145 Oct Miles Run, The Body Whisperer & London Calling

So I had a pretty good October, running wise. I ended up going the most miles in a month since when I was training for this past year’s Disney Dopey Challenge.

My last run of the month was with friends. Here’s what we looked like after…

post run groupie

Post run #groupie

I ended up running about 145 miles. Not bad, especially considering that I’m not training for any particular race.


I know it says 142, but I did get in some miles that weren't recorded by my watch.

I know it says 142, but I did get in some miles that weren’t recorded by my watch.

Buuut, when it came to the last day of Runtober, I didn’t run. Why not? Because my knee felt weird, fool!

I’m convinced that it was my body telling me to get some rest. I didn’t take one day off…even after setting a nearly 5 minute PR in a half marathon in October. Mistake. And so my body was telling me to take a break.



I ended up taking three days off. And since then it feels much better. And I’ve jumped back into running 6 days a week.

My body did the same thing to me back in the winter. After the Dopey Challenge, I didn’t take enough time to let my body recover. And when I was out on a run, I tripped and Nancy Kerriganed my own knee. Forcing me to take a month off.

One of these knees is knot like the other.  PS, this was 3 days after, so the swelling was down.

The view back in early 2014…Gettin my swol on.

What’s the lesson? Don’t be a fool…listen to your body, fool! When it says rest, rest. When it says go, go. When it says go-go dance, go-go dance.

She's got moves like grocery bagger.

She’s got moves like grocery bagger.

And now for something completely different…

Here in Dallas, the city is gearing up for the football Cowboys playing their game in London, UK this weekend. And the talk radio station I listen too has been broadcasting live from Jolly Ole’ England. They are going on and on about all the cool experiences they are having. I’ve been to London a few times, but it’s been several years. And all this talk is really making me miss it.

London Calling

London Calling

Ahh well, the best I can do now is find a British Pub and watch English Premiere League on the telly. Might have to do that this weekend.

How bout you? Have a good Runtober? Are you a body whisperer or a fool? Ever been to London town?


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44 thoughts on “145 Oct Miles Run, The Body Whisperer & London Calling

  1. I have no compunction about taking rest days. I run at best 3 days a week, so lots of rest days for me.

    I have been to London. Love the British museum.

    • I used to run 3 days a week, but the past 6 months I’ve been able to up it to 6. Oh yes, I cherish that one rest day so much!

      Yes yes yes! The British Museum is amazing!!! Mummies!

  2. I definitely take rest days, and maybe too many. But I’m so paranoid about getting injured and I feel like my body is so sensitive. I love London!

    • Ha, well I used to take too many too. But now I”m finding that I’ve run so much that my body just expects it. I don’t even really need to stretch afterwards any more.
      Yes, London rules!

  3. WalkToRio

    Glad you are feeling better.
    When I saw your update on my reader I thought you were doing the London Marathon. I was gonna get my banners ready and go there for that weekend, well, I’m going anyway so an extra banner wouldn’t have been much trouble.
    I take a day off a week, 2 if I feel like I’m pushing it too hard. I’m doing 2 sessions a day, after 2 weeks I can feel it and then I usually take Friday and Monday off. Live and learn.
    Have a nice weekend.

    PS: In 2 weeks or so I’ll have a post just for you, and for all other readers of course lol

    • Thanks bud!
      Ya know, I’ve tried 6 years in a row to get into the London Marathon. But I’ve been very unlucky in the lottery. If I ever do get in, you’ll be the first to know!!!
      I’m also up to 6 days a week. I’m not to the level of 2-a-days yet, but I’m working on it.
      Just getting caught up here, but can’t wait for your post in a week and a half!

  4. I’ve been on a week of rest days from running…at least it feels like that. I’ve lost my running mojo but hoping it’s just this head cold my loving kids have passed on.
    I’ve been to England once…but I live it all the time 😉 My husband is from England!

    • Hope you get to feeling better! I always seem to push through an illness and run anyways (because I’m in denial). I need to do less of that.
      Oh yes, I forgot your hubby was a Brit. Go UK!

  5. I’m definitely a fan of rest days. 1/week is what works best for me. I was thinking of moving to 1 every other week, but I really enjoy having a day of rest and having time for doing other things.

    • Agreed! I take one day off a week too. It’s really nice to have a break and not wake up early, get all sweaty, shower, etc. before work. Hooray for doing other things!

  6. Not even a day off after your PR? You sound like Jesse…

  7. charissarunning

    145 miles is superb! I think rest days are important but not everyone needs the same kind of rest as long as you have some easy days in between the tough ones.

