Hello Spring & Egg Hunt Run!

Don't call me French Scott...call me Freedom Scott.

Don’t call me French Scott…call me Freedom Scott. Our dog is so Che in this pic.

So yes, when I turned over the April page of our #flalendar (Flula + Calendar), I saw an opportunity to do a recreation. Such is life.

Ha, anyway, it’s Sprung around North Texas. That means high winds & humidity, warmer weather, and occasional storms. It’s made my runs interesting. I’m not quite acclimatized yet. Buuut it does feel good to get some sun on our skin.

Catchin some rays.

The girl catchin some rays.

The boy runnin with bulls. His idea. He's learned well.

The boy runnin with bulls. His idea. He’s learned well.

Even though it was windy and warm, I still had fun running with friends this week at an unofficial egg hunt run.

First we ran.

Here we come, into the Gale force winds!

Here we come, into the Gale force winds!

And then we looked for eggs.

My pals getting a tricky one.

My pals getting a tricky one.

I don't know who had more fun - kids or non-kids.

I don’t know who had more fun – kids or non-kids (the eggs had prizes inside for all ages)

After the fun was dun, it was time for more fun. We went down the street for some nibbles and bevvies (see, I’m so European).

Throwin shade...because we're young and hip.

Throwin shade…because we’re young and hip.

On the patio, doe.

On the patio, doe.

And since my French Freedom look went over so well, I decided to keep it going.

I'm so intellectual that I have light coming out of my ears.

I’m so intellectual that I have light coming out of my ears. Photobomb courtesy of run bud Katie.

Good times for all! I’ve got some more fun runs planned for the weekend. Onward and upward, kids!

How bout you? Springing yet? Any Easter runs planned? Any ideas for more fun photos you want to see?


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26 thoughts on “Hello Spring & Egg Hunt Run!

  1. Hope

    The dog! So. Awesome.

  2. Haha bevvies I like that. I can relate. Looks like fun! Love that first pic. Your dog is a natural 😉

    • Haha, nice! And it was pretty fun! And thanks! The dog was petrified in fear I think. It was a very confusing situation for him.

  3. That recreation was EPIC. Seriously. Your best pic yet! Easter long run tomorrow. Then eggs. 🙂

  4. Love the recreation. Really nice look. I am doing a long run this Easter and I am really looking forward to it. I think we got some of your wind though and Rock is none too happy about it as he heads out for 18 miles in 30 mph winds.

    • Ha, thank you!!! I should maybe wear it more often. I hope you had a great Easter run!! YIKES! I think you did get some of our wind. I hope his 18 miler went ok. Sometimes I make my first half of my run into it, so that the last half it can be at my back.

  5. Love the recreation. Your dog rocks it too. I think you may have found a new niche. I did an accidental long mountain run yesterday. I’ll call that my Easter run. Accidental as I didn’t mean to go out so far and of course had to get myself back somehow. Kobi wasn’t about to carry me either.

    • Ha, thank you. It was fun to do. I already had all the stuff (even the fake cigs). Hmmm, maybe I can take dog pics to try and rival yours! But with costumes! Hahaha, I’ve done that before too – start running and forget you have to get home. Keep it up!

  6. OMG the first picture! Love it! I think an egg hunt run is a fun idea.

    • Haha, thank you!!! The egg hunt was fun, but unfortunately I didn’t get any of the ones with money in them 😦

  7. Nice! You would fit right in with the French! Glad to hear your weather has warmed up! Ours is slowly but surely getting there too. We didn’t do an egg hunt this year, but last year we had an adult egg hunt with some friends and it was a blast! The only problem was the tall people hid all the short people’s eggs too high!

    • Ha, except the only French I speak I learned from The Little Mermaid. Glad you’re warming up! And adult egg hunt would be fun!! Hahaha, sorry about the high eggs!

  8. That egg hunt run looks like fun! I spent my Easter trapped inside a dark theater, but I scored some clearance Easter candy today, so I’m ok with it.

    • The egg run was fun, except where we were running was a popular shopping and dining area – folks kept stealing our eggs! Hahah, enjoy your clearance candy!

  9. haha that recreation of the photo — you’re a nut. 🙂 the best kind. dude, this makes me totally want to be part of a running group. i’m such a solo runner but i think i’d like a fun group of ppl to run with! i should look into that.

    • Ha, I am a nut, I should be in a tree! 😉 You should def go find a running group! Ya know, last time I was in NYC, I met up with a run group. It was in a running store. I don’t remember the name, but we ran from there to Central Park – through the park and back. Ended up going 5 miles total. Brunch after. It was fun!

  10. charissarunning

    You have such a great group of running friends! An egg hunt run?! Sounds fantastic! I ran my long run on Easter with the Fleet Feet group, but it wasn’t Easter-themed unfortunately.

    • I really am lucky to have so many run groups to be able to meet up with. Aww, the Fleet Feet Folks should’ve worn bunny ears or something! Glad you had a good one!

  11. Your pics always make me laugh, love the recreation and your running friends seem like the coolest people! I had a rest day on Easter, which was much needed. We did a non running version of an egg hunt with my little guy, it was a blast!

    • Thanks so muh Sarah! Yeah, usually not too much drama with runners. Glad you had fun on Easter! I really wanted to make it a rest day – I was tired, it was raining – but then I remembered we were going to have a ton of food later, so I went ahead and ran off some pre-calories. Good times!

  12. Spring is trying really hard to break through in MI without much luck. And I’m jealous of the storms! I can’t wait for our thunderstorm season to finally get here!

    • Sorry, not sure how I missed this comment. Anyway, I hope spring is springing by now! I forget, when are the big storms up north – the summer, right?

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