon news!!! I’m very excited for this! VERY! This will be my 5th full marathon. Every other one I’ve done was at Disney World. And while they’re a ton of fun, man, that humidity just takes it out of you.

After the Disney 6 Dopey Challenge last year.

After the Disney 6 Dopey Challenge last year.

I’ve also made some training mistakes in preparing for those marathons. That’s ok, you learn and move on. And now I hope to take that knowledge (and hopefully lower humidity) and finally have a good showing in a 26.2 mile race.

My shoes and socks after my very first marathon.  Try not to barf.

My shoes and socks after my very first marathon. Told you I made some mistakes. Try not to barf.

But which marathon is it? Well, you’ll have to wait a few days to hear that news (I need to prepare a few things first). Sorry to be a tease. 😉

I will give you a few hints: It’s in the USA. It’s in the Fall. I may or may not celebrate afterwards with a billy goat.

Can you guess which marathon I’m going to run? What’s something you’ve learned from running? Ever jump over a tarantula?



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49 thoughts on “Tarantula Attack During Run & New Marathon Registration (SQUEAL)!

  1. OMG dude…so many disgusting things in one post! I’d stop running if those critters were a regular occurrence for me!

    • Hahaha, sorry about that! I don’t mind the big spiders, bobcats and coyotes, but the snakes do worry me. I’ve nearly stepped on a few of them…Yikes!

  2. Oh man, this is why I cannot live where you do. I have a phobia of tarantula’s…almost couldn’t read the post!

    My husband worked in Illinois for a few years and would go over to Texas for work (wilderness camping with youth-at-risk). Anyway, he had many photo’s of tarantula’s on the trails….yuck!

    And those sock, ouch! What happened? Must learn from your unfortunate lesson.

    • Are you serious?!? Wow, sorry about that! I’m guessing you didn’t watch the Harry Potter movie that had all the huge ones trying to eat him???
      I didn’t know you spent time in Texas – very cool. And that sounds like a very good camp you were with!
      Hmm, I guess I should write a post about what happened in my first marathon – it was bad. I had IT band issues, and blister issues, and chafing issues, and shoe issues. Left my feet a bloody mess!

      • No, I should have clarified that I didn’t spend time in Texas but my husband did. Then he showed me the silly tarantula pictures of his trips hiking. *yuck*
        Yeah, you should totally write a post about your first marathon 🙂

      • Ha, ok, gotha! And I’ll totally put it on the list!

  3. Spiders. Oh. Good. Lord. This is why I don’t live in Western Colorado… I don’t remember seeing them in San Antonio when I lived there, but then again we did have scorpions…

    Is it Marine Corps Marathon? I kept thinking, Billy Goat, Bill the Goat (Navy’s mascot), maybe Marine Corps? So exciting!

    • Hahahaha, so many people seem to be scared of spiders. The tarantulas don’t bother me, as they’re basically harmless. It’s the smaller ones you have to watch for – had a few friends get spider bites – no bueno.
      Scorpions eh? Did you have to check your shoes before putting them on? I saw my very first ever scorpion in Dallas on a run a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it was on the trail!

      Hahaha, I didn’t realize the Goat was Navy’s mascot – very good detective work by you. But no, it’s not MC, it’s Chicago!!!!! So excited! I just wrote a post about it!!!

  4. Marine Corps? But please say Chicago!!!

  5. can say with confidence and happily that I have ever needed to jump over a tarantula lol! Looking forward to which marathon you’re running! Hope those bloody socks were not from Dopey :S You’re making me nervious for Jan2016! lol

    • LOL! It’s not so bad hopping over tarantulas – it’s the snakes that I nearly step on that have me worried!
      Just blogged about which marathon it is! So excited!
      Do not worry – that wasn’t from Dopey, but it was at the Disney Marathon. It was my very first marathon, and I made a buuuuunch of mistakes. You will crush Dopey!

  6. Not sure which marathon, can’t wait for the news!! I have many irrational fears and spiders are one of them. I respect them, but they still make me scream. I’ve learned too many things from running to list them all. Mostly that I can’t live without it. Those shoes and socks are nasty. I can only imagine how much your feet must have hurt. I had one little bloody toe once during a marathon and it hurt so bad, but it pales in comparison to that horror show. Oh, and what is that green thing on the roof in your first photo?

    • I guess you know by know which marathon it is 😉 You should come down – it’s just across the border from Canada!
      Poisonous spiders I worry about, tarantulas not so much.
      I’m with you – I can never go without running again! Sorry about your marathon toe! Yes, this was bad – I saw the blood soaking through my shoes at mile 14, but was afraid to stop at the medical tent fearing they’d make me stop.
      LOL – good eyes! They guy who takes the photos for that group always likes to photoshop in monsters, people who were there but missed the photo op, etc. Hahaha!

  7. Those tarantulas gross me out way more than the socks. I actually had a super bloody foot the other day and I left the sock out for Rock to see. Sick, I know. And let me tell you…..I might have plenty of info for you on that race you are talking about. Very excited for you.

    • Wow, so many of you are really afraid of spiders! Haha! What happened to your foot?!?! Yes, it is sick, but you know what – that night after the marathon my sister threw a party and those shoes/socks were the big tourist attraction!
      Yeessssssss Coach! Please help me with Chicago!!!!!

