Running Frozen, New Ambassadorship &Soccer Season Ends

Sorry I’ve been MIA recently…well, actually I wish I was in MIA as it would be a lot warmer than it is here in Texas this week. But I digress…

Yes, we also got that Arctic Blast that blasted much of the USA. It went from 80 degrees on Monday, to below freezing for the rest of the week. Let’s just say that my transition to cold running hasn’t been so pretty. I still ran each day, but I wasn’t loving it.

So cold a snowflake formed on my shirt.

So cold that a snowflake formed on my shirt.

Now I know that it could be much worse, and it is much worse up North, but I feel Frozen. Ah well, I just need to let it go. (See what I did there)

Before the cold snap blasted our backsides, we were able to sneak in a season’s end party for the Landsharks. I guess we had a decent enough season because they renewed my coaching contract for next season.

We couldn't get one picture all season with all eyes open.

We couldn’t get one picture all season with all eyes open.

And now for some other cold cool news. I’ve been named an ambassador for Ramblen! You can see my Ramblen profile HERE!!!

ramblenBADGE_Ambassador_GREEN_120x120What is Ramblen? Basically they’re for folks who like to take their workout gear with them when they travel. It helps you find places to run, workout, etc. when visiting a city…or even finding new places in your own hometown. Pretty cool.

I like this because I always take my running shoes when I travel. Like in North Crackalaka…

Running in OBX, NC, USA.

Running in OBX, NC, USA.

Or in sunny Orlando…

Running at Disney World.

Running at Disney World.

Or on the open sea…

Runnin during an Alaskan cruise.

Runnin during an Alaskan cruise.

I gotta tell you about that last photo. I need to write a post on it someday, but let me just say that the miles fly by when the views are like this…


Mountains & icebergs.

Or like this…


Mountains & glaciers.

I’ve been to Alaska a couple times. It.Is.Uhmaizing. I can’t even describe the views there. Maybe someday I’ll get to run a race there (that’s not on a cruise ship). We’ll see!

How bout you? Do you workout when you travel? Did you get arctic blasted? What’s the most amazing place you’ve seen?


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35 thoughts on “Running Frozen, New Ambassadorship &Soccer Season Ends

  1. We finally got the arctic blast last night. It came with 2″ of snow! Lovely. I’ve never run on a vacation, probably because I never go on vacation! :-/ BUT I am going to OBX next year so I’ll def. do like you. Most amazing place I’ve ever seen: Germany. The castles in the mountains blew my mind. (and it’s never been the same…) Your Alaska pics are awesome!

    • Ouch, snow…yuck! Awww, you need a vacation…preferebly one away from snow! I loved OBX!!! Some great sights and restaurants there! I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. Hopefully someday I’ll get a chance. Hope you’re well!

  2. We’re getting our first snow fall here (5-10cm), nothing major but it’s cold and beautiful outside! Can’t wait to ski and snowshoe now!
    Running on a cruise ship – that’s pretty neat! I try to workout when I travel but usually it involved the kids too 🙂

    • I know it’s beautiful when it first snows, but then the second day comes. Haha! It’d be different if I was near ski mountains. You’re lucky! Running on the cruise ship was kind of nauseating at first, but I figured out when to not look at the water. That’s cool about your kiddo travel workouts!

  3. I was stationed in Alaska for 3 years. Loved it there!!

  4. I try to run when I travel, but the problem is, when I’m on vacation, my fueling is not exactly on point (too much food and booze), so it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. That being said, when I actually decide to do it, I had a tough time finding places to run when I’m away from home. I’ll have to check Ramblen out!

    • Haha, well maybe you need to train for your vacations by boozing and eating garbage at home! 😉 Sometimes I’ll look up local running groups or trails when I travel too, and the hotel usually has recommendations.

  5. We got our first snow yesterday and have had a couple of sub-freezing days. Brrrrrr! I did run when I was in Europe earlier this year and it was a fun way to get out and see some sights. But Alaska……….that place is beautiful I’d love to visit sometime – but probably in the summer time!

