Run Mileage Increase & Pirates!

I know I’ve been a bit come and go around these blog parts, but there’s good reason. 1. WordPress is giving me fits and 2. There’s some big stuff in the works. Stay tuned!

3. I’ve also been crazy busy at home and work (and in between). Speaking of work…if you don’t know, I’m a TV Producer/editor/writer/photog/etc…now you know. And I recently put together a fun lil’ pirate video.

If you want to watch it, you can do so HERE. But be forewarned, I wrote it, and that means it’s going toΒ  include LOTS of bad puns (that I find funny).

On the set with my actor friends.

On the set with my actor friends. Luckily the pirate is a happy and not angry.

In running news, I’m happy to say that I’m successfully increasing my weekly mileage as I go. A while back I increased to 6 days a week. And now I run a minimum of 4 miles on those days. So far this month I’m up to 82 miles and we still have a couple weeks to go! I should be over 100 by the end of this weekend!

I have been increasing because I’ve been hanging around a bunch of BQers. They told me I need to run more.

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

You have to be fast as a unicorn to qualify.

I also read a thing recently about a guy who is contacting as many BQers as he can find online and asking their advice. It ranges all over the map, but the one constant they all agree on is that you need to be running at least 40 miles per week.

I want to run Boston one day, so I’m taking the first step by trying to follow their advice. We’ll see what happens.

How bout you? Did I miss any good pirate puns? You have any Boston hopes? You gettin your miles in? Did you catch the sneaky filthy joke in this post?


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16 thoughts on “Run Mileage Increase & Pirates!

  1. I’m from the Boston area and it would be the ultimate to be able to qualify. At first I wanted to run so badly that I tried to run for a charity. But after more thought, I want to actually qualify…it will take me years, but I WILL get there someday. Another 2 years and I gain 5 min πŸ™‚

    • Oh wow, I’m with you!!! I used to go to Boston once a month for work – I looooooved it. I also thought about the charity route, and may still have to do that, but I’m going to at least try to see if I can get close to qualifying. I gain 5 minutes next year, but unfortunately a 3:15 is still a long ways off.

  2. I somewhat agree with the 40 mile rule. You really do need to be up there with the mileage. You know I’m a dork and love that though. The more miles the merrier. Go Unicorns! Loved the video. Very punny!

    • Go dorks and unicorns! I’ve been slowly increasing my mileage to try and get to 40 a week. So far this month I’ve already gone over 100 miles. Woot woot! It really does seem to help – both mentally and physically. Ha, glad you liked the video. Most of my friends roll their eyes at my jokes. πŸ˜‰

  3. Argh matey…I recently ran my long and realized with some hard work I think I can qualify for Boston. That would be totally amazing. Do I want to put in the work? Only time will tell lol.

  4. Miss your puns. πŸ™‚ Woah, that’s a lot of miles, good luck!

  5. Holy miles, Batman! Good luck making Boston! That’ll be a huge accomplishment.

  6. Why the WP fits?

    • They keep moving stuff around. And also companies have been sending me products to review (like shoes) but they want google analytics, and doesn’t allow it – I’ll have to transfer to Need to figure that one out.

  7. I heart pirates and puns. Good luck with the increased mileage!

  8. AHHHH that’s awesome!!! I just know you’ll BQ at some point- easy peasy! Well, sort of. But that’s awesome that you’re increasing your mileage!

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