Awesome Run, Muddy Run & Birthday Fun!

First off, I want to thank everyone again for the birthday wishes. And yay, we finally got to celebrate it over the weekend with a bunch of friends and fams.

Must be this tall to ride.

Some running buds. “Must be this tall to ride.”

But I’ll get to that…

…The weekend started with one of the best runs I have had in a long time. I woke up early to meet up with WRRC in Dallas. The weather was gorgeous. It was especially lovely as we ran by White Rock Lake.

This is the kind of stuff runners see every day. Almost makes up for the early alarm clock...almost.

This sunrise is the kind of stuff runners see every day. Almost makes up for the early alarm clock…almost.

The folks I joined up with said they were doing 10 miles at an 8:45 pace. “OK, sure.” I said. I’m not really training for anything specific, so just running for fun.

Buuut, one thing that WRRC group runs are famous for, is always running further/faster than planned. We ended up going closer to 11 miles at an 8:15 pace.

My GPS was off - hence the pace/distance discrepancy.

My GPS was off – hence the pace/distance discrepancy.

I felt really really good on this run. I think I could’ve gone all day long. I wish more runs were like that.

Afterwards, a few of us got breakfast tacos…Natch! I didn’t take a picture of the tacos (they got in my mouth hole too fast), but I did take a pic of a pic of a friend that I spotted on the wall.

Pics of my friends - James and Sylvia (who just ran her first 13.1). BTW, how do I get on the Taco Hall of Fame wall?

Pic of my good friend…his name is Dean. Oh, and also there’s a pic of my pal, Sylvia (who just ran her first 13.1). BTW, how do I get on the Taco Wall of Fame?

The next morning I met more friends for a really muddy trail run. They also surprised me with some birthday presents…I didn’t take a pic, but trust me, they were Klassy.

Anyway, we went about 6 miles and had a few photo ops along the way.

Taking a break.

Taking a break. Bummer that I forgot my giant headband.

A couple friends even camped out there the night before. They let us play with their toys.

We got so hammered.

We got so hammered.

Even though there were some really muddy patches that slowed us down, we eventually finished the run.

The park rangers didn't like our shenanigans. They put us in their tree jail for a spell.

The park rangers didn’t like our shenanigans, so they put us in their tree jail.

After the run, guess what happened? Yeah, that’s right…

I had this thought as I was eating.

I had this thought as I was eating.

From there I had to get all cleaned up nice, cause it was finally time for the birthday party! We went to a runner/kid/dog friendly Texas patio bar. It was packed (like I said, gorgeous weather). Because of the crowd, most of us were spread out all over, but it was still great to see everyone!

I was really bad about taking pics – too busy with birthday bevvies socializing. But we did get a few.

That's a small glass of water.

That’s a small glass of water.

Ha, but I did take one photo with a friend who complained it was too “normal”. She wanted a more “Scottish pic”. OK, you asked for it.

I needed salt for the tequila.

I needed salt for the tequila.

So all in all it was a really good past few days. It wouldn’t be a bad life if every day you got to go on a run, eat some tacos, then sit on a patio with friends/fams, would it? Need to work on that.

How bout you? Ever have one of those runs where it just felt effortless? Any guesses what my trail runner friends gifted me? Is it patio weather where you are yet?


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26 thoughts on “Awesome Run, Muddy Run & Birthday Fun!

  1. So I’ve been meaning to ask you…do you like tacos?

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Ohhh RUDY’s!!! My favorite!! I could eat their creamed corn by the pint!!

  3. Happy belated birthday! May tacos forever rain upon you.

  4. You are SO consistent, birthday or not.

  5. You’re living the dream!! We had patio weather here on Monday and then winter came back on Tuesday. Oh well!!

  6. I’m jealous of your outdoor running and eating adventures. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow, but rainy 😦

    • Ha, well I’m trying to enjoy this mild weather now, cause I know what’s coming. I hope the sun came out for you!

  7. Sounds like a great time had by all!

  8. Sounds like an awesome celebration! I love those effortless runs! I must say, it’s been a while since I’ve had one, and I’m thinking it’ll be a while yet until I do 🙂

  9. Sounds like an excellent celebration! I am gearing up for mine this weekend! I’m not sure how you get on the taco wall of fame but you could definitely own the title of taco king!

  10. Awww happy belated birthday! I’m sorry I missed it! It sounds like you had the best time celebrating though and of course there would have to be tacos! (What’s a birthday without tacos?!)

    • Thanks Salty Salt! You can help with a belated celebration whenever you come to run a race in Texas!!! BTW, there will be tacos then too!

  11. All of my runs are effortless… it’s not like that for everyone? Jokes, jokes.

    Hmm, I think they got you something related to tacos. Or possibly some running goodies.

    Today is patio weather! Almost. It’s going to be 60 today – 60!! (It’s going to snow on Saturday). The last time it was 60? November 24… Bring on the patio!!

    • Hahaha, well I’ve been trying to recreate the effortless run by doing hill repeats – but only the downhill part.

      I can’t wait to see what taco running gear you got me! 😉

      Enjoy your little spring breaks as they come! At least your whole summer will be patio weather – it gets kind of melty hot on ours.

  12. charissarunning

    Looks like a wonderful weekend of fun! Effortless runs are the best but they don’t happen often enough that’s for sure. It’s a good thing to enjoy them to the fullest when they happen 🙂

    • Twas some fun!! I wish we had those effortless runs more often, but I guess if it was always easy, then everyone would do it, right?

  13. Okay, all I have to say is it’s a good thing I went to the store today to buy ingredients for tacos or I would be drowning in cravings! Happy Belated! It looks like a great time and that 10 miler is what makes running worth it.

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