New Race, Random Question, & Super Heroes all up in yo grill!

Random thought – I wonder if the parents of Miles Davis were runners and that’s why they named him that.

Anyway, it’s been a good couple weeks of running. This past weekend I got in a long run with WRRC. We ran to one Dallas running landmark to another and back (White Rock Lake & Katy Trail).

Kind of a pointy laying down dog.

Kind of a pointy laying down cat.

The next day I ran a solo run around one of the ‘burbs. It went well, except for the one stretch with all the bobcat droppings all over the sidewalk…I was looking over my shoulder the whole way!!! “Good kitty. Nice kitty.”

Kind of a

Kind of a cartoon caveman with an giant head.

Unfortunately I had to miss yoga this weekend, but it was for a good reason…the boy’s birthday present! We took him to see Marvel Live!

A bunch of stunt performers dressed up as super heroes.

A bunch of stunt performers dressed up as super heroes.

Thor and his big hammer.

Thor and his big hammer.

The Hulk was there too. And he SMASHED!!!!!

Despite the loud explosions, the boy had fun. And he was doubly thrilled cause his Godmother sent him a Pirate Ship Kite that’s gonna be like bigger than he is once put together!

It's going to be big.

It’s going to be big.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this coming weekend I’m running in a race! It’s the Hot Chocolate 15k in Dallas.

Can't wait to get this medal!

Can’t wait to get this medal!

I think I’ve only raced one other 15k, so I’m not really sure how to pace this distance. But I’ll do what I can. Go big or go home, right? Booyah!


How bout you? Ever run a Hot Chocolate Race? Ever flown a kite bigger than you? Have you ever gotten smashed?


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31 thoughts on “New Race, Random Question, & Super Heroes all up in yo grill!

  1. I love the Hot Chocolate 15K race series!!

  2. Marvel live sounds awesome! I wish I could have gone too! Sounds like you have gotten some awesome runs in lately, way to go! How’s the weather there?

    • Marvel Live is on tour, so check out for when it comes your way! The weather has been cold here, but not like your cold. It’s supposed to warm up this weekend tho!

  3. Melissa

    Austin’s hot chocolate, er frozen chocolate race–in September–was a total disaster. I have heard good things about the Dallas one though.

    • Oh really? I hadn’t heard that. I’ve heard this one can be hectic with the crowds, but I hope they have it figured out this year!

  4. Rock would love if I took him to Marvel Live for his bday. Have fun this weekend. I like 15Ks and knowing how we are similar with liking middle distances I think you will enjoy it. We did the Hot Chocolate Chicago and will likely not do it again. Fun race but super crowded. Over 50,000 runners and the 5k and 15k both started together. After weaving through walkers for the first mile or two I gave up on my pace and just ran for fun. Hope yours is much better!

    • Ha, you should do that if it comes to your area! Oh good! I hope I enjoy the distance too. I was looking at the course and was confused as to why it was so short (i’m used to looking at at least 13.1 course maps) hahaha! Whoa!!! 50000?!?! That’s insane! And no staggered start? They capped the Dallas race at around 13,000 and the 5k starts well before the 15k. Hope it’s fun!

  5. Aw, I wish they’d had a Marvel show when my boy was little. Now I’d just embarrass him by wearing my Loki t-shirt.

  6. I really wanted to do the Hot Chocolate 5k in Philly, but it’s the same weekend as Legally Blonde, so that’s a no-go. Maybe next year. Enjoy!

  7. lolllzz w/ the random Miles thought….so do you wonder that about every kid named Miles, or just MD? 🙂

  8. I ran the hot chocolate 15k in chicago a few years ago…it was a lot of fun. Miles Davis, coming from running parents? Quite possibly, LOL!

  9. How old did your son turn? Looks like he got a couple great gifts!!
    Good luck this weekend! I think I’ve run a couple 10 milers, so just a little longer than 15k. I quite enjoyed that distance; I didn’t find it hurt as much as a 10k but was obviously faster than a half!

    On the Oregon Coast with their crazy winds on the beach we’ve done some good kite flying. We even attached it to our dog’s harness so he could have a go. (nutty dog parents!) The kite was definitely bigger than him 🙂

    • Hiya! He’s 6 now! Yes, I was mainly wanting to run a race shorter than a half. I’m looking forward to it being less than 10 miles too!
      Ha, well I’m glad your dog didn’t get flown away! Note: don’t do that to the baby!!! 😉

  10. I’ve been to a kite festival where the kites were GINORMOUS – like way bigger than people. So cool! 15k distances are pretty fun actually. Especially if they had hot chocolate. Jealous! Happy Birthday to your boy. Mine is having a birthday at the end of the month (I know this because he tells me a hundred times a day) and we don’t know exactly what to do for him yet. Have run at the race!

    • Wow, that kite festival sounds amazing! Yes, looking forward to this “shorter” distance! I’ll try to save some chocolate for you! 😉 Thanks, and happy birthday to yours! I’ll do my best to have fun tomorrow!

  11. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I took my so to Marvel Live over the summer and he LOVED it….for that matter, I LOVED it. It was so much better than I ever expected!!

  12. Enjoy your chocolate! Good luck this weekend! I wish they would have one of those here! Marvel Live looks like a blast. I can’t wait until Betty is older and will actually sit through something like that. 😀

    • Thanks, I will do my best! I’m surprised there isn’t one there – they seem to be popping up all over the country. Ha, yeah, we had to drop the littler one off with auntie and uncle, but Griff enjoyed the show!

  13. I would love to have that kite! And my friend, who is 30 yrs old, would adore going to the superhero show.

    • You should get that kite! Ha, there were actually a ton of adults at the show – all wearing their super hero shirts, of course!

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