Valentines Day Run, Under/Over the Weather, & Keepin it Real!

Sup playas? Oh really? Cool. Me? I’ve been a bit under the weather lately – literally and figuratively. Texas got some of the arctic coldness that most of the rest of the country is dealing with. Granted, we don’t have mounds of snow anywhere, but the temps went from the 70’s one day, to the 20’s the next morning. I think that’s why I’ve been sickly the past few days. When I can, I still run tho!

I had to take this screen shot a few days ago when I realized I was .1 mile ahead of my friend so far this month. Had to tease her...had no choice! ;)

I had to take this screen shot a few days ago when I realized I was .1 mile ahead of my friend so far this month. Had to tease her…had no choice! 😉

On Valentines Day I had to get my miles in early, luckily one of my run buds agreed to join me. We got in 11+ miles with some hill repeats mixed in.

After, we popped into grab some hot tea and found a photo op…

Bunny ears makes me sad.

Bunny ears makes me sad.

Other than that, just been try to keep it real. You should try keeping it real, it’s fun. I got to hang with the rugrats a bunch…

I wonder where he gets it from?

I wonder where he gets it from?

And if you don’t know, when I’m not exermasizing, I’m busy making TV Magic. I got have a shoot with long time friend and great on-camera personality, Ashley Kamrath. Stay tuned for the finished videos!!!

Bienvenidos a mi hammy.

Bienvenidos a mi hammy.

And to my blogger friends, I apologize for being somewhat absent lately. Like I wrote – I’ve been busy and sickly. I look forward to catching up!

How bout you? Under or Over this weather? Did you run on Valentines Day? How you doin?


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13 thoughts on “Valentines Day Run, Under/Over the Weather, & Keepin it Real!

  1. Hope you are feeling better. I can’t imagine how awful 20 must be when you are not used to anything even remotely near that. Do you even have clothes to prep for that?! 70 sounds awesome right now!

    • Thank you. It actually got worse before starting to get better. Slowly coming back to life. Here’s my problem – I never check the forecast. I always assume the weather will be the same tomorrow that it is today. And then when I wake up for my 6am run and check the temps – it can be quite shocking when a cold front came through!

  2. 70 degrees to 20 degrees would be horrible! It’s warming up here and is actually close to 20 (more like 17F). It won’t last though, this happens every year and then it gets real cold again. We had a nice little group run on Valentines Day, it was fun, very cold that day though (-4 in your world). Hope you’re feeling better soon!!

    • Yeah, I hate it when spring teases us. Yikes! -4 is cold! Hope you stayed warm on the run! I’m starting to feel better. Yesterday was awful. Fevers aren’t fun.

  3. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well! I ran a 5k race on Valendtine’s day, and it was FREEZING. Windchill -6 and spitting snow. I survived, though.

  4. I’ve been under the weather myself, there is definitely something going around. Still impressed you have managed 60+ miles! Feel better soon!

    • Hope you feel better! Thanks, ha, that’s what sucks about being sick – I can’t run and I’m missing those miles I normally have!

  5. Hope you’re feeling better sooon! and I hope this freezing cold air goes away soon too :c) I didn’t run on V-day but I do have a 5k this weekend that I am totally unprepared for!

  6. I ran on Valentine’s day and have started LOST since the tready is the only place for me at the moment. Hope you are feeling better!

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