Shhh, My Secret Race!

So I’ve got a secret. I’ve been keeping it close to my vest (side note, I also started wearing vests). Here it is: I’ve been secretly training for a race.

I hadn’t registered for said race until just this week, but I’ve been eyeballing it from a distance. It’s the Dallas 13.1 half marathon. I ran this race two years ago and set a PR.

It was called the Allstate Dallas 13.1.

In all black like a villain robbing time and bling!

This race has the best half marathon course of any race I’ve done in Dallas. And since I did well last time, and since the weather will hopefully be cool, and since I have a ton of friends running it, and since I’m healthy and in decent shape, those are the reasons I chose this race.

This year's bottle opener medals. Funny cause Mich Ultra is a twist off. Maybe I can cover up the logo with a a proper Guinness one.

This year’s bottle opener medals. Funny cause Mich Ultra is a twist off.

It used to be sponsored by Allstate, but now it’s presented by Mich Ultra. To be honest, I’m no fan of Mich Ultra. I personally want a beer with some flava. Like a proper Guinness. Maybe I can cover up the gigantor Mich Ultra logo on my medal with a Guinness one…

My other issue with this race is that it is officially called the “Michelob ULTRA Dallas 13.1 Marathon”. Catchy title, eh? My issue is that they call this half marathon a ‘marathon’. What the wha? I have zero clues as to why they are calling a half marathon a marathon. Not cool. Not to mention the fact that ULTRA is in the title, implying that it’s an ultra marathon.

Anyways, back to my secret training…It’s been all about them miles.

Long run, Trail Run, Weekday Run...Not even halfway through Oct and already at 70 miles for the month!

Track work, weekday run, trail run, long run…Halfway through October and already at 74 miles for the month! Woot Woot!

I haven’t been following any specific plan. My main goal was simply to increase my weekly mileage. I’ve also been doing some speed and hill work, but mainly I’m all about the miles this time around. If you read my weekend recap then you know I put in 25ish miles – much further than the 13.1 I’ll be racing. I hope this strategy helps.

They say you hit the wall at the point of your previous long run. So I hope that by running 15-16 mile long runs will delay the wall in a 13.1 mile race. Legs Fingers crossed!

How bout you? You have any secrets to share? Are you also offended that they’re calling this 13.1 race a ‘marathon’. Do you train by running further than the race distance?


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49 thoughts on “Shhh, My Secret Race!

  1. Hm, that’s weird that they call it that. It’d bug me too. I train more than the race except for marathons lol! Looking forward to seeing how this race goes for you!

    • I hear you, it’s weird for sure. Ha, I don’t train for marathons by running further either, but this is the first time I’m running a half where I really focused on getting more miles in to prepare. One week to go!

  2. I’m with you on not liking half marathons being called 13.1 marathons. It’s right up there with calling half Ironmans 70.3 Ironman.

    I don’t train by running longer distances than the race, except when a shorter race happens to fall within a training for a longer race (for example, 5K within a half marathon training cycle). I did do my first 18-mile training run a few weeks ago, but I doubt it counts for much in my half marathon because 1) it was a while ago and 2) I ran it very very very slowly.

    • Ha, yeah, I thought the same thing about someone calling a 70.3an ironman when I was writing this.

      It’s always good to mix in some shorter races in training for a longer one! Ha, I’m sure the 18 miler helped more than you realize! Way to crush it!

  3. I’m doing 13.1 – marathon – ultra – half marathon – whatever – race, too! I’ve heard really good things about the course! Can’t wait!

    What a race is called doesn’t bother me so much, it’s when “runners” call their 5Ks a marathon. That makes me a lil nutty.

  4. I was secretly training too. Shouldn’t really call it a marathon if it’s a half, but maybe the organizers have never run either. I tried a different approach to my training this go around. I ran for time vs distance. I would run just under how long I figured my race would take. During the race I found I felt no better or worse when I had trained by running longer than 13.1.

    • You so sneaky! I don’t know their reasoning, but this is a chain event, so not sure if they have full 26.2 in their other cities or not. But I don’t think they do. Hmm, I have friends who run for time vs distance. Interesting approach. I guess you need more experimenting though.

  5. charissarunning

    I think doing the longer runs is a great strategy as long as they’re spread out (i.e. not for consecutive weekends). Having a shorter but faster 10-12 miler the next weekend will help with the speed you need while the 15-miler will help your endurance! Good luck πŸ™‚

    Also, I agree with the name thing. It should be called what it is! The only exception would be if there was a marathon option as well as the half marathon.

    • Cool, thanks for the advice! I was trying to figure out what distance I will run this weekend. πŸ™‚

      I’m with you. But no, there is no marathon option (there is a 5k though). I’m thinking about messaging them to find out their reasoning. It’s starting to bug me the more I think about it.

  6. I’m offended that Mich Ultra is even in the name. But whatever, some people like that stuff. It is definitely a little weird to call 13.1 a marathon, but at least it’s not the other way around! If I signed up for a half marathon and ended up running 26.2 I’d be very sad.

    • LOL, so am I. I know of at least one person who isn’t running because of that. Ha, I hadn’t thought of that. That would be annoying to run further than planned in a race – however I did see several people do that in a 13.1 recently, some of the 5k people accidentally got mixed in the the halvers. Oops!

  7. Great secret!! Good luck this weekend; I think your theory is very good πŸ™‚
    Lol- at least they use 13.1 in the title.

  8. Melissa

    That would bother me too. A 13.1 marathon? It’s like those races that call themselves “mini marathons” when they’re like 5Ks. Annoying.

