Rudolph Run 5k ~ New PR, Two Medals & I VLOGGED!

Over the weekend I ran the 19th annual Rudolph Run 5k in Allen, Texas. And good news, I set a PR*** and got 2nd in my age group!

Two Medals ~ Twice as nice!

Two Medals ~ Twice as nice!

You’ll notice in the picture that I got two medals. That’s cause last year’s race was cancelled due to an ice storm. So they gave us those medals too! So I guess techincally, I will go down in history as the 2nd place finisher in both races!

Now, I’ve never run this race before, but I sometimes go for training runs there, so I was familiar with the area.

The course.

The course.

The course goes past some historic landmarks. We were even at the spot of the first ever train robbery in Texas. Kinda cool! And while not really hilly, it did have a couple long steady inclines. The last one being the last half mile of the race. But I pushed through.

Final results:

21:29, 2nd in Age Group, 33rd Overall (out of 948)

***Buuuuuuut, my GPS watch said I actually ran 3.19 miles and that I finished my 5k in 20:58. I have a feeling that is pretty accurate because at the previous week’s North Texas Turkey Trot 5k I ran 20:04 on a short course (2.95 miles), and would’ve finished right around 21  or 21:15. (click on the link for that race recap). Either way, it was fun and a 21:29 is still a PR anyway!

Vlogging during the race.

Vlogging during the race.

Oh, and I ran this whole race with a GoPro camera. I put together a short VLOG of the event. Watch it if you have two minutes to spare! Bad puns and all!

So all in all, a successful race and a good time!!!

How bout you? Any holiday themed races? Which of my jokes in the video were the worst? Ever win two medals in one race?


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45 thoughts on “Rudolph Run 5k ~ New PR, Two Medals & I VLOGGED!

  1. nice job, speedy! i don’t think i’ve run any holiday races other than the Turkey Trots. be fun to dress like a leprechaun sometime and run a St. Paddy’s tho.

    • Thanks Shawna! Oh yes, I bet a St Pats race in NYC would be nuts! We have a big one here, but I only ran it once because it was too crowded. The after party was fun tho!!

  2. Dang! The first thing I was going to ask was if the course was accurate! Darn. LOL. Congrats on placing in two races AND the PR!

    I kind of did a holiday themed race last Friday! It was called the Snowman Shuffle!

    Hoping to run in to you Sunday! I will be with the 4:15 pacer! Wearing a garbage bag (if the forecast stays as is) 🙂

    • Ha, yeah, can you believe two weeks in a row?!?! But thanks!!!
      Snowman Shuffle, eh? That sounds fun! (as long as there really isn’t any snow)
      Dang, I’m really sorry we weren’t able to meet up this time. I was so busy over the weekend that I missed some emails and such. Ahhh…next time!

  3. Congrats and most awesome! So frustrating when courses aren’t accurate. I set a PR in my half this past fall by 2 minutes but the course was also 13.4 miles. It would have been so cool to have gotten actual credit for what my GPS said (which has been accurate for every other race). But I’ll still take the PR and know in my heart what happened 😉

    • Thanks so much! Oh wow, 13.4, that makes a big difference…but way to crush it anyways!
      Yeah, I guess we’ll have to have our own personal PR’s until we get a good official one…

  4. I LOVE the vlog! Very well documented – and who isn’t all about the free stuff at the end of the race! One of the 5Ks I did this weekend had a whole drawstring bag of goodies. It’s hard to go wrong!

    • Wow, thank you so much!!! Hahaha, I thought it’d be a funny little gag to act like I was taking all the stuff. People did look at me weird.
      Oooh, congrats on your 5ks and the freebies!!!!

  5. Melissa

    That guy slays me. Ha!

  6. What’s going on down in Texas? You guys can’t measure distance? Ha! Congrats on the PR!

  7. Nice going!!! Way to PR!! Such an awesome time!!! XOXO

  8. Haha love your vlog. One day I’ll get to America to run a few races. They look so cool. 🙂

  9. Congrats on the PR. Looks like it was a fun time. The vlog is really cool, you did a great job on it. Those gopro cameras are so neat!

  10. Congrats on an awesome PR…it seems that PRs are going around the blog world lately and it freaking rocks! I love seeing everyone push their limits! And I love the vlog, I want a Go Pro so badly!

  11. Congratulations! Cool that you can run fast with a GoPro too! I have to admit it’s kind of odd for me to see a holiday themed race with elves etc, but no snow and people aren’t bundled up in winter gear.

    • Thanks! Ha, the gopro may have slowed me down a tad. after 1.5 miles it started slipping, then completely fell off at mile 2. I had to carry it in my hand the last mile.
      Haha, I didn’t think of that, but yeah, no snow around here, but plenty of holiday themed races!

  12. YAY VLOG!!!! Love it – it’s FREE! LOL

  13. charissarunning

    Congrats on your new PR! You’ve seriously had such a great season of PRs! Nice work 🙂

  14. Congrats on the PR! I love that you ran with the Go Pro!

    • Thank you!! Yeah, gopros are great! It did get annoying when it fell off my head at mile 2 though. Next time I’ll make the strap tighter.

  15. That was freaking awesome!!! Nuff said!

  16. Love the video; looks like an awesome event!! Were you running the 5k when you were showing the landmarks? If so, I think you could’ve PRed by even more without talking; you weren’t even breathing heavy 🙂
    Congrats on the PR and the age group placing!

    • Thank you!!!! Ha, actually I ran the 1 mile fun run first to warm up and did all the talking parts then. During the race I put the camera on my head, but was breathing too hard to talk. Good eye!
      Thanks again!

  17. Love the vlog, lol!

  18. Nice job and sweet bling, speedy!!! You are killing it out there lately!!

  19. Wow, great time Mr. Speedy–even if it wasn’t a PR, its a badass time! Congrats!!

  20. Love the VLOG! Those are HUGE medals for a 5K! Very cool!

  21. I ❤ the VLOG too! No such thing as a bad pun – all are hilarious!

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