Long Run (Hooray!) & I Run 4

So the weather finally cooperated (no more icy roads) and I felt fairly healthy again, so it was back to runnin! I ran each day last week, including a long run with the White Rock Running Co-op. Felt good to be back out there after nearly 2 weeks off!

The route we ran. Start/End with hills while the lake was sandwiched in between.

The route we ran. Started/Ended with hills while the lake was sandwiched in between.

Who Ray that was fun!

After the run, we got breakfast tacos…natch! And I’m glad we did because it gave me a chance to catch up with some run buds.

How can it be butt burnin if it's only medium heat?

How can it be butt burnin if it’s only medium heat?

One of these run buds is in the I Run 4 program. If you’re not familiar with IR4, here’s what it says on their website:

In I Run 4 Michael, Athletes of all levels and kinds – runners, walkers, yogis, triathletes, etc – are paired with children and adults with physical, mental, and developmental special-needs ranging from Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy to Autism Spectrum disorders, to physical deformities and disorders like lost limbs and congenital organ disorders, to lesser-known disorders like AHC.”

It’s a pretty cool program. A lot of these kids aren’t able to run, so when someone runs 4 them, they usually share with them how many miles. After special events like races, quite often they send the kids their medals/shirts.

For the past few months, I’ve been giving race medals to my bud so he can send them to the girl he’s matched up with.

Me & Clay and the chocolate bar medal he's going to send the girl.

Me & Clay and the chocolate bar medal he’s going to send the girl.

It’s always great to hear back that the kid was so excited to receive her new bling. I’m really glad it can bring a smile to her face!!!

Now yes, I do love my race bling too. And my own kids always love it when I bring a new medal home. So what I usually do now is explain to the race people what I’m doing and if I can have an extra medal for the girl. So far so good!

Here's me in a homemade tank top hugging a unicorn for some reason. In the background you can see where I hang my race medals.

Here’s me in a homemade tank top hugging a unicorn for some reason. In the background you can see where I hang my race medals.

Not only do the kids love what comes from being in this program, but it can help the athletes too. When things get tough in a race, thinking of the kid you run 4 will help you keep going! That’s for sure!

How bout you? Have you heard of IR4? Do you know Who Ray is? Should I start a homemade tank top business?


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33 thoughts on “Long Run (Hooray!) & I Run 4

  1. awh, this is so cool you do that program. I have a couple friends that do and it’s so great! Love your pillow pet, my daugther has that same one! ❤

  2. IR4 is so cool! Two of my friends do it and I love hearing about their buddies! 🙂

  3. Definitely start the tank top business – I see millions in your future!

  4. You just get cooler and cooler!

  5. Signed up for IR4, still waiting to be matched.

  6. I’ve seen a lot of runners share their IRun4 stories – it’s pretty great and good on you for getting extra medals for your friends person.

  7. Program is great! Your relationship with the unicorn is concerning.

  8. I really enjoy having an irun4 buddy. I feel sort of bad he got stuck with me, though. He’s way cooler than I am.

  9. What an awesome organization! I am slightly worried about that unicorn though……..Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland?

    • Agreed! Ha, why is everyone so worried about the unicorn?!? But no, I did not know that about Scotland. How odd! I’d think it would be Nessie.

  10. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    It’s a great program. I had a buddy too but they never communicated with me so it kind of fizzled out which was a bummer. Glad you are back at the running!

    • Oh wow, bummer about your buddy. I’m sure they have a good reason though. Yes, it feels great to be running again! Racing tomorrow!

  11. welp since you included a unicorn in this post, i’m incapable of commenting on anything else. i love unicorns. i have a unicorn pillow pet thing that my mom got me — when i was 30. ’nuff said.

    • Hahahaha, well that’s good to know! I’m glad to have that knowledge of the power the unicorn holds over you. I’ll try not to use that knowledge for evil!

  12. You are such a sweetheart for doing that and I’m glad to know that the race people do that. I signed up for iRun4 a few months ago and I’m # 900 or something now to be matched and I definitely want to send medals to my buddy! I’m hoping to be matched before Jersey. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Salt! Wow, I didn’t know the wait list was that long! I guess I kind of cheated by piggybacking on my friends kid…but she doesn’t seem to mind getting extra medals! Good luck!!

  13. I have an IR4 buddy 🙂 His name is Graisyn and he’s a sweetheart ❤

  14. That sounds like such a great program- love it!
    The homemade tank tops? Not so sure if I love them 🙂

  15. I’ve seen the “I run 4” but I didn’t know it was a program. That’s awesome and I’m going to check it out! And I didn’t hear anything about tank tops, only unicorns. 🙂 Glad you’re back out there and the weather is behaving!

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