Bi-Running Weather, Boney Gloves, & Avocado Eye

Happy Day every people! Things have been crazy whack busy around these parts, per uge. And the weather has been bipolar as crap. Most of the week it was freezing. Some days twas really windy, like on track day…

A bare bones run.

A bare bones run.

I still got up early to run each day. I just had to bundle up. And then warm up after with some hottie hot tea.

I mustache you to shave some for me.

I mustache you to shave some for me.

But then it warmed back up to shorts weather. Whateves. Either way, I wanted to make sure I continued my workouts, because I have a race next week! Woot woot! A Turkey Day 5k is a few days away!

This was the scene last year. I hope they get a less pathetic looking turkey this year. He made me sad. Thanksgiving - a sad day for flightless birds.

This was the scene last year. I hope they find a happier turkey.

So far this month, I’m up to 101 running miles with a couple weeks to go! Hopefully the work will pay off. We’ll see…

And in other news, when I’m not running, I’m a TV producer. And recently I got booked to work some hockey games in the American Airlines Center – home of the Dallas Mavs & Stars.

Pondering life from the floor. Sans glow in the dark boney gloves.

Pondering life from the floor. Sans glow in the dark boney gloves.

I hadn’t been down there since the Mavs 5k & Dallas 13.1 that I ran last month. Both went around the AAC. It was nice this time to be walking those streets instead of running them.

At the Mavs 5k. To read my recaps, click the links in the sentence above this pic.

At the Mavs 5k. To read my recaps, click the links in the sentence above this pic.

If you follow my Instagram, then you also know that to help fuel my runs, I continue to eat somewhat healthy. Including…

Eye want you to eat healthy fats. Avocadon't forget!

Eye want you to eat healthy fats. Avocadon’t forget!

I’ve also been working on some secret run projects I’m excited about…stay tuned for news on them! Shhhhh!

How bout you? Been busy with exercise and work and life much? Anyone racing on Thanksgiving? Any ideas of my secret runs?


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29 thoughts on “Bi-Running Weather, Boney Gloves, & Avocado Eye

  1. Those gloves are creepy!

  2. Work and life are way too busy!! I am done with racing this year and that’s good because there is too much snow to train in now. All I can do now is snow shuffle, which is fine as I like snow shuffling. I’m sure you will have another secret 5K or 10K race happening. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    • That’s a real bummer that you can’t race anymore. We are just now hitting the big running season in the South. I’m going crazy registering for races! Stay tuned! Enjoy your snow shuffling 😉

  3. Cool gloves. Can’t wait to read your 5K recap.

  4. I like the gloves! I am no where close to 101 miles this month, I’ve been running but taking it easy. Good luck with the 5K and have a great Turkey Day! 🙂

  5. I think I’m at 15 miles for the month but getting back into it. Jealous of your turkey day race – I’m not ready but I really want to race. First world problems I guess. Looking forward to your news!

  6. Secret runs? Is that like TMI?

  7. Cool gloves. I’ve been looking for a turkey trot but the nearest one is an hour away and that’s just hard on Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll run my own. Secret running sounds a little scandalous.

    • Thanks! Oh really? That’s a bummer. There’s tons of them around these parts. Some of my friends who don’t want to do an official race are running their own. You should totally start one!

  8. I have a 5 miler I run every year on Thanksgiving. The race starts 100 meters from my apartment door. It is the least stressful race to get to all year. As I’m still recovering from injury…no goals…just to make it to the finish line.


    And LOVE those gloves. Been really cold here…so I’ve taken my runs indoors. We had ice…and last year I sprained my ankle attempting to run on ice and snow. I’m nervous about doing it again so…I hit the treadmill…which I hate…but I hate it less than a sprained ankle. LOL!

    • 100 meters from your door??? That’s convenient! This race is 2 miles from our house, so that’s still pretty good! Better than driving all the way to Dallas! Take it easy in your race!

      Avocado’s rule!

      Thank you! And oh no! Yes be careful on the ice! I don’t blame you for moving indoors. But I also hate the treadmill. But yes, it’s better than getting hurt (ps don’t fall off the treadmill!

  9. Wowzers on the 100 miles so far-that’s really awesome. And yeah, that droopy turkey needs some stuffing-HA! Nice puns btw 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’ve been feelin good and so te miles keep coming. And lol, nice one! I’m glad someone else has my goofy sense of humor!

  10. Awwww… I was expecting tacos. That avocado would have been good on tacos.

  11. Secret run projects? My interest is piqued! The new hockey project sounds awesome. We are a big hockey family here although it can be hard on our marriage Wings fan vs. Blackhawks fan. Can’t wait to hear about the new project.

    • Stay tuned, stay tuned! It’s coming!
      It’s fun to get paid to watch hockey, that’s for sure! Ha, a house divided, eh? Good luck with that! I’d have a hard time living with that!

  12. C’mon, tell us your secret. Can’t you just taco bout it?

  13. Avocados are the BEST! I don’t eat them as much as I should. Can’t wait to hear all about your secret projects 🙂

  14. Lots of mileage this month- that’s awesome! Good luck at the turkey trot!
    Looking forward to hearing the secret!

  15. Yessss busy with workouts and life! Nice job w all the running. Love the avocado. Taking this year off from a turkey trot… To sleep.

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