  8. Goats are the best 😉

    I’m glad I don’t have that type of exotic 8 legged friend on my run. Although I’d be tempted to trade the cars from the main roads for a trail with a few spiders so long as they left me alone!

    • Totes they are! 😉

      Haha, the tarantulas don’t bother you, but may or may not have squealed several times in the past when trail running and going face first into a spider web. You don’t see them till the last second and I’m always worried the spider is going to be on me and pissed that I wrecked his web!

  9. I am guessing Chicago!

    As for the tarantulas… no thank you. I mean, it’s great they eat bugs as I am not a fan of too many bugs. I have to admit that I would be very startled by one and if it touched me – I might cry.

    • Yessss Meg!!! Just wrote a post about it! So excited!

      Hahaha, well I don’t want you to cry! But I’m pretty sure you can hold them – I don’t think they’re poisonous. They’re quite fuzzy!

  10. Oh dear god tarantulas on your run. Aaaaah! I see nice harmless birds and bunnies and occasionally deer and beavers. All sweet soft animals I would like to have as pets. Although we have tons of opossums in this area and the past week I’ve been making sure to begin my runs after the sun is up to guarantee I don’t see those. Ick.

    • Oooh, I’d love to see a beaver on a run. I know there’s some around here. I only saw one once – in Alaska. I’m with you on opossums – those things are nasty. And they are not scared of humans at all. Once I accidentally ran over won with my car when it darted out in the street. Felt bad about that…

  11. I read the other comments to try & get a hint on the marathon but no such luck. I would habe FREAKED THE F OUT with regards to that spider. I would’ve let it be for sure but the pic gives me the willies!

    • Haha, sorry about that. Just wrote a post about which marathon it is!!! So freaking excited!
      I didn’t realize so many people were that terrified of spiders. They don’t bother me much at all. Now I don’t want to get bit, but other than that they’re cool with me. I actually think it’s kind of cool whenever I see a tarantula – but I don’t think they’re poisonous, so that helps.

  12. Well, it’s not Chicago unless you signed up for charity running. And thank you for finally choosing to run a “real” marathon, because those at Disney are in fact just imaginary. 🙂

    • You got it Mr. Detective! Chicago via charity. Feel free to donate to the cause 😉

      And yes, I am excited to run a non-disney marathon. All 4 full marathons I’ve done have been at Disney. Partly because my sister works there. First marathon I figured the scenery/entertainment would distract me from the pain. 2nd time was trying to redeem myself for my poor performance in the 1st one. 3rd time was trying to redeem myself for weather related poor performance of the 2nd. 4th was for the Dopey and to redeem myself for the poor performance weather related in the 3rd. Now I’m realizing that trying to run a good time in 26.2 miles through 90% humidity may not be doable.

      • That’s awesome! Maybe if I get in we’ll get the chance to run together a few miles. Who are you fundraising for?

      • That would be awesome! There’s already another blogger friend or two that I’m looking to meet up with there. I’m fundraising for Alzheimer’s. Check the blog post, there’s info as to why/how/etc.

  13. You should’ve warned about the spider photo!
    Yay about new marathon plans! Hmmm…no idea which marathon, but I’m excited to hear about it!
    And ouch about the first marathon socks! That happened to me during my second marathon…not fun!

    • LOL, sorry! I didn’t know it’d freak so many people out! And may latest post has the marathon info! so excited!
      Ouch – you too, eh? Well, we learn and move on I guess!

  14. I hate spiders but think tarantula’s are kind of awesome. I haven’t seen one in years!

  15. wow I never see spiders quite that large! Your marathon shoes remind me of that quote from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion “excuse me, I cut my foot earlier and now my shoe is filling up with blood..” except yours was for real! haha I’m pumped to hear about this Billy Goat marathon!!

    • It always gets your attention when you see a tarantula on a run! And hahahahahahahahaha! That’s awesome! Funny stuff!
      The latest marathon news is posted now! So excited! Spoiler Alert, Billy Goat’s Tavern is what I was talking about. 😉

  16. charissarunning

    And you just turned me off of running on Texas trails…hahaha. Tarantulas freak.me.out. I have goosebumps just looking at your picture!
    Don’t leave us in the dark any longer! I have no idea what marathon you’re planning but can’t wait for the announcement. Hurry up with it!!!

    • Hahaha, well this wasn’t even on a trail, it was a sidewalk next to a busy road. I can’t believe you have goosebumps just from the picture. I’d love to be there when you see on in person!
      Sorry it took so long, but I had to sort out some stuff before announcing the marathon. It’s posted now!!

  17. Holy crap, those socks and shoes! How did you ever recover from that?! Also, I love that you just run right by tarantulas. I’m not scared of spiders, but if one that big just sort of popped up on my while I was running, I’d definitely jump and squeal like a little girl.

    • Trust me, I took 4 months off of running after that disaster. You are the ONLY person to comment that isn’t completely scared of spiders. Hahaha, I’d love to see you jump and squeal on a run! I do that too – but when I run into a big spiderweb or almost step on a snake.

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  19. Those bloody socks scare me more than the spiders

  20. [barf]
    Did your toes fall off? That is A LOT of blood, Dude.

    • How did I miss this until now? Sorry! Yes, it is a lot of blood, it scared me during when I noticed my shoes were turning red around mile 14. I’m much better now tho!

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