Race Pics, Puffy Cheeks & Tacos

So if you read my post this week about my PR at the Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon, you saw a few of my pirated race photos. Well, I have some bonus ones. Let’s take a look, shall we?

I even took time during the race to kiss an angel.

I took time during the race to kiss an angel.

Rollin rollin rollin.

I thought making a double chin would help with wind resistance.

At the finish.

Making sure to give the finish line an angry glare to remind it who’s boss.

Nutha view at the line.

After glaring at, be sure to stomp on it’s face.

Then remind the race that you're stronger than it.

Then remind the race that you’re stronger than it.

Well, that was fun! You know what else was fun? Hanging out with my puffy cheeked boy and our puffy cheeked friend.

We were watching something very important, I'm sure.

We were watching something very important, I’m sure.

And as I got back into the swing of things this week, I made sure to help my body recover by eating lots of tacos (broken record, I know).

They don't look it, but they're vegetarian. Honest.

They don’t look it, but they’re vegetarian…Honest! ~Avocados, portabellos, jalapenos, and other veggies that end in “os”.

I also got in a bunch of runs this week. Felt good to work out the soreness. Now it’s on to the weekend and I have to decide if I should race a 5k, or do a long run with friends. Hmmmmmmm. Either way, there will be taco recovery! Believe that, son!

How bout you? Ever kiss an angel? Should I race short or go run long? Who’s meeting me for tacos later?


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31 thoughts on “Race Pics, Puffy Cheeks & Tacos

  1. Nice commentary! And tacos. You always look so serious in your race photos – which is not how I picture you at all! And as for this weekend – any chance you can run both?

    • Haha, thank you! I guess I’m focusing too hard on not falling down to remember to have a happy face. Earlier in the race though, a friend was next to me and we were creeping up on a female friend of ours who didn’t know we were there. I loudly said something along the lines of checking out here booty. She turned around and saw it was us and we had a good laugh. Haha! And no, I thought about doing both, but the timing wouldn’t work out. Had a great run anyway!

  2. Totally^^you look like your’e on a mission and then after, you’re fun and games 🙂

  3. Tacos!!!!!!

    Love the photo of you and your kid.

    • Thank you! Yes, I brought him to the expo with me. After being there he was convinced he could run the race too! I need to get him in some 5ks.

  4. Good pictures! Seriously, most of mine make me look like I’m walking 🙂 I’m going to be running some 5k’s,so run some 5k’s!!! Whohooo! And portobellos on tacos? I would have NEVER thought about that. My new favorite idea, thanks!!!

    • Thank you! Ha, my first marathon my IT band was so screwed up that I had to walk 21/26.2 miles. I tried to run when I saw photographers, but it hurt so bad that I couldn’t! Wooo hooo! Crush those 5k’s! Speed! Oh yes, portobellos in tacos is great! The other one I can’t stay away form is fried avocado…oh lawdy!

  5. Taco recovery is a really good thing to be consistent with.

  6. Pirates pirating photos is brilliant. BTW I have an amazing talent of always having either a puffy face or a double chin. I am the worst when it comes to pictures. Either that or I just do have a puffy face and several double chins!

    • Hahaha, yes! I can’t be blamed for that, can I? Hahahaha, well, they say the camera adds like ten chins, I think.

  7. Awesome photos! Those tacos look so good. I have taco envy. They are the perfect food, I’ve decided. Please never stop posting photos of tacos. One day I will go to Texas and eat nothing but tacos.

    • Thanks so much! The tacos tasted even better than they looked! They are the perfect food, you’re right – quick, easy, and if you do it right, healthy! I promise not to stop if you promise you’ll come get some someday!

  8. I like your race photos, although you look more serious than I’m used to seeing in your blog posts. The other side of Piratebobcat!

  9. I like all the PROOF you’re awesome pictures. They just look like they need sound effects to me. 😁

  10. Looking snazzy my friend!

  11. Haha, the comments on these photos are gold. Enjoy the running and the tacos!

    • Hahaha, thanks so much! That is my favorite part – coming up with silly comments to the pics. Thanks for noticing!

  12. ALL the puffy cheeks!! LOL

  13. You make me want to go get a taco now!

    • Well then go get some! I’d offer to ship some authentic tex-mex ones, but instead I’ll invite you to come here and get some!

  14. Lol- love the double chin caption!! I’m back on most mexican (but still don’t like salsa?) postpartum, so I’m in!

    • Hahaha, thanks for noticing! Mmmmm, Mexican can be very healthy if done right. Just be warned – like you, kids hate salsa. I love it, but both of ours have tried it and immediately started crying. I tried to warn them, honest!

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