Dallas Half Marathon Recap (or…That Time I High Fived Meb)

This past weekend was the Dallas Marathon, Half, & Relay. This was a big one. A sold out event. Live TV coverage. Huge city. Running royalty like Meb, Deena Kastor, Ryan & Sara Hall.

I ran the half. I was hoping to PR, and maybe break 1:40, but it wasn’t in the cards. I still had a decent race and a great time!

Big state, little medal...It's all good in da hood.

Big state, little medal…It’s all good in da hood.

It all started the day before at the Expo. I had carpooled down with three female friends…Mistake!!! They treated it like a shopping outing, hahahaha! We were there for hours. At least it gave me plenty of time for red carpet photos.

White sunglasses.

White sunglasses.

Red sunglasses.

Red sunglasses.

After that, it was time to rest up for the race! But like most pre-race nights, I didn’t get much sleep (kept thinking I’d miss the 4 am alarm). But luckily I made it up early to carpool down with another friend. I was glad we were there early to avoid the stress of running late. We chilled for a while before heading to the corrals.

On the way I bumped into Meb! The Meb! But I let him alone so he could focus on his race. I’d see him again later…

I also ran into a bunch of non-Olympians…

Some runner friends before the race.

Some runner friends before the race.

When I got to corral A, I ran into a bunch of members of the WRRC who I trained with most of the summer/fall.

I thought we were supposed to wear our grey shirts that day.

I thought we were supposed to wear our grey t-shirts that day.

Then it was time to race! After some fireworks and confetti, we were off!

The elites at the starting line.

The elites waiting at the starting line.

There was about a 15 mph wind, and it was in the 60’s and like 90% humidity. There was mist in the air and the streets were wet with slickness. The first 9 miles were generally a long steady incline.

Da course & elevation

Da course & elevation

Conditions weren’t great for a PR, but I gave it a go anyway:

5k ~ 25:08 ~ 8:06 per mile

10k ~ 49:15 ~ 7:46 per mile

Halfway and so far so good. But then the humidity and hills took its toll. I started to slow.

15k ~ 1:14:12 ~ 8:04 per mile.

Finish ~ 1:45:01 ~ 8:01 per mile.

Final Results ~ 501/8441 Overall & 75/510 Division

I was hoping to break the PR I set in October, but wasn’t happening. I was still happy because this was my 2nd fastest half to date!

On da course.

On da course.

I haven’t always viewed this race in the best light. But I gotta say, the changes they made this year were great! Except for a few bail bond and pawn shops, the course was pretty scenic. I like how we went through many Dallas landmark neighborhoods.

And the energy was terrific! In particular the crowd support was AWESOME! And it was great to see so many friendly faces along the way, like my pal Tory who went all out with his cheer station…

Tory the sign master.

Tory, the sign master.

There was definitely a lot of creativity by the spectators.

My pal David and his malfunctioning umbrella.

After the race with my pal David, and his malfunctioning umbrella.

It was also cool during and after the race, where I can’t even count how many racing friends I ran into…

My friend Sylvia..I'm pretty sure that was her first half!!!

My friend Sylvia..I’m pretty sure that was her first half!!!

Another cool thing was my local elite friends had a good showing too. Our friend Brent got 7th place overall in the marathon! And my buddy Logan came in first place overall in the half, with a time of 1:08:20!!!

Logan at the finish!

Logan at the finish!

After the race, it was time to celebrate!

Group shot 1.

Group shot 1.

We had a rotating group of some really strong runners join us for some craft brews.

Group shot 2.

Group shot 2.

But I gotta say, the COOLEST thing that happened that day was Meb giving me a high five! He was running the first leg of the relay. After he passed the baton, he hung around to support the runners. When I saw him, I made a detour to hit that opportunity (literally)! So cool! And what’s even cooler, later on I got to meet him formally!!!!

Me & Meb. Like peas and carrots. Or something like that.

Me & Meb. Like peas and carrots…or maybe tortoise and hare.

All in all it was quite a whirlwind. I’m still processing it all. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this race. I may have to sign up for next year already!!!

How bout you? Did anyone else race Dallas? Hang out with any Boston Marathon champs recently? Seen any creative race supporters lately?


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44 thoughts on “Dallas Half Marathon Recap (or…That Time I High Fived Meb)

  1. Awesome job!!! Way to go!!! XOXO 🙂 🙂

  2. Well done! Really cool that you got to meet Meb! I’m pretty sure Meb won’t make his way to Nova Scotia – but you never know!

    • Thanks Anna! Yeah, I was pretty excited to meet him. Ha, well, you need to talk to your local retailers of Sketchers or UCAN and see if they can get him up your way.

  3. Meb! I’ve heard he’s awesome in real life. Glad you had a good time and a good race! Congrats! PS no tacos?

  4. Wow, sounds like a great race experience. I swear you’d know someone in any race you happened to run, anywhere.

    • Ha, I’m beginning to think you’re right. At least around here I am always amazed that no matter which race I run, I always see friends there. So cool! Love it!