    • Brrrrrrrrr! We actually had our first snow this morning, but it was just a light dusting. Gone already. I agree, running on trips is a great way to see the area. Oh, Alaska is amazing! Simply stunning. Hope you get there!

  6. Always run when I travel, it’s so fun and sometimes even a bit scary to explore new places by foot. We invented the arctic blast where I live and it’s still pretty arctic out there. Hmm, most amazing place I’ve seen would have to be Atlin and Skagway and Whitehorse. That’s more than one, but they’re kind of all in the same area. Stay warm!!

    • Agreed. It can be scary too, but sometimes that gives you adrenaline for the run! Can you please un-invent the acrtic blast?!?!? Wow, those places sound amazing. I hope to seem the someday!

  7. I don’t run a lot while I travel, but I do usually workout in some way…swim, bike, walk, etc. The most amazing place I’ve seen is probably Cuba (stationed there in 1994). Such a gorgeous country!

    We are getting the arctic blast and I’m so cold!

    • Hey, as long as your active. I love working out on the road. Wow, CUBA!?!?! I’ve always always always wanted to visit there! Lucky!
      Get warm!

  8. Congrats on the Ambassadorship! I love running when I travel, it’s a great way to explore 🙂 Good for you for still getting out there to run. I know some people hit the treadmills when it gets cold, but it is so much better to be outside!

    • Thanks! I agree, it is a great way to see a new place! Oh, I can’t stand the treadmill..even more than I hate the cold. So yes, I’m with you, I’ll be outside!

  9. Melissa

    I ran I a cruise ship once. I couldn’t figure out why my Garmin map showed a straight line and really fast miles, until I remembered that she ship is moving…. 😉

  10. I don’t travel but I’d like to think I would run if I could. Those Alaska pics are awesome, I’ve always wanted to go there.

  11. I haven’t been to Alaska but I’d love to do one of those awesome cruises and take a heli into the glaciers and all that glorious frozen jazz. I def workout when I travel, and it’s freezing here in NYC today- was in the 30s. Ugh. Hmmm most amazing place I’ve seen… Hawaii. Love it.

    • Haha, nice! Yeah my mom was on this cruise too, and she did that frozen jazz of landing on an glacier in a heli. Oh yes, Hawaii is stunning as well with all that tropical jazz. 😉 Stay warm in the big city!

  12. We had snow on the ground when I left for work this morning, I know I live in New England but I am just NOT ready for Winter quite yet! I always workout/run when I travel, but my views (with the exception of Ireland) were not as breathtaking as those Alaskan ones. I haven’t been to Alaska yet but its on my list!

    • Yuck! I hope you don’t have to deal with too much snow yet. Ooooh, I looooove Ireland! But yes, Alaska is indescribable. Just amazing.

  13. I’ve always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise…no other kind of cruise, just Alaska! You need to write that post ASAP! And congrats, Mr. Ambassador. Do you feel all fancy now?

    • I agree! The entire cruise we saw whales, eagles, bears, mountains, etc. I don’t think you’d see that in the Caribbean on the open sea with no land in sight. I do feel fancy…fancy as crap!

  14. Congrats on the contract renewal 😉 I’ve seen so many beautiful places! The latest one was the whole pacific coast highway. I’m pretty new at this whole fitness thing, but the traveling I’ve done since I started has always included running or hiking. Ramblen is a great idea.

  15. Love the photos of Alaska. So majestic

    Congrats on being Ramblen’s newest ambassador. Have fun.

  16. Running on an Alaskan cruise? Awesome! Congrats on the new gig.

  17. Congrats on being a Ramblen ambassador! And on being allowed to coach again next year 🙂
    I love to run when I travel, especially early in the morning when a place is generally a little quieter!
    The mountains and all their glory are quite spectacular. I used to be a beach gal, but mountains might be winning out now.

    • Why thank you! Ha, glad you picked up on that little joke.
      Oh yes, I know you travel and workout everywhere!!! Hmm, I think I’m still a beach dude, but the mountains can be so majestic (and fun).

  18. Congrats on the ambassadorship! They do know you and many of your readers (myself included) are like big children with terribly inappropriate jokes lol

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