Dallas Marathon Course Partial Preview, Run Bale & Pre-Dawn Selfies

This weekend saw many more miles. The WRRC mapped a route that ran along some of the new Dallas Marathon course – intentionally running the toughest sections of the course. And I gotta say, I feel for those who are running this race. You got some hills to deal with.


The “Dolly Parton Hills”, Swiss Ave & the Santa Fe Trail are gonna make you work.

It did take us through some old pretty neighborhoods. Hopefully the mansions will distract you from the ups and downs of the roads. However, you won’t have such a luxury after you leave the lake and hit up the Santa Fe Trail – Not much to see there.

Now, if you’re running the half marathon, you won’t have to deal with these tough sections of the course. You don’t even sniff them. Consider yourself lucky!

Anyway, to get to this run, I had to get up in the 4 o’clock hour. When I did, I noticed I had been tagged by my buddy Amy at FitnessMeetsFrosting on an Instagram challenge to take a selfie of whatever you are doing at the moment. Here’s mine…

I was being absolutely thrilled at being up at this hour.

I was absolutely thrilled at being up at this hour.

After the run, we ate tacos. I didn’t take a picture. I was hungry. Deal with it.

Anywhoodle…the next day I was up early again for a trail run with friends. It was kind of rainy and cold, so most of our friends bailed…I didn’t.

See, I told ya I didn't 'bale' on the run.

See, I told ya I didn’t ‘bale’ on the run.

I love that there was a random hay bale. Just last week in the same park was a random chair.

It's a park of random mystery props.

It’s a park of random mystery props.

Anyway, by the end of the run, there were only two of us left. We ended up getting in 7 miles before I had to head to yoga.

IMG_2456What I loved about both runs is that the people I ran with all pushed each other to go further and faster…In fact, on both days the fastest miles were on the hilliest sections. All in all, we got in some long runs, some hills, and some speed work. Love it! Feelin strong. Thinkin I might need to sign up for the half to take advantage of my current fitness level. Hmmmmmmm………

How bout you? Ever preview a race by running sections of the course? Ever bale on a run? If you took a selfie right now, what would you be doing?


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28 thoughts on “Dallas Marathon Course Partial Preview, Run Bale & Pre-Dawn Selfies

  1. Love it! I did accidently do a long run on my last half marathon’s course without realizing it. I also used to live in a small town that basically ran the same routes for all the races which meant I knew them all very well. If I took a selfie right now, I would be at my desk at the gym while lots of people are sweating all around me!

    • You gotta love accidental long runs! All the races used the same route? That’s too bad. Thought they do that a lot here too – it’s just easier for them than coming up with a new route. Lame. Hope you didn’t get sweat on you!!!

  2. So funny there is always random stuff on that run! It’s awesome you have so many good running buddies.
    I generally avoid running, driving, or even reading much about a race beforehand. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

    • Ha, I know! That park is so weird sometimes, but I love it! I am really lucky to have so many run buds. They really help!
      Oh really? Interesting. I’m the opposite, I study the route map, elevation, etc. Maybe I should do a race blind sometime?

  3. I love the identical poses in your random park accessory photos. If I were to take a selfie right now, I’d be drinking tea and trying to stay awake…

  4. I always want to know the course beforehand…even plan my music playlist according to the course and elevation. I am that nerd. Proud too!

  5. Wow that selfie is depressing lol.

    I love running the course before the actual race, it helps so much. Gives you a good idea if what your in four and you can properly prepare.

    Selfie right now would be in my cube, blah!

    • Hahaha, sorry!
      I agree, I do like the spontaneity of not knowing a course, but I do like to be mentally prepared by knowing what to expect.
      Hope you survived the cube life this week!

  6. I previewed my 1/2 marathon a few times before actually running it this past October. I’m glad I did it and even more glad I didn’t do the worst part of it during training šŸ˜‰

    If I took a selfie right now, you’d see me at my desk smiling as I just signed up for a double race for next September (5k & 1/2). Oh my goodness!

    • Oh really, you ran the whole course? You must’ve been pretty prepared for what to expect!

      A double race!!?? Nice! You should smile!

      • I ran about 17km of the course before it happened. I felt comfortable on those parts but the parts I didn’t run were completely hilly and the most challenging part of the 1/2 marathon – somehow I managed pretty good thought šŸ™‚

      • Bummer, that’s must’ve been an unwelcome surprise. But way to crush it anyways!!!!

  7. I definitely have! I have previewed Marine Corp Marathon because I live in the area and a lot of the course is my normal training route, definitely a bonus! I had no idea Dallas was that hilly. I lived in San Antonio for 4 years and there were no hills there!

    • Oh wow, you’re lucky then! I bet that helped you at MCM. Well, Dallas isn’t as hilly as some parts of the country, but it’s definitely not flat like people think. I love running in San Antonio whenever I visit there!!!

  8. kilax

    Bring dem hills! Ha ha. I wonder how they compare to the ones I run here. šŸ™‚ Sometimes I preview a course, but generally, I like the surprise of running it on race day šŸ™‚

    • Haha, I hope they’re smaller than what you’re used to. I’ll be interested to hear your report! I’m with you, I like the surprises, but I also like to be prepared.

  9. missadventuresinrunning

    Wow, those are some great poses! I definitely credit my fitness progress to my running buddies. No one wants to be the slacker!

    • Ha, thank you! That’s a good point about trying to keep up with faster friends. I also don’t look at the course before we meet so that I’m forced to keep up with folks so I don’t get lost!

  10. That could totally be your thing: posing on random stuff. Thanks again for the Instagram challenge!

  11. What’s up with the pose?

    That’s great you guys can push one another on. Makes all the difference, I’m sure (I don’t run outside.)

    • Ha, I don’t know why I did it the first time, but decided to copy it the second time. I need to work on my modeling, I guess.

      It really does help to run with others. I keep getting faster and faster, love it! You can also race people on the treadmill – this happens quite a bit with competitive people at the gym.

  12. Your picture on the hay bale is awesome and so random! If I took a selfie right now I’d be in my office taking a break from work for 10 minutes!

    I am jealous of all your running buddies, having them is the best, I miss running with others!

    Happy Friday!

    • Ha, thank you! They do a TON of photo shoots in that park, so I’m sure it’s another prop (there is actually a sign that says no horses allowed). And good for you for waiting for your break to check blogs! šŸ˜‰

      I really hope you can find some new running buddies.

      Happy Friday to you!

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