  9. That’s awesome! Good luck this weekend! I’m sure you’ll do awesome.

  10. I love a secret race. Shhhhh. {Whispers} Good luck. πŸ™‚

  11. Awesome secret dude!! You’re going to rock it and um, rock it real good!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ I was supposed to run a 15 last half training but couldn’t because of my shoe problem, but I ran a 14. I definitely believe it helps when training for a half!!! xoxo

  12. Ah you sneaky rascal. Sometimes those races you sign up for on a whim turn out to be the best races. Can’t wait to read about it. IMO any beer after a race is good beer πŸ™‚

    • Ha, well I probably would’ve signed up a while ago, but I was searching for a discount. My search ended in failure. LOL.
      You’re right, I remember after a long run the other week, we were in the taco joint and another runner walked past with a beer. Nothing has ever smelled so good at 8:30 am.

  13. Sounds like a weird race. LOL

    You’re so sneaky! Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  14. Now that’s an exciting secret! Great mileage. An ultra marathon? To me it’s just a name. The actual mileage of the race is all that matters. Ok, I haven’t raced beyond a 5k (yet…) but that’s how my brain works, numbers not names.

    • Thanks, I would agree! Ha, I’m with you, the numbers are what counts. But since I’ve done a few marathons, I know how different they are from a half. I mean, it’s like twice as hard. πŸ˜‰

  15. We did the Boston 13.1 which was also Michelob Ultra. Rock was a little ticked when he decided to go ahead and get his beer. It was in a tiny Styrofoam cup. I get not giving out bottles but come on 8oz of beer? Pretty lame from the main sponsor. I agree, go Guinness!

    • Oh really? I bet it’s part of the same race chain. Really? 8 oz of beer? And since Mich Ultra is basically water, he would’ve been better off with an ozarka. Yes, Guinness for strength!

  16. That’s a great secret and I hope you get another PR! I would def. be bothered by them calling it a marathon, not that a half isn’t a great accomplishment because it is, but you you know! I’m not a beer drinker, but in my house, there is only ever Guinness or dark craft beer, my husband is kind of a beer snob.

    When training, I will usually run more than the distance of the race unless it’s a marathon, then I usually go up to 20ish miles and call it a day! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sara! I hope so too! Yes, I agree. A half is a great accomplishment on it’s own, but it’s just wrong to call it a marathon. I think I might message them.
      Ha, I’m with your husband!

      I’m with you. But usually when I run halves they are in the midst of my full training, so this is nice that I’m just focusing on running the miles solely for a 13.1. Love it!

  17. Woo hoo! My bestie is doing this race, too (and I see she commented above). Running longer for the 13.1 sounds like a good plan! I bet you will do great!

    I did the Chicago version of this a few years back and was annoyed that “marathon” was in the title, too. That stuff makes me bonkers πŸ™‚

    • Yay, that’s what she commented! I hope to run into her! Tho to be honest, I’m not 100% sure what she looks like. Not many pics on her blog yet! πŸ˜‰ I’ll keep an eye out.

      Oh you did? I guess I didn’t notice it the other year. But I definitley do now, and it’s also driving me nutso.

  18. Wooooo!!! So exciting!! Yes- I do have a problem with the use of marathon. It bugs me when people ask how my marathon went when they meant half marathon. HUGE difference!! Respect the distance. You’ll do great in your race! You’ve been running so much and in crappy weather!

    • Woooooo Woooo! Yes! People ask me that when I do a 5k – How’d the marathon go? Um, what?
      Thanks so much! You are right, I have gotten a lot of miles in in really hot and humid weather. We had cooler temps this week and it was like I am a whole nuther runner.

  19. Yay – so exciting – I sense a new PR! And it should definitely not be called a marathon – that is really annoying. I never ran over 12 miles before my first half marathon and I was fine. But more miles are usually better. Good luck!

    • Thank you!!! I’m hoping for a new PR too! In the halves I’ve done since the last pr, I’ve been on pace to PR, but then bonked out between miles 10-12. Hopefully that’s fixed now.
      I’m with you – I don’t think you should run more than the race distance if you’re new to it, but since I have a bunch of halves under my belt, I’m going for it!

  20. No secrets right now. Well, I might have my eye on a few races that I haven’t committed to πŸ™‚

    I think its weird they call it a marathon. When ever I do a race, my friends asked me how my marathon went. Drives me crazy!

    I only ever run further than the race distance when training for a 10k or less. I don’t ever run more than 10 miles when training for a half. My body just can’t handle high mileage…I tend to fall apart.

    • Ha, I’m also race stalking right now!

      I’m with you! Being asked how a marathon went when I just ran a 5k is like, huh?

      Ahhh, well, keep working at it. I find I learn something new each run and I get smarter and stronger as I run more over the years. It’s a process that slowly builds as you go!

  21. WalkToRio

    You like to live on the edge, going to Dallas now is risky.
    I’d say that “marathon” should be under the extreme sports category.
    In some places they call marathons all road races. I’ve entered a few 5km marathons in my life.

    • I know, right?!? The training course we’re running tomorrow actually goes through the neighborhood of the nurse that caught it.
      That drives me bananas when people call 5k’s a ‘marathon’. Maybe we should start some sort of name campaign…Nah, too lazy.

  22. My secret – I’m giving up officially training for anything right now. I’ve been training for something for over a year now and I’m burned out. Now, I just want to run!

    • That’s quite a secret! Ha, I hear you – back in Jan I ran the Dopey Challenge. I had spent so much time training for that with long slow runs, that now I am just enjoying faster shorter runs! Go get it!

  23. Ha, I would totally be annoyed that they are calling a 13.1 a marathon!! WTF?! And the fact that the medal is a bottle opener and the beer is a screw top is hilarious…..oh I miss Texas!

    • LOL, yeah, the more I think about it, the more it annoys me. And I totally need to find a bottle of Guinness to open with the medal once I get it! I didn’t know you lived in Texas…which parts?

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