Mavs 5k Recap – Great Race, Great Party & Brushes with Fame!

What a whirlwind! My head is still spinning. So much happened, so much fun at the the Mavs Run This Town 5k.

They asked to take a photo with me, I taught them to 'leg pop'.

The Mavs Dancers asked to take a photo with me, I obliged, and taught them to ‘leg pop’.

This race took place at 7:00 pm outside the home of the Dallas Mavericks – American Airlines Center. One advantage: they let us use the restrooms inside (instead of the normal race porta-potties).

The scene of the time.

The scene of the time.

This course ran around downtown Dallas after dark. I hadn’t run a night race in a long time, but luckily my morning runs are in the dark, so I was used to having to use my night-vision.

Not a bad view.

Not a bad view.

Unfortunately there were a few sprinklers going off along the course, which left some slippery spots on the roads. There were also a few little hills, and it was surprisingly windy…but not too bad.

The course was mostly spetcator-free, save for some people yelling at us from their apartments and a section with Mavs entertainers. That said, I still had a lot of fun and even ran within one second of my PR that I set last month.

They had laptops where you could look up your time. Very convenient.

They had laptops where you could look up your time. Very convenient.

I felt pretty good this race. I made SURE to reign it in at the start. I wanted to run a negative split, or at least even splits, and I came close. Roughly – 6:53, 7:01, 6:58. Good enough for a 21:34 finish and 4th in my age group – one freakin person from a medal…Ahh well. It was also good enough to be the 54th finisher out of 1,900 ~ I’ll take that!

We also had a bunch of bananas friends running this race. It was great hanging out with them at the post race party!

Some friends.

Some friends.

And look, more friends, including fellow blogger from Marathon State of Mind

Some other friends.

Some other friends.

The post race party was awesome – all the free beer you could drink, food trucks, and a concert by Old 97’s!!!!

Front row selfie!

Front row selfie!

Rock on!

Rock on!

Rockin' Rhett!

Rockin’ Rhett!


I didn’t get a pic with my face, but here’s my back. Some say it’s my best side anyways.

Some say it's my best side.

Run Free!

After the show, we even got to hang out with the band for a little while. Such great dudes!

Even the lead singer was cool enough to hang out with fans.

In summary, it was a super fun event, and we all had great runs and a great time! Bonus – each runner gets a ticket to a Mavericks game…score!!!



But now I gotta rest up – I have a half marathon in the morning!!! Woot woot!

How bout you? Any recent night races? Bump into any celebs recently? Who’s also racing this weekend?


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42 thoughts on “Mavs 5k Recap – Great Race, Great Party & Brushes with Fame!

  1. No celeb sighting or night races, man I am behind the times! Sounds like it was a great event, great pics!

  2. Looks like a fun 5k! Love the leg pop, you fit right in. Congrats to you and your wife, hope she had lots of fun!!

  3. Congrats, speedy! Almost even splits… nice!!!! Your wife is so cute! No wonder she was on the big screen!

    Good luck tomorrow! I am hoping you run in to Gina from MileWON. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! It was hard to stay easy the first mile because there was a sharp downhill, but I stayed pretty close!
      Thank you, ha, I think it was mostly because she was dancing around so much!
      Thanks! I didn’t see Gina, I don’t think. Next time!

  4. Looks like fun. I have yet to do a night time race. Dallas has a nice skyline.

    Hey, where’s the jersey?!?!?

    • Thanks! I don’t really like nighttime races because it’s hard to see the ground sometimes. I’ve known people to fall down before.
      Ha, I put the jersey on, but it was a little to ‘scratchy’. Not good for running. I wanted to wear it!

  5. Your recap was hilarious. Great job to you and your wife for the race.

  6. Looks like a ton of fun! Great job on the time and… awesome job for your wife πŸ™‚

  7. Sounds like it was a fun race and way to go on the fast time! I hope you were well warmed up for your half the next morning. That’s so cool your wife ran too! You are a good influence!

    • Thank you! It was a great way to get the nerves out before the half. And to practice going out ‘easy’. Yes, she did great! I’ve got a disease called running and it is infectious!

  8. Fun!! I’ve never done a night race before. I hope your half went well today! I have one tomorrow.

    • Night races can be scary – can’t always see the ground. Thank you, the half did go very well! Can’t wait to hear about your half!!

  9. Wow nice time!

  10. I love that picture of you with the cheerleaders. I showed it to Rock and we both agreed, those girls have nothing on your legs! Too funny. All the free beer? My kind of race! Does that have anything to do with your killer time? The faster you get there…..

    • Haha, thank you! Funny story, I posted that pic on Facebook too and a former coworker said that one of the dancers was his daughter. Ooops! Haha!
      Oh yes, all the free beer! You joke, but the thought does cross my mind about getting done sooner to get to the beer sooner. Since I’m usually lucky enough to be somewhat near the front of the pack, I do get first dibs on the brews!

  11. Sounds like such an awesome race- love that each runner got a game ticket!
    Congrats on your placement and being SO close to your PR! And major congratulations to your wife!!

    • Yes, that’s a major perk! Thank you! If I hadn’t been trying to take it ‘easy’ to save something for my half, I wonder what I could’ve done. And yes, she did great too!

  12. Congrats to you and your wife on an awesome 5k! It looks like it was a blast! Your leg pop is so hot! Love it! Haha

  13. Sounds like a LOT of fun and great race!!! Congrats on the 4th place and to your wife as well – awesome! I saw some pros on the course on Saturday, does that count as fame? I would think so considering one had a motorcycle escort.

    • Thanks so much! It was fun! Everyone has their own goals, and it’s great that we both got ours! Ha, I don’t know if running pros count as celebs outside of our running community. Ryan Hall is here this week for a social run, but I doubt I’ll be going. But maybe you’re right, you’ve got something with the motorcycle theory.

  14. Wow, sounds like a ton of fun and a great race, and that sub 7 pace is amazing!! I already know you killed your half…can’t wait to read the recap and congrats to your wife on her race too!! She is adorable!

    • Thanks so much! Being able to run sub 7 minutes in 5k’s has been a goal for a while, and now it’s happening. Same with sub 8’s in a half! Thanks so much for everything!

  15. Looks like you two had a great time. Great run also, always solid to be minutes off the PR.

  16. Sounds like a blast! Congrats & Go Mavs! Congrats to your wife too! Not running for 2 years and then busting out a 5k?! holy!!

  17. I don’t know who the Old 97s are – BUT they are my friend Lauren’s all-time favorite band. Since you and Lauren are both obviously intelligent people *snicker* I’ll have to check them out!

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  19. HAHAHA the leg pop is too much!! You’re crazy (awesome) for doing a 5K the night before a half! And at that speed!!! Whaaaat?

  20. Looks like a great time! Also, can’t believe you’re running a half in the morning. I mean, you did run Dopey, but still. You’re making the rest of us look like slackers!

    • Thanks so much, it was! Yeah, it probably wasn’t smart to run two races so close together, but I couldn’t resist. Ha, yes, I did think about Dopey too!

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