Rain Runnin & a Snowshark!

As I promised the other day, I am not going to miss another run due to the winter weather. I was going stir crazy when illness/iceness forced me off the roads. So yes, I ran every day this week…I just had to make some adjustments.

Luckily, we had some warmer weather that melted all the ice/snow. So I has happy to get back to my typical sunrise run routine. Even if it meant running in the cold rain.

As the rain was stinging my face, it occurred to me how sexy I was probably looking.

As I was swatting the rain that was stinging my face, it occurred to me how sexy I was probably looking.

But then guess what happened. Yup, another cold front came through and froze all the rain. And then dumped a bunch of snow on top of it. Luckily tho, the sun came out and would melt enough in the afternoons for me to run…before it refroze overnights. So I had to adjust my normal sunrise runs to mid afternoon runs. Felt weird, but I got it done.

The best part of running in daylight was seeing all the snowmen in the neighborhood. One, in particular caught my attention. I promptly ran home to get the kiddos to see it.

I didn't even tell him to pose, he just gets it!

I didn’t even tell him to pose, he just gets it!

She was scared at first, but warmed up to the killer snowshark.

She was scared at first, but warmed up to the killer snowshark.

Felt good to shake out the legs this week. On to more!

How bout you? Seen any snowsharks? Are you able to run outside yet? How foxy am I in that photo?!?!


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31 thoughts on “Rain Runnin & a Snowshark!

  1. That snow shark is EPIC!!! I’ll have to show it to my son, who will proceed to wish for snow (to no avail) so he can make one of his own. I ran in the cold rain this week too, and I can’t say the snot or spit or the Monica Seles noises during one of the more difficult intervals was sexy. At all. I got my run in though – sometimes you just gotta, right?!

    • Haha, well I hope your son isn’t too disappointed! Hahaha, I know what you mean about the snot – it’s been bad lately for me. Luckily not too many people see me on my morning runs though! Yes, of course you just gotta! Nice job!!!

  2. Snow sharks? That’s a new one for me. But then runners see all kinds of stuff that the rest of the world just whizzes by.

    • LOL! True that! I live in this neighborhood, but of course I didn’t see the snow shark until I was on a run! Love it!

  3. Melissa

    No snow sharks here. How disappointing.

  4. That shark is awesome!! Enjoy your running!

    • Yeah, even though it was flippin freezing and the sun was going down, I knew I had to get the kiddos to come see the snow shark! Thank you!

  5. lots of snow and crap weather here in Ontario but no snow sharks lol!

  6. LOVE the snow shark! Brilliant and your son cracks me up. As much as I have complained this year about the weather I have to say that you guys have had a bizarre winter. Here’s hoping spring is much nicer to Texas!

    • Snowshark is da bomb! And ha, yeah, I’m glad the boy got the cheesy picture poses gene from me! I hope you’re staying warm! Yes, it’s been bizarre down here for sure – the snow is gone, but it rained for like two days straight – which is good cause we’re in a serious drought. I hope you have an awesome spring too!

  7. Snowsharks = awesome!

  8. Cool shark! I think you guys have more snow than us!

  9. That shark is amazing!

  10. Love the snowshark. My hubs and I made a snow dragon once, and it was awesome.

    • Oh wow, a snow dragon would be cool! It got me thinking that I want to make a snow pirate. Will probably have to wait till next year tho!

  11. what did that rain do to you!! You’re suddenly sexier than ever!! I’m praying for a little rain to come my way now!

    • I know, right?!?! I didn’t think it was possible, but you can’t deny the proof! Ha, I’ll try to send some sexy rain your way so you can soak it up like I did!

  12. charissarunning

    That snowshark is awesome! And you’ve taught your boy well haha

  13. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    OMG, that snowshark is awesome! We made a snowman this weekend but that puts it to shame!

  14. LOVE the snowshark! Doc said I should be able to run by the end of the week and it’s finally outdoor weather! Are you a morning person? Or do you simply force yourself out of bed for the early running?

  15. That snow shark may be one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen.

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