Lots of Running, Ghost Chairs & Taco Hauntings

We finally got a few days of somewhat fall-like weather. Yippee! It made for some good runs. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes when it’s not a billion degrees.

For Saturday’s long run, it was in the upper 40’s when I meet WRRC at 6am at a strip mall with an interesting store…

Nothing butt good deals here.

Nothing butt good deals here.

A lot of the folks I ran with are gearing up for the Dallas Marathon. I am not. They were going 20 miles. I did not. I ended up with a group that went 15. Why? Just for fun.


It was an out and back because one of the runners wanted to end with hills. And this route started with hills. So that’s a nice hilly bookend. Lucky us. Amazingly though, some of these runners pushed me to negative split. At the half we were an 8:25 pace, but by the finish our total average mile was 8:15! Feels good to be a gansta.

Afterwards some of us mowed down some totally epic tacos. Sadly, I didn’t take a pic, but I did when I previously visited this taco joint.

This place is cleverly called "Taco Joint"

This place is cleverly called “Taco Joint”

For Sunday Runday, I met my run-bud Serene for some trail running and I added another 6 miles.

I photo bombed her selfie. I'm such a rascal.

I photo bombed her selfie. I’m such a rascal.

She had done a 30k trail race the day before. And.Was.Hurting. But she toughed it out. I’m glad she did, because in the middle of the park we spotted a photo op!

This will be the album cover when my next release drops.

This will be the cover photo when my next album drops.

Lots of people have photo shoots in this park, and I assume that’s what this chair was there for. But nobody was with it. It was just randomly in the middle of a field. Later on it was gone. So either someone took it, or it was a ghost chair. Probably the latter.

Afterwards I went to yoga. The instructor decided it was going to be a power leg day. Lucky us. I legs were shaking so bad, and now I am berry sore. I didn’t take a pic in class…but also this weekend, our friend at Candies and Crunches challenged me on Instagram with a yoga pic. I sent one back.

Leaning tower of paradise.

Leaning tower of paradise. Yes, I’m a mouth breather.

Also this weekend, our friend at My Walk to Rio 2016 challenged me on Instagram with a taco pic. So after yoga I went to yet another taco joint. Again, I forgot to take a pic, but here’s an earlier pic from the same joint.

Rudy Rudy Rudy...

It’s a BBQ joint in a gas station, and it’s good. They serve breakfast tacos too!

So not a bad weekend of running, yogaing and tacoing!!!

How bout you? Do your run friends push you? Any Instagram friends challenge you? Do you believe in ghost chairs?


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28 thoughts on “Lots of Running, Ghost Chairs & Taco Hauntings

  1. SHOOT! Amy challenged me and I totally dropped the ball. I’m going to have to get my husband to take my photo now. And I did Body Pump this morning so I’m too sore for yoga.
    That is a KILLER run, my friend! You deserved those tacos!!

    • Ha, I need to go check your IG and see if you did it!
      Hey, I go to yoga each Sunday after running a butt load of miles, and I get through it – you should try it after body pump – yoga is totally different when you’re not fresh!

  2. Tacos, yoga and running…you’re living the dream.

  3. Nice miles! I don’t think I would sit in a random chair somewhere but that is kind of an epic picture.

    • Haha, my friend actually was checking out before she was brave enough to sit on it. I guess I shouldn’t have just jumped on it like I did, but oh well.

  4. ALL THE TACOS!! I feel like you aren’t sharing with everyone in Texas.

  5. I feel like you should change your name to tacopirate. Piratetacocat? Piratebobtaco?

  6. Anal clothing….ha….we are such kids at heart.

    Nice back to back runs.

    I’m going with ghost chair, I’m avoiding the area FOREVER!!! Lol

    • Ha, thanks! It actually said Canal, but I’m immature and saw an opportunity for a vulgar joke.

      Thank you! Though it’s actually back to back to back to back to back to back. 😉

      Haha, yes, hopefully that chair won’t haunt me!

  7. That ghost chair pic is EPIC. It screams Album Cover. Maybe even Album of the Year Cover. Do they still give that shit out?

    Sweet run. And sweeter tacos. #jealous

  8. I agree with Angie. Def living the dream. That one pic reminds me if when I moved away in high school and lived on a canal. We had many alterations of signs in pics 🙂

    • Haha, totally l-i-v-i-n it! Oh now, you lived on a canal??? Ah yes, I bet you had some crazy mature pics with the signs. Ha, I’m just kicking myself that all the times I went to New Orleans I never did something with the Canal St. sign.

  9. Like I said on Instagram, Vogue Hot baby!

  10. DarlinRae is onto something! hahaha! dude. your yoga skillz are insane!! I’m also really loving the ghost chair. It’s so fancy! It’s like the ghost of all the fancy couches that used to live in the 1900’s

    • Haha, yeah, I like how her mind works. Thanks, I like the ghost chair too! Haha, you may be on to something. I wish I knew the story of the ghost chair.

  11. Crazy workout weekend with the awesome runs and tough yoga! That chair would be an awesome photoshoot prop!
    It hurts admit it, but since being pregnant, I can’t eat Mexican. I really, really hope I get it back!

    • Thank you! I was definitely sore after the weekend. Yes, we couldn’t pass up the chair. Last time we saw a shopping cart, but waited too long to take a pic and then it was gone. Lesson learned!
      Whaaaaaaaaa? You can’t eat mexican??? bummer!! I hope you get it back too!!

  12. WalkToRio

    Now I know where the girl on this pic got her Keep Calm t-shirt:

  13. I want epic tacos! We don’t have those here in NYC. Only some passable tacos. Have you considered a career as a chair model?

  14. Anal clothing, epic tacos, and ghost chairs. You live the most interesting life 🙂

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