Back 2 Runnin, Birthday Boy, Makin TV & a Bummer, man.

Bummer, man…I’m not in South Florida anymore.

(If you did miss my recap of the Key West Half Marathon, see it HERE)

But it’s good to be home too. Especially to celebrate the boy’s 6th berfday!

We're just a group of mouth-breathers.

We’re just a group of mouth-breathers.

With the hat and shirt, there’s no mistaking who’s day it is.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play - bundt.

My fave kind of cake and fave baseball play – bundt.

To burn off the birthday cake, I got back into my running groove after taking a couple days off after the race. The highlights were my weekend runs with friends.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

Sunrise run with Marsha.

The next day we tried to run trails, but they were too muddy. Another round of pavement pounding it is!

I see a bunny wabbit...I think.

A bunny wabbit run with Serene. Funny cause we actually saw a coyote on our run.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. If you don’t know, when I’m not running, I’m making TV shows. And this week I got to go to a fun little training thingy to help keep my skills razor sharp.

Movies aren't as glamorous behind the scenes.

Movies aren’t as glamorous behind the scenes.

So there ya go. And now I go. More miles in the morning!!!

How bout you? Do you see any animals on your runs? Celebrate a birthday recently (aka join a new age group)? What kind of videos would you guess that I make?

PS – Again, if you missed it, you can see here my Key West Half Marathon Recap & my Key West Photo Purge.


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26 thoughts on “Back 2 Runnin, Birthday Boy, Makin TV & a Bummer, man.

  1. Hope he had a nice birthday!

    The only animals I see on my run are cats, dogs, pigeons… I did however see a living hedgehog eating a chocolate bar once…

  2. I always see rabbits and it never fails, I yell “bunny rabbit!” to no one. I can’t help it! My birthday is this coming Tuesday. I have mixed feelings of said birthday! Happy Birthday to your little one!

    • Hahaha, I can just imagine you yelling every time you see a bunny. Sometimes I yell when it’s dark and I’m going through a wooded area – in case any bobcats or coyotes are around – hopefully it will scare them off.
      And dang, I guess I missed your birthday…Happy belated one! Hope it turned out well!

  3. awww your son is so cute! Happy Birthday! My favorite animals I see on my runs are mini horses! They are great. I bet your videos are funny? comedy?

    • Thank you!!!! Mini horses?!?! I see full sized ones, but not mini ones…so cool! Ha yes, I do try to keep my videos entertaining…stay tuned!

  4. charissarunning

    Happy Birthday to your boy!
    I’ve never tried to make shapes out of my running routes, but now that I see your bunny , it makes me wanna do something fun like that!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little man!

  6. getgoing-getrunning

    Last month I officially left the under 35 group. I’m a ‘masters’ competitor in some races. Bonkers!

  7. Mmmm bundt cake. I know what I want for my birthday. I want a crown too. Happy birthday to your best guy! (They grow up so fast!) I see lots of animals on my runs; mostly deer and fox. I like your bunny!

    • Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I always think of that scene when they talk about bundt cakes. Haha! You should get a crown – you deserve it! Deer and fox, eh? I don’t see too many of them, but I do see bobcats and coyotes and snakes and longhorns. So Texas of me.

  8. Happy belated birthday to your little guy! I try not to see animals on my runs as they’re either large predators or large ungulates that can run fast and want to stomp on you. I would guess you make cool videos that involve pirates and wicked special effects.

  9. Aw Happy birthday to the little cutie! Sounds like you are recovered and back on track from all your race adventures. I haven’t seen too many critters lately, it’s been a little too cold and snowy here. Does seeing them on TV count?

    • Thank you!!! Yes, I’ve mostly recovered, but need to get the diet back on track – did too much indulging on vacay. I’m sorry about all your cold weather! I hope you stay warm!

  10. Happy birthday to the little guy!

  11. seriously cute kiddos! i love celebrating birthdays of people close to me. sometimes running upstate i see deer or squirrels or bunnies or turtles or frogs…or roadkill. that’s not fun.

    • Thank you!! Not many critters in the city, eh? Just ninja turtles? 😉 Yeah, I see a lot of roadkill too – the worst is the skunks. But I don’t know if that’s better than when I see live skunks – I’ve had friends get sprayed before on runs! Yikes!

  12. I see mostly rabbits, have seen an occasional deer depending on my route, and lots of dogs on leashes. Happy bday to the youngin. Great age.

    • Yeah, I see a ton of rabbits too. And a lot of dogs OFF leashes – I’ve had a few run-ins with loose ones – not fun. Thanks so much!

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