  5. Soooo jealous that you got to high five Meb! What a neat experience. Great race, especially considering the circumstances. You ran really well.

    I love the sign guy.

    • Thank you! Yeah, it was really inspiring on the race course to have the Boston Marathon champ give me a high five! And hearing him speak at an event later on was ah. mazing.
      Ha, yes, Tory is awesome!

  6. charissarunning

    Sounds like such a cool experience. Glad you had a good race! 😀 I hope Meb passed on some of his super speediness to you!

  7. That is so cool! Meb seems like such a great guy. I think you know every runner in Texas. It’s a shame the conditions weren’t that great (windy + humid = no beuno) but it seems like you had a great time (as per usual).

    • Thank you!!! Yes, Meb was so giving of his time. Very nice guy! Ha, I think I certainly know a good portion of Texas runners. Love it! Yeah, conditions were not ideal, but it was still fun!

  8. Sounds like a great time was had by all! It must be so fun to know lots of people at a race.

    • Thanks, it was fun! Yeah, it always surprises me how many people I know at these races. AND then I got my race photo proofs the other day, and I didn’t even realize I was running next to a runner friend for a portion of the race. Ha, I guess I was too focused at that point.

  9. Congrats on a good run. I had two full marathoners there and one half. They all put up great times and I had no idea about the conditions or course. So congrats to all of you for running so strong in that humidity and uphill course! Looks like fun(ish)!

  10. Congratulations on another great race! Your second fastest half ever is pretty awesome 🙂
    I think I always say this, but I love how many running friends you have!
    My favourite sign ever was during the marathon of an Ironman…’never trust a fart’. So true when I’ve seen multiple people running with brown down their legs !

    • Thanks so much! I really shouldn’t be disappointed, it’s still a big improvement over my former PR. And yes, it amazes me too how many friends I see at races!!!
      LOL, yeah, never trust a fart! Ha, yes, I’ve seen brown too….and red!!!
      My fave sign this time was an oldie – I like guys with endurance – but this time the lady actually wrote her phone number on it – call me. Haha

  11. Congrats on your awesome race! SO cool that you got to meet Meb. What an inspiration!! The closest I’ve met to a Boston champ is Shalane when she was in town. Also not a Boston champ but a running legend – I hang with Bart Yasso pretty regularly as I live where Runner’s World is located and he is my neighbor!

    • Thanks so much! Meb was super inspirational! And that’s cool you got to meet Shalane. She’s quite the competitor! And you hang with Yasso? Ha, you need to pick up that name you just dropped.
      I’ve seen him at races before, but haven’t chatted with him (except for maybe a twitter conversation or two). Very cool!

  12. That friend with the signs it fantastic!!! Love how he pinned them to the truck for extra help 🙂

    • Ha, yeah, he’s so great about supporting us when he’s not participating. And he needed that truck since he was there by himself!

  13. Great job and so cool to see all of those running celebs!

  14. Check out Meb flashing a little bling on his wrist!!

    If it makes you feel any better, it looks like Ryan Hall was wearing a grey shirt too. That probably wouldn’t make me feel any better…

    • If you’re that fast, I guess you need a nice watch to keep time!

      Ha, that’s it. Ryan and I had planned to match our outfits. That’s the story I’m going with.

  15. Congrats on your second fastest half time! 😀 I heard a few other people who had done the race before say they liked the changes, as well! I enjoyed the course. 🙂

    How cool that you saw Meb twice! I wish I could have met him! 🙂 And super cool you know the HM winner! Did you see what happened when the female marathon winner tried to cross the finish line? Oops….

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you had a good experience in Dallas!!!!!
      Bummer you didn’t get to met him – I did have a couple friends that said they got their medals from him at the finish. So cool! Yeah, it wasn’t the time that Logan wanted to run either, but it’s so cool that he finished in first place!!
      Ha, yeah I saw that. Too bad she took so much crap for a simple mistake. Oh well.

  16. YOU MET MEB!?! Ughhh I’m so jealous!!! That’s awesome!
    Congrats on a great race. That’s so cool that your friend won too (and what a ridiculous time!)

    Your other friend’s umbrella is hilarious.

    • Totally, Meb and I are like besties now!
      Thanks so much! And yeah, Logan is fast. He’s trying to qualify for the Olympic trials. Super nice guy too!
      Ha, yeah, my friend is an artist, if you couldn’t tell.

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  18. Wow, so freaking cool you met Meb! Very jealous! Congrats on your second fastest half. Umm, your friend, he’s kind of elite status, that’s awesome!

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  20. I ❤ Tory. I need to feature him on BestRaceSigns.wordpress.com!!

  21. Great job and congrats!! I would say 2nd fastest is STILL pretty amazing!

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