156 Mile Month, New Races & Quitting Cold Turkey

So now we’re in December. Around here that means it’s almost time for the Dallas Marathon. I am not running the Full, but I am running the Half. I think I’m in pretty good shape for it. I finished November with a bang, including a 13.1 mile training run.

I ran this one solo. It was windy and lonely.

I ran this one solo. It was windy and lonely.

The next day I ran another 6 or 7 on the trails with friends. I had to leave right after to get to yoga class, so I was missed out on the groupie…

Imagine me in this picture.

Imagine me in this picture.

So for the month of November, I ended up going 156+ miles! I think that’s the furthest I’ve gone in a month…Even more than when I was training for the Dopey Challenge. I think the most I did then was 140+.

With my Dopey Medals.

With my Dopey Medals.

I’ve found that having that many miles on my feet is really helping to get faster. Especially in “short” races like the 5k I PR’d in on Thanksgiving. I feel like it’s much less of a struggle to maintain a faster speed.

Something was fowl.

Something smelled fowl.

Speaking of racing, I have some new race news. I sneakily snuck in at the beginning of this post how I’m running the Dallas Half Marathon in Mid December. That’s new. I’ve only run this race once, but it was a few years ago and the course is cooooompletely different now.

I'm a baloonatic.

A few years ago. I’m a baloonatic.

Aaand I’m also running a 5k this weekend! It’s the Rudolph Run in Allen, TX. I’ve never run this race, but excited to. Only weird thing is that I will be wearing a GoPro camera on my head. Hopefully it won’t mess with me too much. I wore one during the 10k portion of the Dopey, but I was just jogging that race. You can see the video HERE.

With the GoPro camera.

With the GoPro camera (& Mickey ears/hands)

Annnnywaay, I hope everyone had a good American Thanksgiving. I enjoyed many leftovers, until I finally ran out. It was sad to have to quit cold turkey.

Me about to quit cold turkey. (Yes, I went there.)

Me about to quit cold turkey. (Yes, I went there.)

On a side note, things have been crazy around these parts. I know I’ve been somewhat missing around the blog world recently, but I have a good reason. I hope to explain in my next post. I appreciate y’all that have been checking in on me. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to most of you yet, but I will. Hope you’re awesome!

How bout you? Got any races coming up? Gettin your miles in? Ever run with a camera on your head?


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38 thoughts on “156 Mile Month, New Races & Quitting Cold Turkey

  1. trying to prep for #PrincessHalf but finding the time has been proving to be difficult 😦

  2. Congrats on the new monthly PDR! More miles helps me run better, too.

    I’ve run with a GoPro on my head. Not raced with it though. Do you have Chesty (the chest strap)?

    • Thank you! I find it’s helping with my speed for sure!

      You have run with a gopro too? No, I have the head strap, not the chesty. It fell off during my 5k at mile 2. Oh well.

  3. Holy crap that’s a lot of miles – way to go! Have fun at the 5k!

  4. Wow! Way to kill November with those miles! I feel like that surpasses my yearly total haha. Have fun at your race this weekend! I’ll be doing a 5k this weekend as well, but I’m running with the class I teach so no time goals or anything 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Ha, I’m not sure what I’m at for the year, but I need to add it up!
      I hope your 5k went well!!!!! Yay for your class!!!!!!!

  5. getgoing-getrunning

    Haha. Nice one. Pity you had to quit turkey cold turkey, but there’s no patch for that yet so I guess you had no choice!
    Nice mileage man. That’s 250km in my measurements which is nothing short of epic! I’ve got a few races coming up too. Most notably Ragnar Relay Florida in Feb, so I’ll be over your side of the pond for a change!

    • LOL, yes, I need a cold turkey patch. Maybe a gravy patch as well.
      Thanks for the km conversion!!!!
      Oh wow, so cool about Florida Ragnar. My sis lives in FL and she does Rangars. I’ll have to see if she’s doing that one!!

  6. Running with a go-pro sounds so tricky. Does the elastic stay in place? Also… cold turkey? you poor poor thing

    • Well, there’s a special head band for it. But I think I was bouncing and sweating too much cause it fell off at mile 2. Oh well.
      Ha, yes, poor me 😉

  7. Nice mileage! I feel like it would be weird to run with a camera on my head. Hope it doesn’t affect you too much.

  8. May I ask why you’re running with a go-pro? I feel like that would be a pretty bouncy, nausea-inducing video, a la Blair Witch.

    • Ha, I did it so I could make a video out of it (I know the race directors and they gave me a free entry so I could tape it). Actually, the head doesn’t bounce that much. But when it fell off and I had to hand carry it – that is unusable and could incite vomiting.

  9. Good luck at Dallas! It looks like it’ll be a cool race. Say hello to Meb and Ryan for me. 😉

  10. lollllllzzzzz w/ the turkey pic. you goof. good luck with the race, and nice job killing the November mileage!

  11. Man all this racing going on, get after it guy. Man that is a HUGE MONTH right there, totally awesome.

  12. That’s awesome you have a couple more races lined up! And cool to actually race while wearing a GoPro!
    Great mileage this month! That’s something I can only dream of right now; I was ecstatic with running 10k yesterday 🙂

    • Thank you! I figured I was running so much that I better schedule some races. The gopro was good, but it fell off at mile 2. At least I got some good footage before that.
      Don’t worry, you’ll be out there running all the miles soon enough. Enjoy the journey!

  13. We have North Face this weekend! Hope you kick ass and go fast at your 5K! Awesome 13.1 training run. I can’t imagine running with a GoPro on my head!

    • Thank you!!! I hope you did awesome in your North Face!
      The gopro was fine until the strap started to get loose and I sweated too much, then it fell of at mile 2.

  14. You are such a beast. Truly…impressive!

  15. I’m going nuts not running to let my stupid leg heal. So no Houston Marathon for me 😦 And because the turkey my in-law cooked needed ranch to give it some moisture, there were no leftovers to enjoy for days. Poor me. No running, no turkey sandwiches. Luckily I made REAL mashed potatoes (instead of flakes I guess they always make) so I ate those instead. Mmmmm. Would be curious to run with a camera… is the footage good?? Shaky?

    • I’m so sorry about your leg. Treat it like a vacation – get healed! Bummer about Houston though 😦
      LOL, I’m sorry about your ranch turkey. Wow you really are having a rough go of it lately. 😉
      I loooove me some mashed taters – with anything!
      The head doesn’t shake too much, so it’s not bad. I put the finished video on today’s blog!

  16. I miss your posts! I do like your Instagram posts like 😉

    • Oh wow, thank you! I’m sorry I had to take a little time off the blog. With work and holidays and losing our puppy, I needed a break. but I’m back! I’ll try to stay silly on IG too!!!

      • Hope you guys are doing okay, dogs are family and it’s not easy…. I haven’t been floating around for a while because life just gets too busy!

      • Thank you. We got the ashes back and actually kind of helped. It’s kind of like she’s here again in a way.
        Yeah, life is just crazy lately!

  17. Uggh, I haven’t gotten any miles in, I’ve been super sick with bronchitis! Hope you have a great run in Dallas!!

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