Social Run & It’s Half Marathon Race Weekend!

I always love to run with the Thursday Night Social Run club, but I hadn’t been able to join them in a hot minute. Last night changed all that.

Some of last night's gang.

Some of last night’s gang.

It’s a good group. They always have someone to push you a little faster or further.  This was true last night too.

Me and speedy friend Rob.

Me and speedy friend, Rob.

I ended up going a little over 4 miles. Good run. That’s in addition to my morning run earlier that day.

Yellow? Can you hear me? Yellow? Is anyone there? Yellow, yellow?

Yellow? Can you hear me? Yellow? Is anyone there? Yellow…yellow?

Of course, half of the social run is the social part. This one was hosted at a new bar/grill/bowling/climbing wall/bumper cars/laser tag/video game/obstacle course joint in town. It was wild!

Outside the place.

Outside the place.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics inside. But trust me, the place is wild. Anyway, the pics might not come out too well cause they also pump some kind of fog in the dimly lit place.

Besides, we spent most of the time on the patio!

This was probably my last run before the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon this coming weekend. I’m not going to do a race preview this time because I’m not sure how it’s going to go. They’ve changed the course up dramatically. The weather forecasts are all over the map – currently they’re predicting rain. Aaand, I missed almost 2 weeks of running due to illness/iceness.

rnr_dal_2015If you combined all the above, you can see why I really have no idea what to expect from this weekend’s race. I shall do my best though! And of course, have fun!

How bout you? Racing this weekend? Any social runs lately? Does Pinstack sound fun or crazy to you (or both)?


PS – I want to thank all my blogger friends for the comments on my race and birthday posts. I’ve been reading them, but haven’t had time to respond…YET. I will!

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25 thoughts on “Social Run & It’s Half Marathon Race Weekend!

  1. Hopefully the rain will hold off and you’ll have a decent run! Good luck!

  2. have fun in the race! i’ve yet to do a rock n’ roll race, although when i did a Disney half 3 years ago they had bands every mile, so that’s comparable. i’m supposed to run a half in Queens tomorrow but 1) i decided not to b/c my legs are sooooooo sore and overworked and 2) it’s a blizzard in NYC today, sooooo who knows if it’ll even happen. good luck and be safe!

    • Thank you!!! The rock n roll races seem to disappoint me each year – at least the Dallas one. The New Orleans one was fun! But Disney blows them all away! So much course entertainment! Bummer about the Queens half…I hope you’re staying safe and warm!

  3. hope the rain holds out! This looks like fun!!

  4. Good luck! Just have fun!

  5. Good luck!

  6. Sounds like an epic hangout! They actually fit all of those activities in to one place?? Best of luck this weekend! Coming off an illness is always hard on the running…Just have fun and enjoy the race!

    • It is a pretty crazy place! I don’t know how they fit it all in! Thank you!!! I wasn’t expecting much going into the race, but I ended up with a new PR!!!
      Thank you, Jamie!

  7. Everything down your way sounds crazy fun (and a bit overwhelming). Hope the race goes well! I’m sure it will regardless of weather.

    • Haha, yeah, I guess people here get bored easily and we need to make things extra crazy. Have I told you about Top Golf? The rain ended before the start, and the race did go well!

  8. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I wish I could participate in social runs more often but the hubs schedule is so unpredicatable I can usually never make it. Looks like fun. I hope Dallas went well, looking forward to the recap!

    • Bummer. I hope you can squeeze some social runs in. It’s amazing how they change your run. Usually makes me go faster. The race did go pretty well, thanks!!!!!

  9. charissarunning

    Hope all went well! I raced this weekend too. First one of the season 🙂
    Pinstack sounds like a great time – the perfect hangout spot!

    • Thank you, it did go well! Oooh, can’t wait to read about your race! I so need to catch up on blogs. Pinstack is a pretty crazy place. Didn’t play any games that night, but I will next time!

  10. I’m hoping that after Legally Blonde is over and things calm down, I can join a weekly run at my local Fleet Feet on Saturday mornings. I’ve never really done a group run before, and it looks fun!

    • That’s still cool that your doing Legally Blonde. I’m sure it’s time consuming, but a lot of fun! Good luck getting in with group runs – they make a world of difference!

  11. ah your social run looks like fun! I just call beg people to go on runs with me lol I still think you’ll do great in the half this weekend even if you did miss 2 weeks.

    • They do try to make the runs fun and unique each week. Ha, I do sometimes have to beg people to join me as well. Doesn’t always work out. And thank you, the race did go pretty well!

  12. Hope the race went well!

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