    Since September I’ve been a huge fan of rest days though! I ran nearly 200 miles in August because I thought I was some type of superhero or something…I had no injuries but boy did I burn out. Not a good thing to do in your first month of marathon training haha. So I stepped back and now I usually take 2 rest days/week! I let myself relax and have fun 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Good point about the easy days sometimes doubling as rest days.

      Haha, I bet you wanted some rest after 200 miles! Go superhero!! Bummer about the burnout. I hope you got your mojo back! Enjoy the journey!!!

  8. Glad your knee is feeling better! Great running this month, just fab. Went to London on a highschool Europe trip. We packed in a lot of stuff in the few days that we had. Would love to go back with my husband and take a bit more time seeing the sites. Never got to an English pub so will have to add that to the list 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! I bet you had fun in London. You should totally go back! Oh yes, the pubs are where it’s at! So much to do and see there!

  9. Haha, Runtober left a bit to be desired, but I’ll survive. I don’t put in crazy mileage so most of the time I don’t have to worry about fatigue and injury, but whenever I feel a twinge, I try to rest up so I don’t actually hurt myself.

    • Ha yes, that’s another way to do it – train by resting to avoid fatigue and injury. 😉 You’re smart to listen to your body like that!

  10. Look at those knees! I think I’d have needed less to obey my body and rest, haha! Glad you’re better now 🙂

  11. Yay for a great Runtober!! 🙂

  12. Melissa

    London is my FAVORITE city!

  13. That looks like the phone booths at Baker Street! That’s as close to London as I’ve been. It’s sad, isn’t it? Can be very hard to take time off!! I know I struggle with that! Which is why I take a lot of ibuprofen and have a special relationship with my foam roller. It’s sad, isn’t it? 🙂

    • It is sad. It’d be a short flight for you too!
      Yes, it is hard when you’re so used to moving all the time to taking a break. Smart people do though. I’m not always smart. It’s sad, isn’t it?

  14. We went to London in 2009 and were surprised at how much we loved it. It was like walking into history, and though I hate British beer, those pubs felt so comfortable. I’d love to go back.

  15. Awesome mileage! I take one day off per week and do nothing but walk the dog (3 times). I love me a good rest day.

  16. Wow- great month!! And, smart to listen to your body. Can’t believe you didn’t take a day off after your huge PR! Weren’t you even a little sore?!
    I’m slowly getting better at listening to my body. Although sometimes it’s hard to do!

    • Thank you!!! I know, it was dumb, and I was sore, but I was in a different city, and I saw a half marathon going on…
      Yes, it’s hard to take time off, but we need to!

  17. I’m happy you rested and it helped! Fantastic Oct mileage! 😀

  18. You made me choke on my sandwich with the Nancy Kerrigan comment, I should know better than to eat or drink while reading your posts!! HA! My mileage has been low since running Boston in April, I try and run 3 days a week, which for the most part I have been doing but I really need to sign up for a longer race to get me to log serious miles. I am lame! You however, rock…awesome job on the mileage!

    I am usually pretty good about listening to my body…usually is the key word. I have gotten way better as I get older.

    I have been to London, its a great city and I always tell people is a great gateway city to Europe for those who have never been. It’s fun, has a lot of history and is easy to get around!

    • Hahaha, thanks so much!!!
      Yeah, sounds like you need a goal to get you going. Go find a race! They have some here in Dallas, if you’re so inclined. 😉
      BTW, If I ever get to run Boston, I’ll probably semi retire afterwards!

      Yeah, getting smarter with age is a good thing, I guess.

      I agree about London! I thought the same thing – if you’re not ready to go to a non-English speaking country, then London especially is a good intro to Europe. I love all the history, and yes, the tube is convenient!

  19. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    Nancy Kerriganed your knee! Ha! Classic! My mileage was really low in October except for the marathon. I’m taking a break for the next few months before marathon training starts back up again for Paris, definitely listening to my body on that one and focusing on crosstraining for it!

    • Ha, maybe it’s bad that we’re old enough to get that reference.
      Well your mileage should be low after a full. Sounds like you are no fool!
      Enjoy your ‘break’.
      Oooh, Paris, that’d be cool! I’ve tried to get into London the past 6 years but have been shut out of the lottery each time. 😦

  20. I was in London for a weekend in October and had a great time. Like you, I always feel compelled to use the “look kids, Big Ben, parliament” line! 🙂

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